how long does gajar halwa last

How Long Does Gajar Halwa Last?

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How long does Gajar halwa last? Gajar halwa is a special dessert from north India, also known as carrot halwa.

The main ingredients include grated carrots, fatty milk, ghee, and sugar.

The well-garnished chopped nuts and powdered cardamom makes it so tasty and delicious.

They are also very healthy to consume because of their high calcium and protein content.

The amazing taste that comes from the blended carrot mixed with milk, makes it one of my favorite desserts.


So, how long does Gajar Halwa last without a fridge?

Unfortunately, Gajar halwa will only last up to two days outside the fridge.

It will not remain fresh at room temperature for too long.

They can be exposed to bacteria contamination which will further degrade the quality of your Gajar halwa.

If for any reason you have to store at room temperature, you must ensure you prepare your Gajar halwa properly and hygienically.

This is to help limit the growth of pathogens.

You must also store it in a cool dry place, free from direct light and heat sources.

Storing at a cool temperature will ensure that your Gajar halwa doesn’t dry out and lose its crispy texture.


How Long Does Gajar Halwa Last In The Fridge?

Gajar halwa can last up to two weeks in the fridge.

Placing your Gajar halwa in the fridge comes with a lot of benefits.

It helps to prolong the shelf life of your Gajar halwa and more importantly, its freshness is retained.

Gajar halwa doesn’t dry out when covered properly.

Also, there is no room for bacteria growth or the development of molds which is caused by unstable temperature and humidity.

The texture of your Gajar halwa can wither as a result of bad storage, making it look watery or slimy.

But when you properly store it in the fridge, the crispy texture remains and the appearance looks appealing and firm.


How Long Does Gajar Halwa Take To Cook?

It can approximately take up to two hours to fully prepare and cook your Gajar halwa.

The procedures are very easy to follow, as long as you have the right ingredients for cooking.

First of all, you need to properly rinse your carrot and grate it nicely using a grater.

The next step is to add your ghee and grated carrots into a pressure cooker and fry it for about four minutes.

Thirdly, you add your milk into your cooker, so that it boils with the grated carrots.

Then you stir consistently till it becomes even and doesn’t get stuck under the cooking pan.

Make sure that the liquid in your milk totally evaporates and becomes solid.

The cooking pressure should be medium heat till it gets thickened, so you need to be patient.

The fourth step is the addition of sugar into the cooker which must also be stirred so that it mixes well.

When you notice that the ghee has started separating, your next step should be adding your cardamom powder.

For additional flavor, you can also add some malai to help improve the taste.

Then you mix properly and you finally turn off the gas.

You can decorate it with some chopped cashews, which makes your delicious Gajar halwa super ready to be served and enjoyed.


How To Store Gajar Halwa?

You can store your Gajar halwa in the refrigerator.

First of all, you need to place it in a clean airtight container before storing it in the fridge.

This is to ensure that oxygen or moisture doesn’t get inside your Gajar halwa,

Which can eventually lead to oxidation and the development of molds or pathogens.

Avoid opening your container regularly, in order to avoid exposing your Gajar halwa.

Serve the quantity you can consume and store the rest properly, and remember not to leave your container outside the fridge.

There are some tips that can also help to preserve the quality of your Gajar halwa for a longer period of time.

You should avoid adding too much khoya into your Gajar halwa when cooking

This is because khoya is also made from milk and excess of it can ruin the taste after some days of storage.


What To Do If Gajar Halwa Is Too Sweet?

There are procedures that can help you balance your Gajar Halwa when it becomes too sweet.

Suji is a special kind of milled wheat, also known as semolina.

Suji can be used to reduce too much sweetness in your Gajar halwa.

In order to achieve this, you need to take some amount of suji according to the quantity of your Gajar halwa.

Then you take some ghee or butter and put them in a frying pan so that it can get warm.

