How Long Do Nutri Grain Bars last

How Long Do Nutri Grain Bars Last?

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How long does Nutri grain last? Nutri grain bars have this malty taste and crunchy feel that your taste buds will love. It contains 650kJ of energy for each serving.

The ingredients contained are whole wheat flour, sugar, corn syrup, whole grain oats, soybean oil, sugar, enriched flour, folic acid, glycerin, corn fiber, strawberry puree, fructose, vitamin B1, B2, They contain protein, fiber, multi-grains, vitamin B and iron.

Nutri grain bars are soft-baked and satisfying, but should not be consumed as a main meal because it is high in sugar with a low amount of fiber and protein.

So, how long do Nutri grain bars last?

If unopened, Nutri grain bars can last between 8 to 13 months in peak quality, depending on the brand and storage conditions necessary.

Some brands may surprisingly last for several years but they will turn hard and stale.

It is best to note the expiration date and heed to it

Although expired Nutri grain will not make you sick if consumed but it will not taste good either.

If kept wrapped up in a cool, dry place, it will keep for long and even 3 months after the printed date.

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How Long Do Nutri Grain Bars Last After Expiration Date?

Different brands have different expiration dates and estimates of life spans on their Nutri grain bars.

Remember that the expiration date is just the manufacturer’s estimate of how long the product will be of top quality.

Nutri grain bars will be good for 7 to10 days after the printed date once opened, and can still be consumed. Anything more than that will result in an unappealing taste, signt and smell.

Sometimes, the expiration date has nothing to do with food poisoning.

There can be a situation where you may purchase a fresh bar but without proper storage and exposure to air,

It will become contaminated and unsafe irrespective of how long the date says it will last.


Can You Eat Expired Nutri Grain Bars?

Expired only based on the printed dates? Yes! It can be eaten without worries of sickness or food poisoning.

Expired in look, taste, and texture? No! It is risky and unsafe. Especially if it has stayed so long that the oil in it becomes rancid.

At this point, it will become gross in taste and texture.

I doubt if you can get past the awful taste and smell.

If consumed at this point, it will cause discomfort, diarrhea, stomach ache, and vomiting.

If there are raisins, in the ingredient of Nutri grain bars,

It will develop mold on it which is toxic and can cause food poisoning.


How Long Do Nutri grain Bars Last After Opening?

After opening, leave it wrapped up in a cool, dry place where it will stay for as long as 3 months at peak quality, after which you should either consume or discard it.

Always check out for any unusual stuff in the flavor, appearance, and smell.

If any is found, discard it.


Can You Freeze Nutri grain Bars?

Yes. They can be kept in the freezer for long-term storage and thawed when needed. All you need do is follow the necessary steps in the storage pattern and freeze for the stipulated amount of time.

Wrap in a plastic wrap before freezing and when needed, thaw for 1 hour at room temperature.

You either wrap it individually and store it in an airtight container before freezing,

Or you place it in an airtight container and line each layer with parchment paper.

In this way, you can keep it frozen without messing with the texture.


How Long Do Nutri grain Bars Last In The Freezer?

Nutri grain bars can last fresh in the freezer for 1 whole month, in top quality without you having to worry about safety.

You could also leave it in for as long as 3 months, but 1 month is almost guaranteed for top quality.

When needed, remove from the freezer and the container, and thaw at room temperature for 1 – 2 hours.

It is best you freeze Nutri grain bars after baking if you’re not consuming them immediately.

As soon as it cools off, store it properly and pop it into the freezer where it will be safe from contaminants.

The span ranges from 1 – 3 months because of the variation in brands, ingredients, and preservatives used.


Do Nutri grain Bars Go Off?

Yes, after a while especially once opened and not properly stored. It is recommended that you consume Nutri grain bars within the first 12 months of storage and once opened, consume within the first 3 months.

Once the printed dates have elapsed, quality will begin to decline, and minerals & vitamins will reduce.

Over time, it will become so deteriorate and be unsafe to consume.

This is why it is recommended that you make the quantity that can be consumed immediately

Or stored for a short while.

Maintain appropriate storage conditions in a cool, dry place, in an airtight container once opened.

It is better stored in the freezer to prevent contamination that may arise from unfriendly room temperature.


How Do You Tell If Nutri grain Bars Are Expired?

The date on the package will indicate. The key to understanding it is MMDDYY. The first 2 codes indicate the month of expiration, the next 2 indicate the date and the last 2 indicate the year.

