how long does Milo last

How Long Does Milo Last?

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How long does milo last? Milo is a well-known beverage that is made up of chocolate-malted flavored powder.

It also contains nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and calcium that help to keep the bones and teeth strong.

Iron found in Milo can help transport oxygen throughout the body.

Since Milo is an energy-drinking beverage, it is advisable to consume some amount when engaging in sports or other rigorous activities that saps energy.


So, how long does Milo last after opening?

Milo can last up to eight weeks after being opened. For your milo to last, you need to cover it properly.

If you fail to store it well, air and moisture will get into your tin of Milo.

This will result in stickiness and some form of a solid clump.

This clump will not easily dissolve in hot or warm water.

The spoon used in scooping out your milo powder must be dry, so as to avoid absorbing the moisture found on the spoon.

Milo ready to drink is similar to powdered milo in nutrients.

Apart from its nutritional benefits, it also contains lactose.

People with lactose intolerance should seek help from the doctor for the best dietary options.

Milo drink should be stored in a cool, dry place, and can also be refrigerated for chilled results.

It can last up to ten months after production and must be immediately consumed after opening to avoid pathogens.


How Long Does Milo Sweet Tea Last?

Milo Sweet tea is moderately processed and contains a high nutritional value.

Its carbon and water content is very low.

An unopened milo sweet tea that is properly stored can last up to eighteen to twenty-four months at normal room temperature.

On the other hand, opened milo sweet tea that is constantly refrigerated can last up to seven to ten days.

Milo tea is natural and contains no additives or preservatives making it more unique and authentic.

So milo tea rarely spoils, just store it in the appropriate place.

If the tea is too old, it loses its flavor and may not be as fresh tea.


Does Milo Expire?

Yes, your milo can expire.

That is why it is very important for you to check the expiry or “Best if used by” date,

Which is found on the bottom of the can. Powdered milk can last for a very long time before it expires.

It has less carbon and water, which will not give room for bacteria growth.

Milo’s drink contains water, and it is more likely to succumb to bacteria growth after it expires.

There is no report that shows someone dying from expired milo. But ensuring you are on the safer side should be your top priority.

Just ensure you discard any expired product and save your health from potential harm.


How Long Does Milo Last After Expiration Date?

Just like any other beverage, milo will not last long after the expiration date.

Normally milo can last up to twelve months without any issues.

But when you check the “Best if used by” date and it is due, you should probably avoid it.

When it comes to milo beverages or tea, it is important to store it at a proper temperature to avoid spoilage.

Always check for the “Good thru date”. You can enjoy your milo tea before the “Good thru date”

But once it has past that date stamped on the jug or bottle, then it is important you throw it away.

This beverage does not last after the expiration date because it will start to lose its quality and its taste will surely turn rancid.

You should not consume any product that is depreciating in quality.


Can We Drink Expired Milo?

It is not advisable to consume expired milo.

Remember that the “Best, if used by” date, shows the estimate of how long the milo will remain in good quality.

This alone should clearly indicate that consuming expired ones are not good for you.

It may not cause harm to your health immediately, but you may be at risk.

You will benefit greatly when you don’t consume milo that is expired.

This beverage contains high fiber found in malt, with vitamins that can help you to have a good night’s sleep and wake up healthy.

The expired beverage may not lead to food poisoning if covered properly,

But it is better to adhere to the safety instructions regarding the expiry date.

Remember that your health comes first, and you do not want to jeopardize that, by consuming expired products.


How Long Can I Keep Milo In The Fridge?

Before storing it in the fridge. The fridge contains moisture, which can be absorbed by the milo if not covered well.

The drinks can be stored perfectly in the fridge without fear of moisture if it is not opened.

As long as you have opened it, you must drink immediately.


Can You Freeze Milo?

Yes, you can freeze your milo and enjoy it the way that suits you best.

Instead of only freezing your choco tea, you can mix it with creamy milk and freeze it together to form a choco popsicle.

You can also combine crushed biscuits, sweet condensed milk, and this beverage together to form choco balls after freezing.

If you want chilled chocolate ice cream, all you have to do is to prepare your powdered milo.

The process involves mixing with water and transferring to a plastic cup and then freezing it.

It is so cool and refreshing. This is mostly enjoyed during summertime.

The ice cream can also be used as dessert, after eating food.


What Happens If You Drink Expired Milo?

Unlike other beverage that contains a high amount of microorganisms like bacteria when expired, this beverage is quite different.

Since it has less carbon and low water activity, it doesn’t contain large quantities of bacteria that can result in food poisoning.

You may notice that the taste is different, and it no longer has good quality compared to the unexpired one.

So it may not really cause harm to your body.

But when it comes to expired chocolate drinks, it needs to be avoided.

Unlike powdered milo which contains less water, this beverage drink contains water that can be a breeding site for bacteria when expired.

Expired milo drink may result in food poisoning.

This can cause diarrhea, vomiting, or nausea.


10 Best Substitutes For Milo

Here are the 10 best substitutes for milo. they are;

  1. Ovaltine
  2. Bournvita
  3. Cowbell chocolate
  4. Richoco
  5. Suco cocoa powder drink
  6. Nomad chocolate
  7. Ghirardelli double chocolate hot cocoa mix
  8. Maud’s loco hot cocoa
  9. Franzese hot chocolate mix
  10. Potomac Chocolate

These substitutes also have similar ingredients and nutrient benefits to milo.

But may slightly differ in taste, quality, and sugar content.

Some may even last longer than others. But it doesn’t matter, since they are great alternatives for milo.


At What Age Can Babies Drink Milo?

Babies and young children below three years should not drink milo.

Primary-aged children and adolescents can consume milo without any issues.

For babies under three years, it is advisable to give them plain full cream milk.

Milo is the best and most nutritious for children that are above six years.

One of the major reasons why you should not give milk to your baby is because of its high amount of sugar.

This can be very unhealthy for your child, which can result in obesity and cavity problems.

If your baby is used to drinks that contain a high amount of sugar, it will be very difficult to introduce them to solid food.

This beverage contains a lot of nutritional benefits, but it is not specifically designed for babies below three years.

This is because it lacks some important nutrients that the baby needs, which are found in breast milk.

Also, remember that their kidney is not fully developed to accept such drinks that contain high sugar.

Always speak to your healthcare doctor for dietary help for your baby.


What Does Milo Taste Like?

Milo is very nutritious and it tastes like milk chocolate, mixed with malt.

It also has a very sweet taste, as a result of its cocoa and malt ingredients.

This makes this beverage one of the best brands of chocolate malt beverage in the world.

The taste of this chocolate tea can vary when you mix it with milk or other sweetened drink.

No matter the combination, you can still enjoy the taste of this beverage.

In fact, you can drink your tea every day as part of a balanced diet. It produces a lot of energy.

Remember that it contains sugar, so you do not want to consume too much for a day.



This is a special world-leading beverage that is filled with essential nutrients for healthy living.

It can also be served warm, hot, or cold depending on your choice.

For great results, this beverage must be stored properly to avoid absorbing moisture, which can reduce its quality and taste.

All over the world, this beverage is well known among children, because of its sweet taste.

And also for the essential ingredients that are needed for growth.

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