How long do garlic cloves last in the fridge

How Long Do Garlic Cloves Last In The Fridge

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How long do garlic cloves last in the fridge? Maybe you’re a fan of garlic and practically you don’t cook any dish without splitting up the garlic cloves, you bought this wonderful peppery root tuber from the market for seasoning your food or maybe for its medicinal value, after preparation, you find out that there was excess remaining on the ground.

The only option you have is to discard this wonderful spice or look for some ways to store it. Hmm! You now remember that you don’t have any idea how to store this wonderful herb seasoning to make it last long till you need this herb again,

Till you also realize that you can peel the cloves of garlic and store them in the fridge. So, how long do garlic cloves last in the fridge?

Garlic cloves last for 5 to 10 days in the fridge peeled or unpeeled, if you store them properly in the right conditions necessary to keep the cloves fresh.

Storing them in the fridge improves their shelf life, especially when you keep them separately.

You might be wondering what this garlic clove is all about,

Garlic clove is a small bulblet that can be split off the axis of a larger bulb of garlic,

Also, garlic is an aromatic herb or bulb used as a seasoning agent which has many medicinal nutritious values.

While the aromatic compound substance is one that has a sweet or nice smell. There are more than 10 to 25 cloves in a garlic bulb.


How to tell if garlic cloves go bad

How Long Does Peeled Garlic Cloves Last?

Peeled garlic cloves will generally last up to a week in the fridge, 3 to 5 days at room temperature, and maximum of 2 weeks in the freezer completely frozen before going bad if you store them properly.

Freezing your peeled garlic clove is the best way since it saves a lot of time at home during meal preparation.

Here is a trick: to make peeled garlic cloves last longer in the fridge, you can store them in oil. the oil protects the garlic flesh from the elements.

It will act as an airproof to prevent the cloves from drying out.

Break apart the heads of garlic and peel the cloves, then boil the vinegar in a big bowl and add your peeled cloves and salt (preservative) to it,

allow to cool before storing in the fridge, this will make it last longer than you think.

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How Long Does Cut Garlic Cloves Last In The Fridge?

Cut or chopped garlic cloves last for 1 to 2 days in the fridge if you store them properly. If you store this organic seasoner peppery root tuber in olive oil, it will last up to 3 to 4 days. How to do this will be harnessed as you read on!

There is always good news in every tough situation,

cut garlic cloves can last up to 3 to 10 days in the fridge before becoming noticeably hard due to moisture loss when you make prickles out of them,

involving nothing more than tossing your cut garlic cloves into a jar with some salt and maybe adding a little vinegar by using this procedure below:

  1.  Pour your garlic cloves into a bowl and shake vigorously to peel off the back of the garlic cloves and use your fingertips to scrub the dirt off the cloves, once the cloves are clean transfer them to a larger bowl and rinse well with water, then slice and wa e again.
  2. Make the vinegar to boiling in a large pot, if you are done boiling the vinegar, pour it over the peeled sliced garlic cloves and screw the lids on tight.
  3. Allow the mixture of the cut garlic cloves and vinegar to cool down at room temperature overnight and store in the fridge for as long as you like.

Foodborne disease is real, be cautious of what you put in your mouth, not all food can be eaten,

And not all food is edible especially when kept in the fridge for a very long period not recommended

Do you hate garlic breath? No worries!  With this method that I will be sharing with you,

you do not have to worry anymore because it would not be pronounced when you talking.

Have you ever tasted it before? Try tasting it and know you got the best taste ever of garlic


How Long Do Garlic Bulbs Last In The Fridge?

Garlic bulbs last for 3 to 6 months in the fridge if you store them correctly.

If you remove all those protective layers, the shelf life will decrease slowly,

When you want to buy this seasoning, from the grocery store, make sure you are selecting bulbs that are the freshest available so that they can last longer.

Look for the ones that are firm with papery white skin.

