How Long Does Alpro Yogurt Last

How Long Does Alpro Yogurt Last?

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How long does Alpro yogurt last? Alpo yoghurt is a plant-based alternative to yoghurt and milk as it is low in saturated fat to maintain normal cholesterol levels and to have a balanced diet.

This reduces the risk of coronary heart disease which s often caused by high cholesterol.

Another nutritional benefit is pro-biotic which maintains a healthy digestive system.

It has a high content of rich protein, calcium, vitamin B2, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and pectin as stabilizers and acidity regulators like sodium chloride and citric acid.

It is produced in various flavours like; strawberry, raspberry, vanilla, coconut, blackberry, cashew and almond.

So, how long does Alpro Yogurt last before opening?
Alpro yoghurt lasts for five days in the fridge after opening if wrapped properly in good conditions at a temperature that is not below seven degrees Celsius,

But after opening it lasts for up to a month in the fridge past its expiration date which is indicated on the packet with various methods suggested by the producer to extend its shelf life.

It is advisable to never freeze it as it tends to expand n the freezer and separate itself from the water which is referred to as curdling.

It must not be left at room temperature for over a day as it spoils rapidly at room temperature and results in food poisoning.



How Long Does Alpro Yogurt Last After Expiration Date??

Past the expiration date, Alpro yoghurt lasts for about four weeks if it is unopened,

If it is open, it has a shelf life of just a week and if any sign of spoilage appears, it must be discarded immediately.

Yoghurt has a natural characteristic of tasting better and sweetly sours the older it gets.

But if it is stored at room temperature it should be discarded upon expiration to prevent food poisoning which may lead to death.


How Long Does Alpro Yogurt Last After Opening?

After opening, it is best stored in the refrigerator at a temperature not lower than seven degrees Celsius

After being properly wrapped and sealed in air-tight plastic containers it has a maximum shelf life of five days.

It must not be stored in the freezer to avoid curdling of the yoghurt to separate the milk content from the liquid content and is next to impossible to undo.

It must not be left at room temperature for more than two hours to prevent food poisoning.


How Long Does Yoplait Yoghurt Last?

Yoplait yoghurt lasts for four to eight days past the expiration date on the product if it is unopened and stored in the fridge as yoghurt is sour milk.

The wrap on the product contains vital information like the ingredients, method of preservation and nutritional content,

So it is the best place to get the most accurate information on Yoplait yoghurt.

If it has been opened, it should be stored in the freezer for not more than three days past its expiration date.

But if it is at room temperature, it must be discarded.

Signs of spoilt yoghurt are; an offensive smell, the appearance of moulds and an off taste.


How Long Does Alpro Yogurt Last In The Fridge?

In the fridge, Alpro Yoghurt should be kept in airtight containers and stirred at a temperature that doesn’t exceed below seven degrees Celsius with a shelf life of five days.

It is preferably stored in the refrigerator as it allows ventilation and cool and dry storage.

Also, in the freezer yoghurt cuddles rapidly and at room temperature becomes poisonous,

So the refrigerator is the best alternative.


Does Alpro Yogurt Go Bad?

Yes, Alpro Yoghurt goes bad.

It can be due to;

keeping for over a day at room temperature,


Being stored in the refrigerator for over five days after the expiration or at a temperature lower than seven degrees Celsius,

Improper storage like non-wrapping it in an airtight container and storing it in the freezer.


Can You Eat Out Of Date Alpro Yogurt?

Out-of-date Alpro yoghurt can be eaten a month after expiration

If unopened and stored in the refrigerator at a temperature not lower than seven degrees Celsius.

Out-of-date Alpro yoghurt does not mean that it should not be consumed because yoghurt is naturally fragmented or sour milk,

So keeping it for a longer time produces a deeper sour flavour and tastes better most times.

It must not be kept for too long and any sign of spoilage like an offensive odour and the appearance of moulds should make it end up in the bin.


10 Best Substitutes For Alpro Yogurt

Here are the 10 best Substitutes for Alpro yoghurt;

  1. Plain yoghurt
  2. Soy yoghurt
  3. Coconut milk yoghurt
  4. Almond yoghurt
  5. Cashew milk yoghurt
  6. Raspberry yoghurt
  7. Strawberry Dairy free yoghurt
  8. Vanilla Almond milk yoghurt
  9. Black cherry-flavoured soy yoghurt
  10. Super berry yoghurt
  11. Blueberry yoghurt

They are suitable alternatives due to the similarity in nutritional content.


