How Long Does Dijon Mustard Last

How Long Does Dijon Mustard Last?

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How long does Dijon mustard last? Dijon mustard was discovered in 1856, in the city of Dijon, located in Burgundy, France,

It contains 12 kcal of energy per serving.

The ingredients contained are mustard seeds, white wine or wine vinegar, water, and salt.

They contain protein, carbohydrates, fat, sodium, potassium, and fiber.

Dijon mustard has a unique, savory taste and a creamy texture, which makes it a vital ingredient in the preparation of various foods.

So, how long does Dijon mustard last once opened?

When stored properly at room temperature in the pantry it will last for 1 to 2 months without losing its quality.

If stored in the refrigerator with continuous refrigeration, Dijon mustard will last for 12 months without deterioration in its quality.

You can also keep it in the freezer, it will last for up to 16 months in the freezer without you having to worry about safety.

Once opened, Dijon mustard will last depending on how it is stored.

After opening, Dijon mustard shelf life is reduced and short when left at room temperature,

But you can extend its shelf life for a long period of time when you keep it refrigerated.


How Long Does Dijon Mustard Last After Expiration Date?

Different brands have different expiration dates and estimates of lifespan on their Dijon mustard.

Remember that the expiration date is just the manufacturer’s estimate of how long the product will remain of top quality.

If unopened, Dijon mustard will be good for 2 to 3 years after the printed dates. After opening it will last for just 1 year if stored properly in the fridge.

Anything more than that will result in an unappealing taste, appearance, and smell.

Sometimes, the expiration date has nothing to do with your Dijon mustard getting spoiled.

There can be a situation where you may purchase a fresh Dijon mustard,

but without proper storage, it will become contaminated and unsafe irrespective of how long the date says it will last.


Is It Ok To Eat Dijon Mustard After The Expiration Date?

Expired only based on the printed dates? Yes! It can be eaten without worries of illness or food poisoning. Expired in look, taste, and texture? No! It is risky and unsafe.

If your Dijon mustard has long past its printed date and its appearance is off, especially if it has become darker in color, do not consume it,

As it may cause you to harm if eaten.

The printed dates on the label are for top quality and not a safety date.

As long as your Dijon mustard does not appear spoiled it can be eaten without any worries of sickness after its expiration date.


Does Dijon Mustard Need To Be Refrigerated?

Yes, Dijon mustard needs to be refrigerated when you want to store it for a certain period of time.

Although it won’t get spoiled easily at room temperature,

They can be kept in the pantry for about 8 weeks after opening,

It may lose its flavor, and you might end up discarding it which is a waste of money.

It is best if you refrigerate your Dijon mustard not only to prolong its shelf life but to also ensure the distinct flavor you love remains intact,

No matter how long you store it.


How Long Does Dijon Mustard Last In The Fridge?

Dijon mustard will last fresh in the fridge for 1 year, in top quality without you having to worry about safety.

After opening you should store the leftovers in the fridge immediately.

If continuously refrigerated at a steady temperature it will maintain its distinct flavor, fine texture, and appearance,

Even if it exceeds the printed dates, it can not affect its quality as long as it remains in the fridge.

Before storing ensure that the seal is intact and the bottle of your mustard is in good condition,

If there is any damage to the bottle, you can transfer its content into an airtight container before placing it in the fridge.


How Long Does Homemade Dijon Mustard Last?

Homemade Dijon mustard does not have a long shelf life like the store-bought one,

But it can last long enough for you to use when stored properly.

Your homemade Dijon mustard can only last for a maximum time of 24 hours at room temperature.

It is best if you refrigerate homemade Dijon mustard after making it if you’re not consuming it immediately.

As soon as it cools off, put it inside an airtight jar and seal tightly,

Ensure the container is intact, then place it in the refrigerator where it will be safe from contaminants.

It can last from 1 to 6 months in the refrigerator.


How Long Does Dijon Mustard Last Unopened?

If unopened, it can last for 2 to 3 years in peak quality at room temperature, depending on the brand and storage condition.

It should be stored in a cool, dark place, which can be a pantry or kitchen cabinet,

Exposure to heat and sunlight makes it deteriorate quickly.

It is best to note the expiration date and heed it although expired Dijon mustard will not make you sick if consumed.

