can you juice tangerine? shelf life of tangerine juice

Can You Juice Tangerine?

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Can you juice a tangerine? How to store tangerine juice? Have you ever imagined the sweet taste that comes from eating tangerines? Sometimes after eating tangerines are not enough but trying out the juice is best.

Maybe you have so many tangerines, and you don’t know what to do with them. There are so many things you can do with tangerine juice.

So, can you juice a tangerine?

Yes! You can juice a tangerine. Provided that there are enough ripened tangerines available. Most tangerine juice is very tasty because of the expertise of the juicer in making the juice.

Tangerine juice is one of the simplest juices to make.

How To Make Tangerine Juice

Here are the steps to make tangerine juice

  • Get your ripe tangerines ready
  • Peel of the tangerine
  • Wash it properly
  • Get a juicer
  • Blend or compress
  • Filter it
  • Now your tangerine juice is ready to be served


Let me throw more light quickly on this. The above are the steps you should know, before making a tangerine juice.

You need to have a juicer either slow or fast. But for me, a slow juicer is the best for making tangerine juice.

Because it will compress and separate the chaff.Leaving behind the natural juice.

It does not require the addition of water for the thickness but for a fast juicer like a blender.

If the seed of the tangerine is not removed, it will blend everything to a smooth taste.

So you have to choose wisely which you prefer.



Can Tangerine Juice Go Bad?

The answer is yes! Tangerine Juice can go bad if not kept in a good storage condition.

Most tangerines lose their flavors and taste after some days of improper storage conditions.

When you are done preparing your tangerine juice, I believe the next question that comes to your mind is what I have just answered.

If the answer is not clear, you can do yourself a favor by asking your preferred question in the comment section.


How Long Does Tangerine Juice Last?

Fresh homemade tangerine juice will last for 1 to 2 days. But when kept in the refrigerator, it will last for 8 to 12 days. When stored in the freezer can last for 6 to 8 months.


Industrially produced tangerine juice will last according to the best-by date from the producer.

When your tangerine juice is opened for a long time, it is advisable that you discard it.

They are perishable so, you have to handle them with care.

They will lose their taste and flavor completely when they go bad.

Most times I just feel like preparing some tangerine fruit drink, but I don’t like using a juicer for its preparation. I always like to use a blender.

Just like my granny, she loves to make tangerine juice three times a week, she only peels off the thick skin and removes the seed.

After that, she will blend the inner flesh with the fruit bubbles because she believes the inner skin is highly nutritious. But is it worth it?

To be honest with you I detest the way she juices the fruit, what amazed me most is how on earthy her own is tastier than mine!

How To Tell If Tangerine Juice go Bad

Recent studies and research have found that this natural fruit drink goes bad easily if not preserved well.

Here are the signs to tell if tangerine juice go bad

Off flavor

If this mouth-watering drink goes bad the first that you will notice is the smell.

The flavor of this fruit bulb changes drastically to or rancid smell.

It will be so disturbing and can mess your fridge up within some hours that it goes unnoticed.


When it has gone past the sell-by date, after some days it will automatically change its taste. And it will be vulgar.


Sometimes it will look dull. The appearance will even make you discard it at once.

When this fruit drink is left open, bacteria and fungi will have their way.

It makes the juice sour or spoil totally.

How To Store And Make It Last Longer

This information has been given above. But let me emphasize it again.

Storing orange juice is the best way to preserve it. There are two main methods used to preserve this fresh amazing drink.

Here are the two methods


In this method, the fruit bulb drink is kept at a temperature below 0°c. And it is constantly maintained to get to its freezing point.

This is the best way to extend the shelf life of this wonderful drink that is packed with high nutritional value because it stays for some months in this method before it goes bad.


This goes a long way in extending the shelf life of this fruit drink for days. As far as the temperature is maintained and it is not left open.

Is Tangerine Juice Orange Juice?

The answer to the question is NO. Tangerine juice is not the same as orange juice.

However, tangerine belongs to the family of mandarins which are the citrus family and oranges are from citrus but not mandarines.

We can further tell the difference in their taste, physical differences, and health benefits.

They both help boost the vitamin C level of the body.

Tangerine peels are soft and the skin is succulent to eat.

On the other way, the peels of the orange juice are hard and that’s why we use a knife to peel it off. The fleshy skin is equally hard to chew.

There is no or slight difference in their taste but in their color, orange juice is purely yellow while tangerine is yellowish pink.


What Can I Do With Tangerine Juice Leftovers?

You can use the leftover juice to make cakes, and sorbets and you can still donate it to the less privileged children. Share your experience with us and help us serve you better by hitting the comment section.

My first time preparing this amazing, mouth-watering, orange-like drink, was so bad.

I had little or no idea how to prepare this fruit bulb to drink myself.

So I used a hand to pickle and press it myself, knowing fully well that I only needed the juice and not the skin.

But can you make any juice without squeezing? The answer is NO. You can’t make any juice without squeezing.

In fact, the reason why crushed and squeezed coconut is called milk.

Because, when it is squeezed the juice itself turns out to be milky.

So, during my first time trying to make a fruit bulb drink, the tangerine was not sweet at all.

Because I was short of ideas and they were nothing like YouTube being viral.

Though they say, you have to keep trying. So when I tried it the second time, it was superb.

I even bottled it and sold some.

Why can’t you pick up the challenge and prepare this mouth-watering drink by yourself and sell it? You can make lots of dollars from it.


What I cannot forget about mouthwatering juice is its sweet aromatic taste.

What a lovely juice to do and wine on in family gatherings. Serve it cold for me and I bet you have made my day. I don’t play with fruits, especially juice.

I like natural, you can share your opinion with us as we look forward to an interactive community. Don’t forget the question ” Can you juice tangerine? How to store tangerine juice?

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