What Does Alpro Yogurt Taste Like?

Alpro yoghurt has a natural taste as it is a plant-based natural yoghurt,

So, it has the taste of the preferred flavour that consumers pick.

Some flavours are;

  1. Vanilla flavour
  2. Chocolate flavour
  3. Strawberry flavour
  4. Plain flavour
  5. Cherry flavour
  6. Blueberry flavour and a wide variety of other choices.

But a constant taste in all flavours is the sweetness, gentle and patronizing taste.

Its independent taste makes it suitable for topping frozen fruits, soups and sauces and blending with fruits to make smoothies.

It is also suitable as an accompaniment to all dishes irrespective of the cuisine.


17 Best Types Of Alpro Yogurt

Alpro Yoghurt is produced in various flavours and types with unique flavours and textures.

The variety of This wide range includes;

  1. Vanilla Afpro Yoghurt
  2. Strawberry Alpro Yoghurt
  3. Cherry Alpro Yoghurt
  4. Plain( no sugar) Alpro Yoghurt
  5. Blueberry flavour Alpro yoghurt
  6. Protein Alpro yoghurt
  7. Calories Alpro yoghurt
  8. Alpro Greek-style yoghurt
  9. Almond Alpro yoghurt.


How Do You Store Alpro Yogurt To Last Longer?

To store Alpro yoghurt to last longer, it should be kept in airtight tight containers to prevent cross-contamination,

Only servings to be consumed should be served,

It can be stored in a cool and dry place like the pantry far away from sunlight

If stored in the refrigerator, it should be stored in air-tight containers and never kept in the refrigerator door.

It can be frozen but not for too long to prevent curdling.

Some preservatives that can be used are; sodium benzoates, potassium sorbate, and natamycin the quantity can be used by nutritionists.

I highly recommend natural preservation and storage but artificial preservation is usable if the consumer is tolerable to it.


How Do You Know If Alpro Yogurt Is Bad?

If Alpro yoghurt is bad, it can be easily sensed easily if it has a horrible smell and if mould appears.

It is usually acidic, rancid and choking when it goes bad and must be discarded immediately.

If the problem is with the appearance the moulds are a rotten and curdled look with yeast-like discolouration on it.

In rare cases, there could be the appearance of botulism.

The easiest way to note yoghurt spoilage is when the container boosts due to the fermented gases.

It might not be spoilt if it has passed Its expiration date as it has a durable nature,

But once any of the above signs are noticed it must be discarded immediately.


Can Old Alpro Yogurt Make You Sick?

Yes, Alpro Yoghurt can make the consumer ill if it is consumed after it is spoilt.

To know if it is spoilt, signs like; a rancid smell, appearance of moulds, booting of the container, curdling and an acidic taste.

Foodborne illnesses that are associated with it are; diarrhoea, vomiting, stomach cramps, and in extreme cases death.


Can You Freeze Alpro Yogurt?

Alpro yoghurt can only be frozen when it is used in the preparation of other food like fruit juices, smoothies and other desert-related foods.

Independently, it is not advisable to freeze Alpro yoghurt, as in its natural characteristic as yoghurt, it curdles in the freezer rapidly.

Curdling is the state of yoghurt to separate the liquid content from the gel content which is irreversible and tastes irritating.

This is accustomed to storing milk and its produce in the freezer for a long time,

So, Yoghurt is advised to be kept in the refrigerator for a week if opened and a month if unopened at a temperature not lower than seven degrees Celsius.



Alpro comes in a range of delicious flavours including vanilla and raspberry contains nutrients like;

probiotics, which can help to maintain a healthy digestive system, and a wide range of vitamins,

Some of its ingredients are;

Soya base, Hulled soya beans (10.7%)), Sugar and Calcium (Tri-calcium citrate).

I highly recommend it as it s a plant-based yoghurt and healthy for the diabetic.

It has a shelf life of five days in the fridge and should not be stored in the freezer.

Enjoy a glass of Alpro yoghurt today and thank me later.

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