If kept properly in a cool, dark place, it will keep for up to 2 years after the printed dates.


Does Dijon Mustard Ever Go Bad?

Dijon mustard can go bad, but this is very rare.

Its acidity protects it from going bad easily,

If it’s well sealed and kept in the fridge after opening, it can last for months without developing mold or going bad in any way.

It may tend to separate a bit after a long time, but you can fix this by stirring it with a clean utensil.

If unopened, it can go bad if it is exposed to sunlight and heat, and if it is stored for too long its quality starts to degrade.

As long as you store your Dijon mustard properly in a good condition it will remain good until it is needed.


How Do You Know If Mustard Goes Bad?

You can know if your mustard has gone bad from its appearance, smell and taste.

Once your mustard has long past its printed dates for like 2 years, you should not be surprised if you detect any sign of spoilage.

If you notice that mold has started developing on your mustard it is already bad and should not be consumed to avoid food poisoning.

So, if your mustard develops an off odor or an unpleasant smell, you should discard it as it has probably gone bad.

If you have stored your mustard for a very long time and there are no signs of it going bad,

you can taste it to check if the flavor is still okay, if it does not have an off taste it is good for consumption.


What Does Dijon Mustard Taste Like?

Dijon mustard has a unique, sharp, and savory flavor that your taste buds will love.

It has a slightly sweet, tangy taste and is mildly spicy.

When eaten it might be a bit spicy on the tongue, but this fades and adopts a tangy flavor.

Its wonderful taste together with its creamy texture makes this mustard versatile and you can use it to prepare varieties of dishes that can be eaten with your snacks.


Does Horseradish Mustard Go Bad?

Horseradish mustard will eventually go bad, although it has a very long and stable shelf,

it can go bad if it is not stored properly in the best condition.

So, it will last for up to 2 months in the fridge after opening, and when stored unopened in the pantry,

it will last until its best-by date with an additional 3 months after its printed dates.

You should store your horseradish mustard away from heat and sunlight,

if it is exposed to a higher temperature, your mustard will begin to deteriorate quickly and will be unsafe for consumption.


How Long Does Pommery Mustard Last?

Once opened, it should be kept in the fridge with constant refrigeration.

Pommery mustard will keep for up to 18 months in the fridge without you having to worry about safety.

If stored in the pantry, it will last for 1 to 2 months without losing its quality.

When unopened, you can store it in a cool, dry place where it will remain of top quality for up to 2 years.


How Long Does Whole Grain Mustard Last?

Whole grain mustard also has a long and stable shelf life.

If kept in the pantry unopened, it will last for 1 to 2 years in top quality,

after opening it will keep for about 2 months.

Opened whole grain mustard is best stored in the fridge,

As it will last for up to 1 year in the fridge without any deterioration in its quality.

Do not expose it to sunlight and heat because its shelf life becomes shortened in higher temperatures.


10 Best Substitutes For Dijon Mustard

Dijon mustard is very rich in flavor and it is popularly used in dishes because of its unique flavor.

But what do you do if you don’t have Dijon mustard at hand?

Substitutes for Dijon mustard can be;

  1. Yellow mustard
  2. Spicy brown mustard
  3. Wasabi
  4. Honey mustard
  5. Egg yolk
  6. Horseradish mustard
  7. Worcestershire sauce
  8. Whole grain mustard
  9. Mayonnaise

ButterĀ  Any of these listed above can be substituted for Dijon mustard.


Can Old Mustard Make You Sick?

Old mustard will hardly make you fall sick because mustard has a stable shelf life and can still be consumed months after its printed date.

But you should be mindful of what you are consuming so as not to have food poisoning.

In worst cases, old mustard will only make you feel mild food poisoning symptoms like nausea and diarrhea.

It is best you consume fresh mustard to be completely safe from any harm.



Dijon mustard is a very special mustard and a good appetizer when compared to other types of mustard.

Its saltier and spicy nature lets it stand out.

It is rich in essential nutrients which makes it healthy for consumption,

Should not be eaten in excess as it may result in abdominal pain, gut inflammation, and diarrhea.

It is a vital ingredient for sandwiches and various meals.

Remember, I started with the question ” how long does dijon mustard last ”

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