How Long Does Halloumi Last

How Long Does Halloumi Last?

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How long does Halloumi last? Unveiling from a country that isn’t known for exquisite moves in cooking is this Cypriot cheese.

Halloumi has been present for centuries around the island of Cyprus and it is traditionally prepared from cattle milk either Goat, cow, or sheep.

Any one of them can produce rich halloumi.

Halloumi is very rich in protein as it is more like milk when checking through its ingredients and preparations.

That is, Halloumi is also rich in fat and provides the energy of about 366kcal in each serving, other nutrients like carbohydrates and salts are also present.

Halloumi is very healthy to consume as it protects against diabetes and also provides strong bones and teeth.

So, how long does Halloumi last once opened?

Halloumi once opened will last for up to 15 days in good quality with no detectable deterioration in its quality as long as you store it properly.

Halloumi has a long shelf life if unopened of up to a year but after opening you have exposed it

So, you need to store it in two ways either by wrapping it and making sure it’s enclosed from air

Then you place it in the refrigerator or you can store it beneath saline water and place it in the fridge.

Either of these methods used will help increase the shelf life of the halloumi but it’s advisable to consume your halloumi on time, within a week if possible.


Does Halloumi Need To Be Refrigerated?

Well yes, halloumi needs to be refrigerated when you want to store it for a certain period of time.

You can refrigerate halloumi either open or unopened but storing in these different ways gives the food different shelf life.

Unopened halloumi will last in the refrigerator for up to a year in good quality

You can use it over time unlike when you have opened it

The shelf life reduces to around 15 days and only in rare cases will it go over two weeks.

For you to achieve this span you still need to package the opened Hellim properly

This is before storing and maintaining its quality during the period of preservation.


How Long Does Halloumi Last Out Of The Fridge?

Halloumi lasts out of the fridge for 2 to 3 hours max before going bad.

Hellim cheese doesn’t have a good shelf life at room temperature and if left over an hour it starts to deteriorate in quality,

Most Hellim cheese don’t make it up to 3 hours as some may perish after 2 hours

If consumed at that time you might encounter food poisoning cases.

It’s best if you eat your Hellim cheese out of the fridge in 1-2 hours and if you can’t eat anymore make haste to return it back to the fridge.


How Long Does Halloumi Last In The Fridge?

Halloumi can last in the fridge for two weeks in top quality without you encountering any loss in its quality or taste.

After preparing and serving Hellim cheese you can store the leftovers in the fridge

You can even prepare and store it in the fridge for later use

But make sure you consume it within 15 days as it may start to go bad even if still placed in the fridge.

For best results keep your Hellim cheese inside saline water or wrap it in airtight bags and place it in the fridge

Then try to consume within a week and no more than two weeks to avoid food poisoning cases.


How Long Does Halloumi Last Once Cook?

Halloumi lasts for about two weeks or 6 months depending on how and where you store it.

If you prepare Hellim cheese and you have a plan to consume it in a short time,

Then you can wrap it in cheese paper and find a spot for it in the fridge but if you have a long-term vision you can freeze it.

Oh yes you can freeze halloumi, it is cheese based

To prevent contamination don’t take the whole block of Hellim cheese out if you need it

But it’s best to take little cuts from the large block stored and thaw before serving.


How Long Does Halloumi Take To Grill?

It takes about 6 minutes to grill halloumi and maybe about 8 minutes to get very brown to desired taste.

The grilling time ranges from 6-8 minutes as it takes about half of this time to get each side of the cheese well grilled.

Grilled Hellim cheese is very easy and quick to go about,

it can be served immediately after grilling with vegetables to garnish and olive oil over it and it goes best as an appetizer.


How Long Does Halloumi Take To Fry?

It takes no more than 5 minutes to fry your halloumi and serve it,

Each side of the Hellim might take less than 2 minutes to get done

Make sure you follow these steps when frying halloumi;

Slice the Hellim to about 0.5cm thick with your dry frying pan over medium heat

Arrange the slices and fry for about 2 minutes for each side till you get a golden brown color that indicates it’s done.

Now you might decide to use oil to fry Hellim and others might not,

Well, it isn’t compulsory to use oil as halloumi is very high in fat

if you need to add oil a small quantity is enough.

Garnish your fried Hellim with vegetables and serve.


Does Halloumi Go Out Of Date?

Yes Halloumi does go out of date after staying overtime but unopened Hellim stays good for a year in the refrigerator

Opened Hellim lasts for two weeks in the fridge and 6 months in the freezer.

So only if these conditions are overruled can Hellim go out of date.

Hellim is a very fragile food when it comes to storage

So, it’s best you produce what you can consume from time to time rather than storage.


How To Tell If Halloumi Has Gone Off

You can tell that Halloumi has gone off in various ways,

you can tell it’s bad either by its appearance or smell as both give the same outcome.

Bad Hellim gets infected and starts to grow mold and it can be clearly seen around it,

Well it’s OK to cut out the areas infected with mold as it doesn’t spread fast but disposing of it is the best option.

The odor produced by the Hellim also gives a sign that it is off

Bad Hellim gives off an offensive smell like that of spoiled milk.

You can also tell through its taste but to avoid food poisoning leave that option out of it.


How To Store Halloumi Cheese Once Opened

You can store Hellim cheese when opened in the refrigerator or freezer and be rest assured of its safety.

You can go about this either by putting the cheese inside saline water

Then place in the fridge or you get a good cheese wrap and enclose them properly,

After wrapping put the wrapped Hellim in an airtight container

And place it in the fridge where it will stay for about two weeks

You can store it in the freezer where it will stay for up to 6 months in good quality

You can take it from it anytime you need it.


What Does Halloumi Smell Like?

Halloumi has this special flavor attached to it and some may say it has a tangy smell but it is just unique on its own.

It may smell like gorgonzola when prepared but its taste differs.

This is how good Hellim smells, unlike bad ones which produces a very offensive smell like common spoiled protein foods.


What Does Halloumi Taste Like?

Halloumi tastes a lot like other cheeses,

Especially feta but its flavor differs and it is a bit salty and firmer which puts a smile on one’s face

Unlike some cheese with a boring taste.


10 Best Substitutes For Halloumi

Many forms of cheese can substitute hellim but it is still unique on its own.

Substitutes for halloumi can be ;

  1. Paneer cheese
  2. Verka cheese
  3. Mozzarella cheese
  4. Panela cheese
  5. Mexican queso Blanco
  6. Ricotta cheese
  7. Feta cheese
  8. Gopi cheese
  9. Gourmet cheese
  10. Rajbhog cheese.

Any of these listed above can be substituted for Hellim.


What Happens If You Eat Off Halloumi?

If you eat bad Hellim you can get food poisoning

That’s because it’s very dangerous to consume bacteria Infested food materials

Hellim breeds mold when it goes off.

To avoid cases of food poisoning or any health-related issues it is advisable to dispose of any cheese you feel is bad or going bad.

The bad one is very dangerous to one’s health don’t take the risk to consume it even if you need it so badly.


Does Halloumi Melt?

Halloumi which is gotten from either cow, goat, or sheep milk is produced in a way that it doesn’t melt, unlike other cheeses.



Halloumi is a very special cheese and a very good appetizer when compared to other cheeses.

Its saltier and firmer nature lets it stand out.

If you need an appetizer to brighten up a gathering this Cypriot delicacy should not be left out.

Remember, how long does halloumi last?

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