Then mix your suji inside the pan and fry it together until it turns golden brown in color with a nice aroma.

You must add enough milk because suji absorbs too much liquid, then you cook it to form a thick paste.

Finally, mix the paste with your halwa and cook for about two minutes.

Following these procedures will surely reduce too much sweetness in your Gajar halwa, which makes it healthy to consume.


How Long Can You Freeze Gajar Halwa?

You can freeze your Gajar halwa for about two months in an airtight container.

This is a very good storage method In case you want to keep it fresh for a long time.

When you finally bring it out to consume, ensure you defrost it before warming it.

Directly reheating it can ruin the quality and make it look weak in appearance.

The nice flavor can also be damaged. So you must leave it in the fridge to naturally meltdown before warming it.

There are some steps that can help you freeze your Gajar halwa properly.

After preparing your carrot halwa, place it in a wide bowl and cover it with a paper towel.

Allow it to cool at room temperature for about one hour before placing it in the freezer.

A freezer bag must be used to package your carrot halwa to prevent air from getting inside, in order to avoid freezer burn.

And lastly, you have to label it, so that it can serve as a reminder.

All these steps will help keep your carrot halwa fresh for as long as two to three months.


Is Gajar Halwa Served Hot Or Cold?

Under normal circumstances, Gajar halwa should be served hot or warm.

Remember that the milk is kind of thick or solid, so it will be very difficult to consume it in that state. You can also decide to serve it cold.

Though, many people love their carrot halwa to be served warm, especially during the cold winter season.

Apart from the rich tasty flavor and sweet aroma, ingredients like ghee serve as a source of energy which helps us to be active throughout the day.

So it is better to serve your carrot halwa warm or hot.


10 Best Substitutes For Gajar Halwa

The 10 best substitutes for Gajar halwa Include;

  1. Gulab jamun
  2. Sandesh
  3. Modak
  4. Aam Shrikhand
  5. Payasam
  6. Kaju ki barfi
  7. Shahi Tukda
  8. Puran Poli
  9. Ney appam
  10. Malai Ghevar.

These alternatives are also delicious and yummy and can be used to substitute for Gajar halwa.


Why Does Gajar Halwa Turned Brown?

Your Gajar halwa can turn brown or black due to some reason.

It could be that you did not properly stir the pot, causing your carrots and sugar to burning.

So you need to regularly stir at intervals to avoid it.

Some food experts suggest that frying ghee and Gajar together can also result in a change of color.

Ghee should be added last, after the mixture of Gajar and milk.

The carrot absorbs the milk, which helps to shield it from the ghee coloration.

Frying your carrot halwa for too long can also change its color to brown.

In addition, storing your grated carrots for too long in a plastic bag can also cause a change in color when used to cook your carrot halwa.


Can Halwa Be Reheated?

After bringing it out from the refrigerator, you can reheat your halwa before consuming it.

You can reheat it in a frying pan, but the best way is by using a microwave.

If you are bringing out your halwa from a freezer, then you need to thaw it first before reheating it.

You can just leave it at room temperature till it gradually melts.

Reheating frozen halwa without thawing can damage the flavor and quality.

But when it is placed in a refrigerator, you can reheat it directly.


Is Carrot Halwa Healthy?

Consuming carrot halwa is very healthy

This is because it contains high nutritional value like protein and calcium which helps to make your bone density stronger and prevent the risk of osteoporosis.

Carrot halwa also contains loads of essential vitamins that can improve your eyesight,

It helps to keep your heart in a healthy state.

Experts also confirm that it has anti-cancer properties and anti-inflammatory properties.

All these benefits make carrot halwa an excellent choice.



Gajar halwa is a popular nutritious dessert that comes with loads of health advantages.

The cooking method is easy, though it may take some time.

Just like any other unique desserts, they must be stored properly to avoid contamination by pathogens which can eventually lead to spoilage.

It is best enjoyed in the cold winter season when served warm.

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