how long does kale last in the fridge

How Long Does Kale Last In The Fridge

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Is there any time you go shopping to get fruits and vegetables, on getting there you see this kale of a vegetable. And you intentionally pass over it to get other things that you need, and this is because you think it won’t make a good recipe? Now you decide to give it a try and after making that sumptuous meal, you find out that there much leftovers. This makes you wonder if it’ll do well in the fridge, freezer, or on the counter. So, how long does raw kale last in the fridge?

Raw kale lasts for 5 to 7 days in the fridge, before it can go bad if you store kale properly in the right conditions necessary in the refrigerator. 

This fresh veggie can be kept fresh for more than the estimated period, only if you abide by the storage rules.

In this article, I have created a guideline to help you through everything you need to know about your kale.

Starting from how long kale lasts in the fridge, in the freezer, and on the counter. How to tell when your kale is going bad,

How to store your kale, the shelf life of your kale, and many other things about raw kale that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

All you have to do is sit, read carefully, give us a nice comment, and ask any question of your choice.


how long does kale last in the freezer , and on the counter



How Long Does Chopped Kale Last?

Cut, slice, or chopped kale last for 3 to 5 days in the fridge still fresh, before it can go bad. If you store it properly in the right conditions in the fridge.

On the counter, freshly chopped kale will stay fresh for 4 to 12 hours before it can go bad. If you store it properly in the right conditions on the counter.

In the freezer, chopped kale if kept frozen will stay good and fresh for 2 to 3 weeks before it can go bad completely. If you store it properly in the right conditions in the freezer.

Are you that kind of individual, who goes to the grocery store every day to get this particular vegetable because you feel it’s divine?

Now, your schedules are tight for the moment and you can visit the grocery shop again.

Then, you can buy your kale in bulk and store it in the fridge.

You don’t have to worry yourself anymore going to the grocery shop to get your kale to prepare a meal.

All you need to do is, open your fridge, and start preparing what you will eat.

This will go a long way in making you stress-free by preserving this wonderful veggie.


How Long Does Raw Kale Last In The Freezer?

Fresh raw kale maintains its quality in the freezer for 4 to 6 weeks before going bad. If you store it properly in the right conditions in the freezer.

Do you think storage in the fridge is a short period of storing your kale?

Then the freezer is the best option for storing and maintaining the quality of your kale.

Do you know storing your kale in the freezer makes meal preparation way easy and quick?

Have you tried stir-fried kale when frozen?

Or have you tried other dishes cooked with frozen kale? If you have not you are missing out on the big deal.

It’s a must, you should try it and get the savory taste, at least once in a blue moon one has to taste something frozen.

And I think frozen kale is what should be on your next agenda.

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How Long Does Kale Last After Expiration Date?

Unopened kale lasts for 1 to 2 months after expiration before going bad completely if you keep it well without bruises and some harsh environmental factors.

It’s advisable not to eat food that has passed its expiration date because the manufacturer knows how it will taste like, 

And the quantity of preservatives when placing the expiration date on the jar.

how to tell if kale is bad


How To Tell If Kale Is Bad?

Like all other veggies and fruits, kale also goes bad.

Do not think kale doesn’t go bad, it does.

Try to maintain food safety and food hygiene at all times, by ensuring a proper storage practice.

Here are some signs to tell if kale is bad or if it is going bad

When The Color Changes

Check the appearance of your kale.

When you see some color changes like, browning or yellowing leaves, or if you see black dots on foliage.

Discard it, and get a fresh one. Stay safe and eat healthy.

Presence Of Mold

White or rust-colored spots may be a sign of mold in your kale.

Beware of molds in your food. Do not eat any food, fruit, or vegetables if you notice any sign of mold.

Toss it and get a fresh one.

If Your Raw Kale Is Soggy

Check the texture of your kale, when it has wilted leaves when it has a slimy or soggy texture, such veggie is bad.

Toss it and get a fresh one from the grocery store.

Off Smell Of Raw Kale

Smell your kale, when it has an unpleasant sulfur-like smell. Or if it doesn’t smell at all,

You can also tell when it smells quite unusual from the initial smell.

Throw it out and get a healthier one.

If Your Kales Seats For Too Long In The Freezer, Fridge, And On The Counter

When you think your kale has been sitting for too long in the fridge, in the freezer, or on the counter.

Check this veggie closely and see if they have any of the above signs of spoilage.

If they have, throw it out. If not, use them up immediately because allowing them to stay further might make this veggie go bad before your nose.

When something starts having an unwanted smell and taste your veggie changes to odd.

Oh! That has been sitting long in the fridge, freezer, or on the counter, of course, it will go bad.

Do not eat any rotten or veggie that is off the line and past its shelf life.

Toss them all and get fresh good ones.

It is not advisable to eat bad kale since it can result in stomach aches and unhealthy visits to the doctor.

how to store kale to make it last longer in the fridge, freezer, and on the counter


How To Store Raw Kale To Last Longer?

Do you know raw kale is more beneficial when eaten than cooked?

Or do you know in cholesterol studies and research, steamed kale is more beneficial than raw kale?

So why not give this kale of vegetable a try?

Maybe in a situation where you go shopping for your kale as a fan of this wonderful vegetable,

After purchasing you prepare kale smoothies, steam, saute, or even bake it.

And now you discover that the excess left is more than the ones you even used.

Or you are a farmer, and you just harvested this vegetable called kale, now the situation you are in is a problem of storage?

Here are some tips to store your fresh raw kale to make it last longer.

  • When purchasing your kale from the grocery shop, always select the kale that is firm, and deeply colored leaves( green or purple).
  • With a moist hardy stem also check and select the kale with smaller leaves.

Hence, smaller leaves will be more tender and have a milder flavor than the larger leaves.

How To Store Kale In The Freezer

After purchasing your kale do not wash.

Washing your veggies invites moisture which results in quick spoilage and flavor deterioration.

You can store a mixture of vinegar and water in a jar and keep it in the freezer.

How To Store Kale In The Fridge

Store all bunches in the fridge by wrapping the bunch of kale in a paper towel.

Keep it in a plastic bag or storage bag by placing holes on both sides and then storing it.

The holes will allow the cold air from the fridge to penetrate the Ziploc bags.






This amazing vegetable’s nutritional values have little difference from others.

According to WebMD, this wonderful veggie has vitamin A, which helps to improve eyesight and bone health.

It contains vitamin C, which helps to prevent colds and some chronic illnesses.

Vitamin K helps in blood clotting and the building of bones.

While folate and some B vitamins will not be left out, this is because they are key to the development of the brain.

Do not alter our shelf life estimates with your medical advice.

We are giving you a guide on how long your food lasts, with some experience, and experiment.

Also, we conduct research from other top-profile websites on food safety and the best methods of storage.

Eat safe and practice food hygiene at all times, your health is wealth.

Remember, I started with the question ”how long does kale last in the fridge”

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