how long does enfamil last

How Long Does Enfamil Last?

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How long does Enfail last? Enfamil Infant Formula is a complete nutrition-tailored formula to meet nutritional needs and support the immune and digestive health of infants through 12 months of age.

Enfamil is a milk-based powder with iron that comes as a liquid concentrate and is available in different sizes.


So, how long does Enfamil last once open?

Once opened, the Enfamil Ready-to-Use formula can last for up to 48 hours if kept refrigerated at a constant temperature.


How Long Does Enfamil Last In The Fridge?

If the Enfamil Ready-to-Use is unopened you can follow the expiration date on the packaging.

Once opened, the formula should be used within 48 hours of being kept in the fridge.


How Long Does Enfamil Last At Room Temperature?

Just like powdered formula, an unused bottle of Enfamil Ready-to-Use formula can be kept at room temperature for 2 hours.

The bottle must be used or discarded within 1 hour from the time feeding begins.


Does Enfamil Expire?

Yes, Enfamil has a shelf life, and once it passed that date it becomes unsafe to use.

To locate the expiration date, look for it at the bottom or top of the can.


How Long Does Enfamil Last After Expiration Date?

On no account should you buy or use Enfamil after its use-by date.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture and Food and Drug Administration (USDA) has advised parents to stay away from expired baby formulas.


Can Enfamil Be Used Past the Expiration Date?

No, do not use or buy Enfamil that has passed its expiration date.

The formula should be used before the expiration date.


How To Store Enfamil Ready-To-Use Formula

Just like powdered formula, Enfamil liquid concentrate should be stored in a cool, dry place before being opened and in the fridge after opening.

Similarly, after 2 hours of being left unrefrigerated or after 1 hour of beginning feeding you should discard any unused formula or unfinished formula.


10 Best Alternatives For Enfamil

1. Similac Advance Infant Formula With Iron:

This is a milk-based iron-fortified infant formula that contains a proprietary blend of substances that aid in developing a baby’s brain and eyes.

The non-palm olein oil combination promotes good calcium absorption which is essential for strong bones.

Benefits of using Similac Advance Infant Formula With Iron

Similac was the first commercial infant formula brand made free of artificial growth hormones.

It is still the most popular among parents and it supports brain and eye development and also the development of strong bones.

The drawback associated with Similac Advance Infant Formula With Iron

Similac is genetically modified and exposing a baby to GMOs may not produce the best results.

The long-term impact of GMOs on the human body is still unknown.

2. Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula:

this is one of the best alternatives to Enfamil.

Earth’s Best Organic infant formula contains lactose and additional macrobiotics which is not found in other baby formula brands.

Also, there are no low-cost synthetic sweeteners in this baby formula.

The formula includes ARA and DHA and it also contains high-quality vitamins, proteins, carbs, minerals, and essential fatty acids, including Omega-3 DHA and Omega-6 ARA.

With these, you do not have to worry about the digestive system of the infant because these chemicals can easily break down any food and milk the child digests.

Benefits of using Earth’s Best Organic Formula

It is relatively cheaper than Enfamil baby formula and there has not been any trace of harmful chemicals used in the production of the formula.

Earth’s Best Organic provides essential nutrients which are helpful to the development of your baby.

The drawback associated with Earth’s Best Organic Formula

This baby formula is difficult to find in most shops,

This may be problematic and consequently, limit parents who like it to shopping at the stores where it is available.

Also, the formula has a strong odor, which may be a problem for babies sensitive to smell or picky.

Feeding the baby then becomes very difficult because of the discomfort.

3. Gerber Good Start Gentle Powder Infant Formula:

this formula is the best alternative for babies with sensitive stomachs.

It also protects infants from potentially dangerous substances and speeds up the breakdown of protein, with the help of ARA/DHA, antioxidants, prebiotics, and probiotics.

Unlike Earth’s Best Organic infant formula, this formula does not have a strong odor.

Gerber Good Start Gentle Powder Infant Formula contains lactose and other sweeteners including 30 percent maltodextrin.

In terms of density and texture, the formula can be said to be similar to breast milk.

Pros and cons of using Gerber Good Start Gentle Powder Infant Formula

The formula does not cause vomiting, constipation, gas, or nausea, and it is a non-GMO formula that closely resembles breast milk,

However, when compared to other brands, this formula is relatively expensive. And such a high price can be discouraging to some parents.

In addition, the formula contains harmful ingredients such as soy oil and palm oil which can reduce calcium absorption thereby leading to low bone density.


4. Gerber Good Start Soy Infant Formula:

this is a very helpful alternative for babies who are protein sensitive.

If your infant has a milk protein allergy or lactose intolerance then Soy formulas might be an excellent substitute.

Gerber good start soy infant formula is an excellent substitute for Enfamil

This is because it hydrolyzes the soy protein to make digestion much more manageable.

It is also one of the few soy-based infant formulas available on the market with only a few mild sugars and non-GMO components.

The principal sweeteners in the formula are corn maltodextrin and a small amount of sucrose.

Gerber’s good start has a milder flavor than other soy-based infant formulas.

Adequate nutrition and digestive comfort help avoid gas and fussiness caused by milk or lactose intolerance.

Benefits of using Gerber Good Start Soy Infant Formula

By containing expert-recommended ingredients such as DHA this formula supports the development of the brain and eye. It is also a milk and lactose-free formula.

The drawback associated with Gerber Good Start Soy Infant Formula

The formula will not be suitable for babies who have soy allergies.

The unpleasant smell of soy products may discourage your baby from consuming their food.

5. Kirkland Signature Non-GMO Baby Formula with Iron:

this is another gentle formula for infants with special digestive needs.

Organic lactose is the only sweetener and it also has equally prevalent ingredients in Gerber Good Start Gentle Powder infant formula.

Kirkland Signature baby formula reduces bloating, gas, and fussiness because it has similar calorie density and consistency as breast milk.

The formula contains an outstanding blend of necessary nutrients, iron in particular which aids in the growth and development of babies.

Benefits of using Kirkland Signature Non-GMO Baby Formula with Iron

The formula is made for infants with special digestive needs,

so they know how procedures can affect a baby’s digestive tract and help protect any sensitive stomachs.

This formula is rich in iron which aids in transporting oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body and it also helps with the storage and utilization of oxygen by muscles.

The drawback associated with Kirkland Signature Non-GMO Baby Formula with Iron

It is not suitable for babies with lactose intolerance and the mixture can be too foamy at times,

Thereby introducing air bubbles into your baby’s belly leading to unwanted discomfort and gas.


Do I Refrigerate Enfamil Ready-To-Use

Due to its shelf-stable technology, Enfamil read-to-use bottle stays fresh in the pantry,

Meaning the product remains fresh without refrigeration until its stated expiration date or until it is opened.

Once opened, the formula needs to be stored in the refrigerator and used within 48 hours.


How Do You Know When Enfamil Expires?

To know when Enfamil expires you should find the Use By or Expiration Date on the top or the bottom of the can.



Enfamil is the #1 formula brand recommended by pediatricians.

It has brain-nourishing DHA which has been proven to support brain development and clinical studies have been published that demonstrate the infant formula fosters learning ability.


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