How Long Does Pomegranate Juice Last

Does Pomegranate Juice Go Bad?

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Does pomegranate juice go bad? Maybe you have made some pomegranate juice for the family at lunch and found out later, that they are some leftovers.

Now you are having plenty of leftovers and wonder if they go bad.

I am sure you will not want your pomegranate juice to go wasteful.

Now, what pops into your mind is how to preserve pomegranate juice or how to tell when they go bad.

Suddenly, you remember this question ” does pomegranate juice go bad?

Yes! Pomegranate juice can go bad. Pomegranate juice can last for a few days and without proper storage conditions like freezing or refrigerating, it will go bad. Although they last for weeks when stored properly.

Did you have a taste of pomegranate juice and want to have some more?

But you don’t know the shelf life and how to do away with it. How long to boil beans?

Don’t worry, I will give you everything you need on pomegranate juice and how to make it your self with some simple homemade procedures.

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How Long Does Pomegranate Juice Last?

Pomegranate juice lasts for 6 to 7 days refrigerated. The shelf life of pomegranate depends on how it is preserved in the fridge. Though it varies on the quantity of pomegranate juice that is preserved. Pomegranate juice lasts for 6 to 10 months in the freezer.

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Pomegranate juice lasts longer than some fruit juice. The bright red color makes me go for more. How long to boil rice?

Can you believe that I make friends with Indians and attend their festivals just to get enough pomegranate for free?

You know these particular fruits have been cultivated by many countries in ancient times. How long to boil broccoli?

Right now it seems that Indians have it more than any other country in the world.

The reason for their possession of it in large quantities is that they use it traditionally or their festivals and they even cultivate it in almost all of their farms or gardens. How long to boil potatoes?

They grow them as normal vegetables and that’s why I love them.

They do not play with fruits and anything suitable.

Am going to teach you the best method that works for me on how to deseed this amazing fruit,

and get the bright red seeds without spilling the juice around as you read on!

Does Pomegranate Juice Taste Good?

Pomegranate juice tastes good. It tastes like real pomegranate, except that I will reduce the trouble of crushing the seed and having the juice spill out in your mouth. It tastes a bit tart but blends well with the sweetness.

Some try to get a different taste and flavor by heating the juice to approximately 161°c.

We all know that by heating any juice, it will lose its natural taste and flavor to gain secondary characteristics.

But do you agree with heating the juice? In my own opinion, I would say No.

I love taking fresh pomegranate juice, the reason I love the juice is because I find it difficult to dessert it before.

Now I have found the cure to the ailments, however, that doesn’t make me enjoy the seeds.How To Make Pomegranate Juice

Wow! I can’t believe that we have gone so far. In this place, I am going to teach you two things.

The first is how to de-seed the fruit and the second is how to juice it.

So let’s get the ball rolling!

How To Remove Pomegranate Seeds

Here are the simple steps to deseed this amazing fruit that has gained global recognition

  1. Cut the thick in a round shape the tip of the fruit. This will help you to gain access to the seeds.
  2. Pierce the knife inside it and cut sideways, giving it a directional shape. It will look as if you are cutting an orange by the side.

In this last process, two things are involved.

you can choose to use water and remove it little by little. Or you can use a knife to hit the body and the seeds will fall off to the plate.

Another method is by tearing it inside the water, cut into pieces, and soak inside the water.

The seeds will fall off by themselves without spilling out.

The strained and eat or make a super cool drink for it.

How To Prepare The Juice

Get your materials ready. Which are, blender or juicer, mesh strainer, spoon, and plates

When you are done deseeding it, rinse and put it in a blender or juicer.

  • Add water, blend thoroughly for 2 minutes
  • Put it and strain in a mesh strainer
  • Get the juice fresh without any additive

Serve with ice cubes for a more refreshing and invigorating taste.

Does Pomegranate Juice Stain?

Yes! This wonderful fruit drink does stain our clothing. Whenever it gets in contact with our curtains or any fabric materials, it will stain it and if not washed off immediately, it can cause a permanent stain.

It also causes stains to our teeth.

I will advise you to always sip this highly nourishing drink with a straw.

Or when you are anytime you are done drinking, wash your mouth and teeth immediately to remove the stain.

However, pomegranate juice is not the only fruit juice that stains. The berry family causes lots of stains because of their pigments.

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How To Tell If Pomegranate Juice Is Bad

When your pomegranate juice is bad it will develop some internal and external changes.

Here are some signs to tell if pomegranate juice is bad

Off Smell

Anytime you notice an off smell in the normal flavor, taste, and appearance.

When you observe that you’re delicious

or you can no longer perceive the wonderful fragrance.

If the smell changes than usual, toss it.

Do yourself good by discarding it.

Change In Color

It normally comes with an off appearance.

The bright ruby aril color will change and become a blur. In this case, to tell when it goes bad is basically with appearance.

Change In The Taste Of Pomegranate Juice

When you prepare your homemade pomegranate juice or you buy one from the mall, the taste you s lively and sweet.

But, when is it going bad or if it goes bad completely, it will taste or somewhat taste that is quite unusual. 

If you notice any unusual taste in this wonderful juice, toss it and make a fresh one.

How To Preserve And Make It Last Longer?

To increase the shelf life, you have to store properly in where fungi and some other microorganism can no have access to. Such as;

How Store In The Pantry Or Counter

You can keep it in the pantry but it will last for only a few hours before it can go bad.

Always have it in mind to store in a ceramic or glass jar.

The reason is that the chemical present in this amazing fruit drink tends to absorb the polymers in a plastic or rubber jar.

How To Store Pomegranate Juice In The Fridge

This is the best method to store it.

This delicious and mouthwatering juice will completely keep fresh for days in the fridge.

The taste, aroma, and bright red color of ruby still the same. No wonder it is often referred to as a jewel.

If it is homemade without any additives or preservatives, put it in a jar and keep it in the fridge.

Maybe you can’t find a jar, put it in a bottle either plastic or glass, and place it in the fridge.

Storing In The Freezer

Keeping your delicious drink is not bad at all.

This is one of the best methods to prolong its shelf life.

The only disadvantage here is that many abuse it.

They can store this juice for more than the estimate of the time that is required.

Note: Any fruit drinks that you keep for a long time will lose their taste, flavor, and color with time.

Hey! Dear, always remember to store your pomegranate juice in bottles if you want to freeze it.


Is Pomegranate Juice Healthy?

This wonderful fruit drink is 100% healthy for humans as far as you consume it moderately. Remember, anything to take in excess must hurt you.

Some of the health benefits of this mouth-watering fruit drink are; It helps to prevent erectile dysfunction.

This invigorating goes a long way in preventing arthritis.

It also helps to fight against heart disease and prostate cancer.

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How long does Pomegranate Juice last


With all this we have discussed so far, I believe you have understood the shelf life of pomegranate juice.


It will be best if you share your opinion on this through our comment section.

You can also ask questions concerning pomegranate juice. Remember we started with the question does pomegranate juice go bad?

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