Expired as in going bad, Nutri grain bars will begin to go rancid and have an off, gross taste and texture.

Molds will begin to appear as well as bugs which means it is bad beyond consideration.

Expired Nutri grains bars will be more crumbly than crisp or crunchy as they should be in their fresh state.

The jelly or jam would go darker in color than it was.


What Do Nutri grain Bars Taste Like?

Nutri grain bar is fresh and tasteful with flavors so mouth-watering. Every ingredient present gives a feel of its own taste uniquely, and then when combined, the total is overwhelming as well.

There are different flavors present – cherry, strawberry, blueberry, apple cinnamon, etc.

Using blueberry or strawberry will have different distinct flavors, it all depends on your preference.

There is also an addition of sugar, honey, and dextrose as sweeteners whose need and function cannot be over-emphasized.

Different brands have different taste, and according to reviews, Kellogg’s seem to be the best.


How Long Do Granola Bars Last After Expiration?

Granola bars will keep for 6 to 12 months of making and even last extra 3 to 4 months after the printed date, depending on the ingredient, preservatives, and method of storage.

Store-bought Granola Bars can last for long and won’t go bad easily unless water or pests get in,

This means so long it is protected, it will stay safe.

Although, quality declines after a while and should be discarded because it won’t give that satisfying taste anymore.

You should discard granola bars if it smells, or goes rancid due to the nuts and oil contained,

If it gets moldy due to moisture and thriving bacteria.

If you notice any bugs, throw them out.

You don’t want to risk eating insects – gross!

These signs of spoilage may be detected even before the printed date elapses, it all depends on the storage method.

In any case, trust your senses!


Are Kellogg’s Nutri grain Bars Healthy?

They have little amounts of fiber and protein with rather large amounts of sugar which are not considered healthy.

Although each Nutri grain bar is associated with a fruit (fruits are of course healthy),

They are processed and not natural, which again disqualifies them.

The package of Kellogg’s Nutri grain Bars may have phrases

Like; as ‘made with real fruit’, ‘no high-fructose corn syrup, ‘morning energy with whole grains, etc.

These are quite convincing, but don’t get carried away.

Check what the nutritional facts and ingredients say.

The red flag is the high level of sugar content – 11 to 12 grams per bar.

And the fact that fiber is only 1 to 2 grams is disappointing

This is because it is what we need more for healthy digestion, lower cholesterol level, and weight loss.

There is not much protein to offer either, but compared to candy bars, Nutri grain bars are better.

However, that doesn’t make it a very healthy snack/meal.


Are Nutri grain Bars Healthy For Weight Loss Or Make You Gain Weight?

Nutri grain Bars are for energy not for weight loss.

Nutri grain Bars are definitely NOT the best for weight loss because each bar has a high sugar content of 12 grams, low fiber content of 1 gram, and low protein content of 2 grams.

You can only lose weight when you consume fiber and protein rich foods so that you feel satisfied and tend not to eat much.

In fact, you’ll be gaining more weight rather than losing it.

To lose weight, you should also consume foods that are low in calories, and luckily, Nutri grain Bars have 130 low calories.

It is low enough to take if you’re on a diet but it should not be solely relied on for weight loss.


Are Nutri grain Bars healthy for toddlers?

To choose a healthy bar for your kids, ensure you go through the nutrition facts and ingredients list thoroughly.

Stay away from bars with hydrogenated oil, palm oil, and high fructose corn syrup in high quantities.

Instead, look for brands with whole grain wheat, whole grain flour, whole oats, nuts, seeds, and fruits for your toddlers.

Suitable calorie intake for children is 100 – 200 per serving so check out bars and if they contain more, leave them.

Choose bars with less than 8 grams of sugar per serving, with protein and fiber of at least 2 grams per serving.

Pick a bar with a total of 5 grams or less of fat for your kids.

You can also opt to make kid-friendly healthy snacks at home if you can’t find any suitable store-bought ones.

However, some trusted brands with kid-friendly bars are; ‘KIND healthy grains bars’, ‘RX bars ® kids’, etc.



You may want to get something to satisfy your craving for that sweet tooth,

Or you’re low on energy and need a boost, Nutri grain Bars are what you need!

But at the same time, do not take it as a meal or an often snack because the high sugar content makes it unhealthy.

Treat it as a treat that should be once in a while.

The most mouth-watering part of Nutri grain Bars is that it is soft-baked and the mix comes in different flavors.

You could also substitute jam.

Remember, how long do Nutri grain bars last?

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