How Long Does Camembert Last

How Long Does Camembert Last

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How long does Camembert last? From a class of cheeses called Bries comes this unique milk cheese that dates back to the 18th century.

It was first prepared around areas in France, Camembert is a commune in Northwest France and since this cheese was made there and in Normandy, it was given the name Camembert.

Camembert appears white in color and has a very identical appearance to brie cheese but it differs in weight.

Camembert is very healthy to consume with each serving giving about 300 calories and it contains other nutrients like;

Fats of about 35%vitamin B6, sodium, potassium, calcium, and other minerals that are up to 45%, and proteins of about 40%.

So, how long does Camembert last once opened?

Camembert lasts for about two weeks after it is opened but it is not advisable to leave it until this time before consumption. This soft cheese doesn’t have a long shelf life as some may stay in good quality for a week and others may go up to two weeks.

Just like its close substitute feta, they are soft but if left over over time they start to lose their unique texture and become hard.

Although Camembert lasts up to two weeks it doesn’t mean it would be exposed to the open,

You need to store your cheese properly so you won’t lose it in a short time.


Does Camembert Need To Be Refrigerated?

Camembert needs to be refrigerated if you are planning to eat it at a later date but if you want to eat it immediately you don’t need to refrigerate it.

It is a very tender cheese with a firm rind so refrigerating it keeps it in shape and of  good quality.

Camembert can last for 3 days and more if you don’t put it in the fridge

If you are planning to prepare and store it for weeks you can’t escape putting it in the fridge if not you would lose your Camembert.

Don’t forget that Camembert contains moisture and if not refrigerated for a long time bacteria would take the opportunity to grow on it.


How Long Does Camembert Last In The Fridge?

Camembert lasts in the fridge for a long time if unopened and a short while if opened.

The duration at which your Camembert will last in the fridge depends on the condition it was before you store it,

If your Camembert is not yet opened it can last for a month and two weeks maximum if good quality but if you have it opened already and keep it in the fridge you need to consume it within two weeks and for best taste try to consume it in a week.

Once Camembert has opened the shelf life reduces drastically

And if you store it always cross-check for spoilage signs before eating it again.


How Long Does Camembert Last Out Of The Fridge?

Camembert lasts Out of the fridge for about 5 hours and during this time it is safe to consume. Most soft cheeses like Camembert can’t last out of the fridge at room temperature for a long time.

Some may stay out for 4 hours and others with good durability will be good for a maximum of 8 hours

But it’s not advisable to leave your cheese out long for a time like that.

When you take your cheese out of the fridge, take the portion you want to eat

And return the latter instead of leaving it all out to be exposed.

Since it contains most it is easily infected by bacteria

So try your best to use what you need and return it or seal it in an airtight container when the cheese is outside.


Can You Freeze Camembert?

Yes, you can freeze camembert. It can be kept in the freezer for long-term storage when compared to a fridge. But you should be careful when freezing camembert, it may lose its flavor and texture over time.

It’s best if you consume it within a short time.

You should only freeze high-quality camembert,

You can leave it in the fridge to toughen up before placing it in the freezer,

If you do it this way you have given your French cheese a much longer shelf life.


How Long Does Camembert Last In The Freezer?

Camembert can last in the freezer for half a year in good quality but after this time passes it is still safe to consume but it gradually loses its quality, texture, and taste over time.

Yes, we can freeze French cheese but it is not a type of cheese that freezes well so it’s not advisable to even store it in the freezer.

If you need it in storage try to prepare quantities that can last in the fridge for two weeks.

You will enjoy it better.

If you have no issues with consuming frozen French cheese then you can carry on by storing it in the freezer.


How Long Does Camembert Last After Use By Date?

Well, Camembert that is Unopened can actually stay for a long time about a month or two in good quality and taste. As long as you keep the Camembert properly the chances of it going bad are very low.

If you also store your French cheese well, especially in the fridge,

Even after its use by or best before date, it can still be good to consume for two weeks.


Does Camembert Go Out Of Date?

Yes, Camembert does go out of date over time.

The duration for Unopened cheese is around a month or two as it is a very tender cheese

It doesn’t last too long and it can only go up to this time if you properly store it in the refrigerator

And try your best to avoid contamination.


How Do You Know If Cambert Is Off?

You can detect if your Camembert is off by the appearance and smell.

This soft creamy French cheese that is going bad starts to harden and lose its soft nature

Then the color starts to get more solid and dark,

If these have manifested then mold would start to come in

And the soft cheese gives off a very offensive smell, unlike its usual smell.


How Do You Store Camembert After Opening?

After opening this soft creamy French cheese, you can store it in the fridge or freezer. You can also keep it at room temperature but you need to observe some things.

If you plan on keeping the cheese in the fridge, wrap the cheese in a way that it isn’t exposed,

You can use aluminum foil or parchment paper as this helps against freezer burns.

Plastic wraps can also come in handy.


How Long Does Baked Camembert Last?

Baked Camembert lasts just like usual Camembert, 3 days at room temperature and about two weeks in the fridge.

The baked one is placed in a soft creamy French cheese plastic container

So it would try to retain its shape during serving or storage.


How Long Does Camembert Last Unopened?

Camembert that is not opened yet can last up to two months in good quality without any change in its quality and it is safe to consume during this period.

Unopened cheese lasts longer because it is not yet exposed to any form of contamination.

As long as you store it properly can even go up to over 8 weeks in good condition,

You just try to keep it in a good condition that’s all you need.


How Do You Know If Camembert Is Bad?

You can detect that thus cheese is bad by the way it looks, and smells but do not taste it to avoid falling the risk of getting food poisoning.

Bad cheese like this changes in its appearance and loses its fine soft creamy look to give a hard darkened cheese.

It then starts to grow mold that was not there during its preparation and also gives off an offensive smell.

If you notice all these signs don’t hesitate to dispose of this cheese.


What Happens If You Eat Expired Camembert?

Well, you can consume expired camembert but you need to make sure of some things like the mold that grows on it

Which is liable to give you food poisoning,

So if you want to consume expired cheese be ready to take out the mold before you proceed with eating it.


Can You Eat Moldy Camembert?

Yes, you can eat Camembert that has mold on it but you need to carefully take out the mold

So you don’t run the risk of getting food poisoning after eating the cheese.

If you don’t know how to Take out the mold it is strictly advised you dispose of the cheese immediately.

Mold on cheese are areas infected by dangerous bacteria that take the advantage of the moisture in the cheese to develop

And if eaten can cause health havoc.


What Does Camembert Taste Like?

Camembert is a soft cheese that is tender and firm at the same time, it can come in different flavors;

Mushroomy, garlicky, most times milky, and nutty depending on what you choose.

This cheese has its unique taste for all its flavors

But all are still Camembert in general.


10 Best Substitutes For Camembert

We have many Substitutes for Camembert some of which are ;

Brie cheese, feta, reblochon cheese, Brillat savarin cheese, Saint andré cheese, Chevere, Coulommiers cheese, Mozzarella, Chantal.

All these can be used if you don’t have this cheese available and you will still enjoy them.


How Do You Store Unopened Camembert?

You can store Unopened Camembert in a cool and dry area so it doesn’t lose its moisture,

A refrigerator can also do the job well as it is well enclosed and safer.



Camembert is a unique cheese and healthy at that.

You can serve it with any kind of toasted bread by cutting the bread into small shapes to make it easy to serve.

This cheese is very healthy but should not be eaten always but enjoyed from time to time.

Remember that I started with the question ”how long does camembert last”

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