how long does hard candy last

How Long Does Hard Candy Last?

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How long does hard candy last? It was first produced by a Dutchman Joseph in 1844 and till now a favorite around the nations of the world.

This candy is also known as boiled candy or sugar confectionery which is a sugar coat.

And sweet candy is made from one or more sugar-based syrups mixed with water

And milk flavoring that is heated to a temperature of 160°C to prepare the candy examples is the lollipop, candy cane, jolly rancher, lifesaver, etc.

Were you gifted boiled candy in large quantities

And you don’t take them every day so you are searching for ways to store them so they don’t go bad quickly?

Has your granny candy been sitting for too long and you think they have become bad but you aren’t sure so thinking of throwing them all out?

Before taking any step on that boiled candy, it is advisable to finish reading this article, and then you will be too sure of taking a bold step.

This article is helpful and educating because it comprises different methods of storage and the best place to increase their shelf life

Ranging from how long does hard candy last? How do you know if they have expired? How to store hard candy If they expire and many more you should find out.

Read up, do not miss a line to ensure not miss what you are to know, do not forget to leave a comment on the comment box.

So, how long does hard candy last?

Hard candy, keep freshness, maintain quality and have a longer shelf life in the pantry, fridge, or freezer for 10 to 12 months before going bad when stored properly.

You can keep hard candy anywhere you desire because they are friendly with all storage patterns

And doesn’t go bad quickly except after a year before you can have worried about it.

You might be wondering why is it when you visit the studio

Or the doctor most days you happen to find this sugar confectionery there and wonder if they don’t go bad?

No matter where hard candy is stored it lasts long but depends on some environmental criteria.

Does Hard Candy Expire?

The answer is yes hard candy does expire.

Before, my granny used to gather all leftover boiled candy after halloween and then keep them till another halloween

Or any occasion that requires candies until we discover one that has lost its taste and then we realize that it does expire.

This is because we have to search the package and saw the expiration date there and from there,

My granny will have to call us to check the expiration date before storing.

Although they can expire that doesn’t mean they can impose serious health risks on a person,

They might just taste but you can still eat them.


Is Hard Candy Vegan?

Not all hard candy is for vegans, some contain dairy products that are not suitable for vegans.

If you want to consume it, it’s advisable to check or inquire about the ingredients that you are going to use for the prep.

Some vegan sugar confectioneries are jolly rancher hard candy, pez, smarties, Dum Dum, charms blow pops, etc.

How Long Does It Take Hard Candy To Harden?

After preparation, it takes them 20 to 30 minutes but its hardening depends wholly on the temperature and the humidity of that environment.

If you are trying to create one at home, when put to cool down, it should have a temperature of 146°C – 154°C / 295°F -309°F for a faster set.

Also, add sugar powder and wrap (this is to avoid getting dust from entering it) when it has cooled down.

Also, avoid preparing in a place of high moisture because it slows down the rate of hardening.

Do You Chew Hard Candy Edible?

Yes, you can chew hard candy. It’s fun chewing them, especially those having gummies in them because they ensure easy direction.

There are other kinds of edibles like brownies, cookies, gummies, etc.


What Hard Candy Has The Longest Expiration Date?

The jolly ranchers and lollipops have the longest expiration date that makes them last longer and has had a long shelf life.

They surpass all other sugar confectionaries in storage and shelf life although other ones still last long.

How Do You Know Hard Candy Is Expired?

Have you been storing this candy for later use and it came to the day of use

And you are seeing something different about them and you are wondering if they have bad or still good for eating?

Are you wondering why they go bad or expire when they have a long shelf life?

Is your candy having a different smell?

Below are some ways and tips to help you identify boiled candy that has to expire to throw them out or is still good for eating;

The Appearance of Hard Candy

Sugar confectionery colors are usually fine but if they turn to any form of discoloration or any appearance of mold or presence of insects in them.

Toss them immediately.

Feel The  Texture

Hard candy is firm.

Feel the texture and when it feels extremely sticky or slimy or has a grainy texture or melting away,

Throw them out immediately you notice any of this.

Rancid Smell

Normally has a fine smell and a smell that makes you long for some more.

Smell and when that aroma is not there again or when the smell changes to rancid, trash them immediately.

The Taste Of Boiled Candy

If the flavor isn’t sweet as usual

The tasting method is one easy way and signs to tell if they have expired or not when all other signs don’t work.

Take a little bite and when it has become tasteless or off-flavor, they are not fit to consume again.

Toss them immediately

Whenever sugar confectionery has been sitting for too long in the pantry, fridge, or freezer,

Use the tips above to check if they are still good

Or check the expiration date and when it happens that they are bad,

It’s advisable to throw them out and do not eat them when it is not healthy.

How To Store Hard Candy?

To get better storage of this boiled candy,

  1. Ensure to always check the expiration date before buying to avoid buying what is nit healthy to eat
  2. Store them far from places of direct sunlight or heat or humidity because this will make them melt and make them go bad quickly.
  3. Keep in a cool and dry place.
  4. Place them at a temperature of 65°F to 72°F to preserve their shelf life.
  5. Store them in a candy dish
  6. Do not store them close to other smelly or strong odor fruits or food in the fridge or freezer.


Hard candy is good to keep at home when your pantry is in a good condition. If not, do not buy them in bulk.

Every food has its nutritional values and this one is not left out, but I will advise you to further your research on the health benefits.

Remember, how long does hard candy last?


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