How Long Does Mango Juice Last? shelf life of mango juice

How Long Does Fresh Mango Juice Last?

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How long does fresh mango juice last? Well we all know that fresh mango itself has a very short shelf life and I suppose, that is where this question is coming from.

I could remember a time where I and my girlfriend choose to sit under a fresh mangoes tree.

Just because, it is so quiet and we would be opportune to pick any good ripe one that false to the ground.

The taste of fresh mangoes is so great that sometime the hairy part of it will hang on my teeth. I even experience toothache because of too much consumption.

So, I have to switch over to fresh mangoes juice as the best alternative.

So, How Long does fresh mango juice last?

Fresh mango juice will last for 5 to 8 days. Sometimes it depends on the temperature it is exposed to. Fresh juice sometimes has to do with the way the fresh mangoes you are using to make the juice is.

6 to 12 hours5-8 days2-3 weeks

Most people use fresh mangoes juice that is over-ripened.

So, the fresh mangoes that have ripened very well, will last for 3 to 5 days. While the normal ripen mango that is greenish-yellow will last for 5 to 8 days.

You might be wondering why I mentioned ripened and half ripened one. It is just because fully ripe fresh mangoes juice goes bad easily than half-ripe fresh mango.

Their taste always differs. In fact, the half-ripe mango has more carbon and moderate sugar but the fully riped one is sugary.

So, if you are planning to make a fresh mango juice recipe, you should be able to tell which of the mango you are going to use


How Long Does Fresh Mango Juice Last In The Freezer?

Homemade fresh mango juice will last 2 to 3 weeks in the freezer. But the industrial produced fresh mango juice will last according to the best by the date that the producer imprinted on it.

The best by date shows the shelf life according to the producer’s estimate.

And depending on the nature of preservatives and ingredients he used for the production.

Can Fresh Mango Be Frozen?

Freezing fresh mango is not a bad idea after all we enjoy ice cubes despite the warnings from the medical practitioners.

So can fresh mango be frozen?

Fresh mango cannot be frozen because it has a seed inside and there is no enough moisture to make it frozen.

Rather, you are asking if fresh mango juice can get frozen

Of course, fresh mango juice can get frozen because little quantity of water has been added.

So it will enable the freezer to be able to get frozen.

Do you like ice cube mangoes? If yes, how does it taste?


How Long Does Fresh Mango Juice Last In The Fridge?

Fresh mango juice can last for 3 weeks without any change in the taste and quality. As far as the regular temperature of cooling is met daily.

Hopefully, the freezer for it’s best in ensuring that the quality and taste of mango juice is maintained by getting it frozen.

How does it feel serving ice cube with a cocktail, I will be melodious for you and it will cost a lot of you happen to sell it.

What Can You Do With Leftover Fresh Mangoes?

Maybe you have a bountiful harvest and you reserve some mangoes for the family consumption. But you found out that the leftover over is huge.

Do not discard them, they will be of great use to you. There are so many interesting recipes you can use fresh mango leftovers for.

Some examples are

  • Making mango jam
  • Using mango to make pie
  • Mango chutney
  • Mango cobbler
  • Gelatin recipes
  • Combination of mango and custard
  • Using mango to make ice pops and cream
  • Cakes 


How Do You Preserve Ripe Mangoes?

Ripe mangoes are best preserved in the fridge and freezer.

Steps to preserve mangoes in the fridge or freezer


  • Wash very well
  • You can cut into thin fleshy sizes or rather put the whole mangoes. It depends on the space you fridge have
  • Place it open do not put in any container. Except you are preserving mango juice.
  • Check it regularly

Can Babies Have Fresh Mango?

Yes! Babies can have fresh ripe mangoes until they are satisfied. In fact, natural sugar is best for consumption. So, giving your baby mangoes helps to boost the carbohydrate level in their body as long as the baby is up to 7 months of age.

You can make some recipes like puree for your kid with fresh mango

How To Tell When Fresh Mango Juice Goes Bad

Fresh mango juice has a prolonged shelf life than that of apple.

When fresh Mangoes go bad it loses some important qualities like taste, flavors reduce drastically, and most times become irritating with an off smell.

Can You Drink Expired Mango Juice?

Expired mango juice? When you hear the word ” expired ” it is as if the product is really bad but come to think of it.

The manufacturer places the expiry date, because of some preservatives shelf life.

If you come in contact with and expired mango juice, check it very well if there is no mold or bacteria growing on it.

Pour it to the ground and check if it is lumpy.

Then taste a little bit of it. If it tastes fine then you can drink it or get a fresh mango juice to avoid food poison or diarrhea.

Maybe it is open for a long time and the best by date has not elapsed.

Check very well if it is fermenting.

Toss it and get a fresh mango juice

What Should I Do If I Drink Expired Mango Juice?

When you drink an expired mango juice and your food out there is something wrong with your stomach. You know that your stomach acid is capable of killing bacteria but not too many ones.

What you should do if you drink expired fresh mango juice is to drink enough water and see a doctor. That will be best.

Do not administer drugs to yourself. But if there is no doctor available, you can just relax and try to get some sleep, I will advise you to take milk or palm oil as it works best for first aid food poisoning.


Fresh mango juice is very cool and smooth to drink.

It has so many health benefits like helping the skin and hair growth since it is rich in vitamin A, it helps to maintain healthy eyes, it is a very rich antioxidant, it aids the healthy digestive system and helps to boost the immune level of the body.

I hope you enjoy reading this, and I guess you have learned something new today.

Remember, we started from the question ” how long does free mango juice last? “

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