There are things you can do to make sure your garlic bulb stays tastier for longer,

and they all have to do with how you store them.

Bulbs of garlic like to live in a dry, cool, and dark place via room temperature conditions,  following these rules,

Your garlic bulb should live a long and prosperous life in your fridge and kitchen.




How To Tell If Garlic Cloves Are Bad

Even when your garlic starts drying out, it can still be used (to a certain extent),

the garlic clove this time will taste hotter Signs to tell if your garlic cloves have passed their prime.

Here are the signs to tell if your garlic cloves are bad

When The Moisture Level Of Garlic Cloves is High

Feel the skin of the clove if it hasn’t gone hard yet,

you can still use it and you can also touch it,  if the garlic clove is soft when you squeeze it, throw it out.

Garlic clove should be firm and crisp 

If Garlic Cloves Skin Shriveled

Look at the skin of the flesh of the clove: if it begins to shrivel,

it will not be useful in the dish anymore and also look at the color once you peel it.

Good garlic clove is always closer to white than it is to yellow.

Check For Brown or Dark Spots In Garlic Cloves

Look for brown spots that can start to form on the cloves,

If the clove starts to show yellowish-tan colors,  it proves that this wonderful seasoning is bad.

Visible Green Roots On Garlic Cloves

When green roots, called sprouts start to form in the center of the clove,

This clearly shows that the garlic has gone far beyond its shelf life,

It should either be discarded or replanted to create a new bulb, Only if you are a good gardener.

Tips: do not use bad garlic clove but to be clear,

sprouted garlic clove will not kill if you eat it,

it is just going to taste the way you do not want it to.

How to store garlic cloves and make them last longer

How Do You Store Garlic Cloves For A Long Time?

Here are the best ways to store fresh garlic cloves for a long time;

Room Temperature Storage

  1. The best way of storing garlic cloves is by storing them at a cool room temperature of around 60°F (16°C),
  2. Also, you can store garlic cloves in well-ventilated spots, which allows the garlic to breathe and extends its shelf life.
  3. Garlic cloves also last longer when they are unpeeled, and cut, and when the heads of the clove are intact, it helps to increase their shelf life, which makes them stay up for a very long time without reducing any nutrients in them.
  4. Garlic cloves can be kept in a mesh or wire basket and can be stored in your kitchen cupboard, keeping them away from sunlight and moisture to avoid sprouting.



Freezer Hacks

Garlic cloves can also be stored by wrapping them in plastic wrap or aluminum foil, placing them in the freezer,

You can store garlic cloves by adding oil to them and storing it in the freezer.

Roasting Garlic Cloves Before Refrigerating

Garlic cloves can also be roasted in the oven, This is a great way to enjoy them when dry and crunchy,

This method helps the garlic cloves to stay for a longer time in the fridge without worries of it getting worse

It is easier because you do not have to peel the garlic all at once. Roasting these cloves make them more mellow and usable like the fresh ones.

You can use them for just about anything you use fresh garlic to do.

Before purchasing your garlic, look for undamaged cloves for long-term storage in the fridge,

You can also make use of the dehydrator by slicing your peeled garlic cloves,

Popping the slices into your food dehydrator to maintain a temperature of 115 degrees, which makes it last longer than you think.

Making Flavored Oil

Another way is by flavored oil, Once you have dried your garlic cloves, you can make a delicious garlic-flavored oil,

By putting a handful of the garlic cloves into a small jar and covering them with olive oil,

You can also freeze your garlic cloves, put the peeled cloves into a food processor with a little water, and then evenly mince them,

Freeze the puree by spreading it out in a thin layer on a silicone sheet. Once they are frozen, store the cubes or pieces in an airtight container.



I would like you to know that this wonderful herb,

has some health benefits and phytochemicals that help to Improve cholesterol levels,

Reducing blood pressure, great help in fighting cold, and also used for other medicinal purposes.

Remember we started with ”How long do garlic cloves last in the fridge”

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