how long do Limes last in the fridge?

How Long Do Limes Last In The Fridge?

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Limes are enriched with too many health benefits and they add taste and flavor to our meals. Personally, I like using limes for my Thanksgiving turkey and making smooth and refreshing tequila. Above all, if you have too many leftovers and don’t know what to do with them just remember that limes can be preserved. So, how long do limes last in the fridge?

Fresh limes last for 2 to 3 months in the fridge before they can go bad, if you store them properly in the right conditions necessary in the refrigerator, they will keep safe beyond the timing.

Having a handful of limes at home is very good, especially for kids.

I remember when I used to sprinkle salt on half-cut limes and enjoy the juice just like that during my childhood days.

how long do cut limes last in the fridge

How Long Do Limes Last In The Freezer?

Fresh limes last for 4 to 6 months in the freezer before they can go bad, if you store them properly, they will remain safe beyond the sell-by date.

The freezer time shown is for best quality only limes,

That has been kept constantly frozen at 0°F will be kept safe indefinitely.

Storing lime in the freezer is one best ways to store your limes because when needed they remain fresh,

Like the fresh lime from the grocery store, garlic cloves last very well in the store

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How Long Do Limes Last On The Counter?

Fresh Limes Last for 6 to 14 days on the counter before they can go bad, if you store them properly, they will keep safe at room temperature beyond the timing.

Longer storage at room temperature (counter) can cause the limes to shrivel and lose flavor.

It is advisable after purchasing your lime not to keep it for too long on the counter,

The fact that its shelf life on the counter is not long, is short,

So it should be consumed immediately or within 1 week of the purchase.


How Long Do Limes Last After Cut?

Cut or sliced limes last for 1 to 2 days on the counter, while cut or sliced limes last for 3 to 7 days in the fridge.

Cut fruits deteriorate much faster than whole fruits,

Freshly squeezed lime can retain its freshness for up to 2 – 3 days in the fridge.

This life span extends up to 3 – 4 months when
It is also advisable whenever you see that you have excess cut limes,

Do not leave them on the counter,

They should be kept in the fridge for a longer shelf life and used when needed again.


Are Brown Limes, Okay To Eat?

I will say it isn’t okay to eat because that brown color signifies rottenness and when something is bad,

it shouldn’t be eaten, because it can cause food poisoning and it’s also dangerous to human health.

On a second note, I will say Yes! it is ok to eat because I have seen fresh limes turn brown and I ate them,

It didn’t harm me but if you see it doesn’t work for you don’t go close to brown Limes.

When they are brown, they don’t have much water in them again, add some salt to enjoy its nutritional juice.

how to keep limes fresh without turning brown

How To Keep Limes From Turning Brown?

You can help limes keep fresh longer by storing them in your refrigerator drawer,

If limes were purchased in a plastic bag,

remove them from the bag which could have trapped moisture which will cause the limes to soften and spoil,

In cases where you grow your lime tree,

spray the trees with a copper-based fungicide before the rainy season,

And store affected fruits separately, and use them immediately.





How To Tell If Your Limes Are Going Bad?

Even though the limes last longer in the freezer,

yes, it will still go bad, every fruit and food has a shelf life, either a long or short one,

some fruits like Brussel and even watermelons have short shelf life especially when you keep them on the counter,

when their shelf life is due they die or go bad.

Here are some signs to tell when your fresh lime is going bad

Limes Changes Color

On the outside, you may notice a brown tinge creeping into the green skin,

This is a good sign that your limes are going bad,

On the inside, you’ll notice the segments have begun to shrink as they dry out.

They will look wrinkled and dull, they appear to pull away from each other and the flesh,

The brown color from the outside will begin to creep inside too,

In this case, such lime should not be eaten but discarded.

Bruises On The Skin

If you are plugging this amazingly nutritious fruit, do not allow it to hit them or hit them with a steak,

because if you do, you will get bruises on them and this will cause them to change their taste,

color and go bad sooner than you expect.



If Lime Is Weightless

One of the first things you’ll notice when you pick up a lime that is going bad is how light it is,

This is because the limes dry out as it goes off,

The texture of the skin will be wrinkled rather than dimpled, and it won’t feel as waxy,

It will have a rougher surface texture,

If you squeeze bad limes, you’ll probably leave a dent.

It will be soft and squishy in your hand,

Please trash it when you find such a lime like this. Foodborne illness is real so practice food hygiene.

Limes Smell Off In The Fridge

If you scrape the skin of bad limes, you may not smell an awful lot.

However, you might also get a very bad acid smell,

This will be acidic beyond the smell of the usual limes,

The same is true for cut limes, the smell will either be nearly nonexistent,

Or it will be bitterly acidic and unpleasant.

Please such limes should be thrown away they shouldn’t be eaten or taken in thanks.

Presence Of Mold In Limes

Molds are the worst sign you can see in limes, they are present when this fruit is decomposing,

The mold present in these tasty citrus fruits is whitish and they are present when this fruit is moist and rotten.

how long do Limes last in the fridge?

How To Keep Limes Fresh To Last Longer?

You can store limes and keep them fresh using different methods,

In practicing food safety and hygiene,

You must know how to keep what you eat in a safe place away from rodents and infiltrating insects,

Make sure you secure your food away from pest infesting.

Here are some steps to help preserve or store your fruits safely to last longer

When purchasing a lime for a yellow color lime and that is fresh before buying,

Do not buy bad ones because they won’t last long.

How To Store Limes In The Refrigerator

Seal whole limes in a Food Storage Zipper Bag,

Squeeze out as much air as possible when sealing the bag, after that cut.

To store lime wedges, cut the fruit into wedges of the desired size, and then seal it in a food protection container and refrigerate.

Place the bag in the crisper drawer of the refrigerator,

Cover the cut side of the lime,

Reduce water loss and oxidization by protecting the cut side from the air,

Here are a few ways to do this

  • Place lime halves cut side down on a small plate,
  • wedges or slices in plastic wrap.
    Place the cut limes in the smallest airtight container you can find.

If you want to store slices of limes for quick retrieval,

then use a clean cutting board and a paring knife.

You should sanitize the instruments that you are using according to the aforementioned procedure,

Do not keep these slices in the refrigerator for more than one day otherwise, they will not taste fresh.

In the freezer, this same procedure for the above storing of limes in the fridge should be taken.

On the counter, place them in an airy place, avoid direct sunlight and heat because it will make them go bad sooner than expected,

Put them in a tray but don’t keep them bulky together and leave them on the countertop.


These wonderful fruits have so many nutritional values, like promoting healthy skin,

It helps to prevent kidney stones, helps to reduce the risk of heart disease, and is high in vitamin C.

I have witnessed where they use limes to prepare an herbal concoction for malaria and it works perfectly,

But do you know how long limes last in a herb concoction?

This is a question for you the audience to answer right here in our comment section,

Don’t drop your link because it will be considered spam and we don’t approve of such,

Please take our answers to the questions as an opinion don’t change your diet,

Because what works for you may not work for me,

Storing fruits and vegetables generally depends on the climate conditions,

For example seeds, nuts, and some dry fruits will last longer in Africa than in Canada,

but berries, drupe, and succulent fruits will last longer in Canada than in Africa, always seek medical advice.

Remember we started with the question how long do limes last in the fridge?


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