How Long Does Kaju Katli Last

How Long Does Kaju Katli Last

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How long does Kaju Katli last? Kaju Katli which means cashew slice in English can also be referred to as Kaju barfi.

This is a popular Indian dessert made with a heated dough of grounded cashew nuts, sugar, and cardamom. Kaju Katli is similar to a barfi.

So, how long does Kaju Katli last in the fridge?

Kaju Katli will stay fresh in the refrigerator for up to 3 weeks before going bad if you store it properly in the right conditions necessary in an airtight container.

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How To Preserve Kaju Katli.

To preserve your Kaju Katli and make them last longer

It is recommended you transfer them from the classic cardboard box which they come with into another glass container to keep them as fresh as possible.


What To Do If Kaju Katli Is Sticky?

After preparation and you notice that your Kaju Katli is sticky, just add a little milk powder to the sticky part

Then mix and knead till it becomes smooth and non-sticky.

The sticky nature is a result of undercooking.


Can You Freeze Kaju Katli?

Yes, you can freeze this delectable Kaju Katli. It can be kept frozen for around 6 weeks, ensure that it is well packed in an airtight container before putting it in the freezer.

Some changes will occur in the texture, but no need to worry as this can be reverted by simply thawing it at room temperature.

Important tips which are strongly recommended to follow when freezing Kaju Katli to have the best results:

Freeze in portions – Don’t pack all your Kaju Katli in one container and freeze.

Portion it as this will make it easier to grab the amount you want to eat without having to refreeze the remaining ones.

It’s not recommended to refreeze this dessert.

Flash Freeze –Flashing freezing helps ensure that Kaju Katli aren’t clumped together during freezing

It also helps in preventing the need for refreezing as you can easily grab a portion at a time.

Avoid Refreezing – refreezing has a negative impact on the texture so it’s advice you focus

And try as much as possible to only defrost the amount you need at a time.

Once brought out from the freezer and defrosted,

Ensure you eat it within that day as refreezing isn’t an option


How Long Does Kaju Katli Last In The Freezer?

If you want to preserve your Kaju Katli in the freezer, just put them in a freezer-safe container and watch them stay good in taste and fresh for up to 6 weeks.

Knowing that it freezes perfectly is a great relief because if you have lots of leftovers after a special occasion

It will be really hard to throw these delicious desserts out and you can also make them ahead of time

And keep them frozen waiting for your next celebration.

Before serving, take out the freezer-safe container and thaw at room temperature.

Steps to perfectly defrost it: unfortunately, they can only be thawed at room temperature,

And it isn’t the type of sweet that you can speed up the thawing process.

Not to worry you aren’t going to be stuck with a frozen Kaju Katli because it doesn’t take long to defrost.

Portioned Kaju Katli should be ready to eat within two to three hours from being taken out of the freezer.

Endeavor to keep it covered while it thaws out at room temperature.


Does Kaju Katli Go Bad?

Yes! Kaju Katli just like any other dessert eventually goes bad with time. Reasons are exposure to direct sunlight or wrong storage

But as long as they are stored in the right way, they will stay fresh for two or three months.


How To Tell If Kaju Katli Is Bad

With our senses, we can tell if it is bad.

Using our sense of taste, a spoiled Kaju Katli will give a sour taste when taken.

Mold can also be detected with our sense of sight.

Bad Kaju Katli can also give out an unpleasant smell and undergo some changes in texture other than the original texture.

So if you happen to notice that your sweet has developed an odd appearance, odor or flavor throw them away immediately.

It has also been observed that the ones that have milk in them tend to spoil more easily than the standardized type.


How Long Does Kaju Katli Last After Expiration?

Milk-free Kaju Kati can be eaten 2 weeks after the expiration date. It is not health-wise to eat the one that has passed its expiration date.

Always ensure to check for the expiration date to avoid health-related issues caused by food poisoning.


How Long Does Kaju Katli Last After Opening?

After opening, Kaju Katli is safe to eat for 3 weeks if kept in the fridge and up to 6 weeks if frozen. But at room temperature, they can only last for about 2 weeks.

Once opened it takes a lot of self-control up keep your dessert for that long

This is because it is a very delicious and tempting dessert that probably no one can control himself for more than 1 or 2 days before consuming everything.


How Long Does Kaju Katli Last At Room Temperature?

Bacteria tend to grow more and multiple faster at room temperature,

That’s why it’s inadvisable to keep your food long out of the fridge or refrigerator once opened.

Kaju Katli which doesn’t contain milk is likely to stay fresh at room temperature than those that have milk. Milk-free products can last up to 2 weeks at room temperature.


How Long Does Cashew Cream Last?

Cashew cream is a milk-free cream that can serve as an alternative to coconut milk and heavy cream.

Good and rich cashew cream is made by soaking raw cashews thoroughly beforehand and then blending with water until smooth.

The reason for soaking is to make it easier to blend and raw cashews are been made use of in cashew cream making

This is because roasted cashew won’t boast the same neutral flavor or blend up as well.

Cashew cream can be used to add creaminess to kinds of pasta and soups or as a thick and creamy base for salad dressings or overnight oats.

Cashew cream will stay good for at least four days in the fridge and can be frozen for up to 6 months when left at room temperature your cream will not last for now than a few hours, especially in a hot environment.

This is to tell that cashew cream does go bad,

It should be treated and stored just like cow’s cream because it will spoil easily if not well stored.


How Long Does Besan Ladoo Last?

Besan Ladoo is a spherical Indian dessert made with gram flour, sugar, and ghee.

Gram flour is known as besan in India hence the name besan Ladoo.

Although besan Ladoo requires just a handful of ingredients, it is one of the most popular Indian sweets and tastes amazing!

Besan ladoo does not last long at room temperature but when stored in an air-tight container and kept in the refrigerator it can stay good for about 3 to 4 days.

This  Besan Ladoo can also be frozen in a freezer-safe container for about 1 month. Besan Ladoo is a  great travel snack.


How Long Does Barfi Last?

Barfi is an Indian milk-based sweet which contains ghee and dry fruit making it vulnerable to microbial spoilage.

When kept in the pantry barfi can stay up to 10 days good. To maintain the freshness for a longer period, it is best kept refrigerated area and consumed within 14 days. Barfi can also be frozen to make to last for around 3 months.

Ensure it is well wrapped before putting it in the freezer.


What Does Kaju Katli Taste Like?

Kaju Katli is made from cashew nuts, which is the reason for its rich and buttery texture and flavor of cashew nuts.



Kaju Katli is another favorite Indian sweet made only with 3 ingredients making them a vegetarian dessert i.e vegan and gluten-free.

They are perfect holiday gifts or as travel snacks

This is because they can be made ahead of time and don’t require much time in the kitchen to make.

Without a doubt, Kaju Katli is the best treat ever which will leave a bright smile on the face of your guests,

And you will be well appreciated for these ultimate delicious sweets.

Remember, how long does Kaju Katli last?

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