does ginger juice go bad? shelf life of ginger juice

Can Ginger Juice Go Bad?

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Can ginger juice go bad? Before this, I had always marveled if you can make juice out of ginger and after some research, I was confident that you can juice ginger.

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Ginger juice is a good additive to tea and some other spice vegetarian combinations.

At first, when I knew about ginger, I thought it was the same as turmeric but I found out later that it wasn’t the same.

Have you ever imagined the unending flavor you can get out of ginger by making it a green tea combo?

After making the juice out of ginger, you find out that you made more than required, then what pops into your mind is can ginger juice go bad?

The answer is yes! Ginger juice like any other juice can go bad. However if accurate measures are taken to increase the shelf life, ginger juice can last for a long time.

The immediate advice is this sense it is natural herbal though it is a vegetable spicy. It is always advisable not to store for long.

This is because it depreciates its value with time. This has so many health benefits which will be discussed as you read on.


For keeping your ginger juice for a long I think you should get these for storage;

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  • Juicer Machine; I call this masticator because it does the work of a perfect juicing machine. The mind-blowing thing here is that it is way cheaper than you think

Also, try to share your own views with us through the comment section.

How Long Does Ginger Juice Last?

Ginger juice lasts for 24 to 72 hours refrigerated. Unfrigerated ginger juice does not last more than 24 hours. Its medicinal values decrease as it goes with time.


You can always store your fruit drink in an airtight container preferably a bottle ( rubber or can ).

However, I will not advise you to preserve your fruit drink in the freezer because when it freezes well the medicinal value will be lost.

And don’t forget that the freezer is always used for long-term storage. Try to consume your fruit drink as soon as possible.

Do not get bored reading this content but if you have your own contribution, always try to drop it in the comments box.

We are going to know how to preserve it after the preparation and make it last longer, how to tell if it has gone bad, and some hints on the health benefits of this amazing drink.

Can You Freeze Ginger Juice?

Yes! you can freeze ginger juice as you desire and it will make it last longer. Keeping it in the freezer will make it last for 5 to 7 days before it can go south.

The reason is that if you freeze this fruit, its qualities and medicinal values will be lost as time goes on. I remember vividly when I used to work in a grocery store.

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People purchase ginger a lot in other of their importance like using it for rice while vegans purchase it for some fresh fruits combination.

but now we are only talking about the vegan side of the fruit by using it for juice. Firstly, you have recalled that ginger is a natural herb and it contains a high amount of water and some of its basic nutrients.

So, freezing or getting it frozen is really a bad idea.

Making ice cubes from this amazing drink is dope, maybe you can try it out someday.

What Does Ginger Juice Taste Like?

Ginger juice as it is spicy has a faint taste when you add it to tea mixed with honey it surpasses all to make a great tasty and sweet tea.

You can also add honey to your juice to increase the flamboyant taste.

Sometimes ginger becomes too spicy that I would even want to add it to a salad but it is not advisable.

I think of so many fruit and vegetable combinations that I want to use ginger.

But the combination is not always compatible and sometimes I would get my fruits messed up that no one would like to have a taste of them.

Have you tasted this anywhere? of course, you know that there are different varieties that make their taste unique.

The bright red colored one has a different taste from the yellow one, this makes you want to consume more of it.

How Do You Make Ginger Juice?

Homemade fruit drinks can be made with the root tuber as the major ingredient.

Other Ingredients can be added to the taste of the maker.

Here are simple guidelines to prepare your homemade ginger juice

Firstly you need to get your materials ready.

The materials we are going to use for this juice are a Blender (a type of juice but mostly used in making a smoothie), sieve, bowl, lime squeezer, spoon, and glass or jug.

The ingredients are ginger, lemon, or lime but I prefer lime, a cup of water that you think should be enough but don’t make it too watery, boiled pineapple, and sugar to taste.

Steps to Make Your Homemade Ginger Juice

  • Wash the ginger, pineapple, and lime
  • Cut the ginger into chops, and put it in a blender, Do forget to add water. Allow it to blend for two minutes
  • When you are done blending it, pour it into a sieve, and stir to sieve
  • Boil the pineapple chops and add the water to the ginger. Stir very well with a spoon
  • Squeeze the lime into it to make it tastier
  • Add sugar if you like but I don’t like adding sugar, I use honey in place of sugar sometimes

Now it is ready to be served. You can serve it in an ice-cold or warm


How To Tell Ginger Juice Is Bad

Every fruit has its own signs of spoilage when the shelf life is limited. So in this aspect of ginger, it has its own sign of spoilage.

Here I am going to talk about two ways to know if it is bad and we will leave others for you to answer in the comments box.

Here are the signs to tell if ginger juice is

The Smell Can Tell

The smell of fresh ginger juice is very salivating.

The flavor will be in every corner of the kitchen but when it goes bad,

Then the flavor diminishes and you can’t even get to perceive it at all.

After some days it will now produce a stinking smell.

This is why I will advise you to always drink it within 24 to 72 hours time

Off Taste

The taste of ginger juice tells it all. When your juice is bad it becomes tasteless and sour. Always cull it to avoid illness.


How To Store Ginger Juice To Make It Last Longer

I think the best method to make this mouth-watering juice last longer is to keep it in the fridge immediately after juice or put it in the freezer for ice cubes.

If you want to store it in the fridge you can put it in a bottle either a rubber or glass bottle.

Always make sure that your primary storage facility is an airtight container.

What Is Ginger Juice Use For?

Ginger juice serves many purposes for different people.

Some may take it for weight loss while others will take it for their individual health benefits and lifestyle.

This recipe is popularly used for curing cold, and sore throat, aids in digestion, and helps stimulate the release of saliva to keep your mouth moistened.

Where Can You Buy Ginger Juice?

You can buy it in only fruit juice stores where they produce according to the demand of the people




I remember using turmeric to make paintings on my finger and behold I called it ginger. To my surprise, I found out that both are very different.

Have you ever used turmeric or ginger to make a vegan recipe? If yes please share your ideas with us because I am looking forward to that.

Have a cool taste of ginger juice and don’t forget to share the changes you faced during ginger juice production. Let’s not forget in a hurry we started with the question “Can ginger juice go bad?”

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  1. That was very helpful. As an 80-years old man, I have been making two pounds of ginger at one time, and allowing them to set out, for several days; refrigerating when I found space. I discovered I had lost my sense of smell in 1995, so I have never noticed any bad taste, unless the lemon and honey hides it. Again, thanks for the information.

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