how long does Mysore pak last

How Long Does Mysore Pak Last?

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How long does Mysore pak last? Mysore Pak is a sweet Indian delicacy made of generous amounts of melted ghee, gram flour, sugar, and often cardamom.

It originated from one of the major cities in the Indian state of Karnataka — i.e in the city of Mysore.

It has a texture is similar to a dense and buttery cookie.

In the Kannada word, Paka means sweet concoction.

Back in the early days, Mysore Pak was a favorite of royalty, and today, it is traditionally served at weddings and other festivals in southern India.

It is also very popular in baby showers.


So, how long does Mysore pak last in the fridge?

Mysore Pak can be stored in the refrigerator for 2 to 4 weeks.

Once cool, cut them into squares and store them in an airtight container with some brown paper before sealing.


How Long Does Mysore Pak Last Without Fridge?

Mysore Pak is prepared with very little water, so it can stay fresh in a cool and dry place for 7 to 10 days.

Be sure to consume them before two weeks or store them in an airtight container in the fridge for later use.


Mysore Pak Not Setting What To Do?

If your Mysore Pak does not set well and stays gooey it means you didn’t cook it quite enough,

If so pour the runny mixture back into the kadai and continue to cook and stir until it is lightly greasy from the ghee.


Can You Freeze Mysore Pak?

Although very little water is used in the preparation of Mysore Pak,

It comes as a very soft and easily chewable sweet so storing it in the freezer may cause it to harden.

Instead of freezing the Mysore Pak, it is preferable to keep it at room temperature and it will remain fresh provided you choose the right container.


10 Best Substitutes For Mysore Pak

1. Falooda (Sweet Creamy Noodles):

This is a cold dessert made with noodles, milk, rose syrup, sweet basil seeds, and vermicelli.

Folooda is an Indian version of Persian Faloodeh. Other varieties of Faloodeh can be found across West, South, and Central Asia.

You can add ice cream to the Falooda if you want it chilled.

Note that the vermicelli used in the preparation is made from wheat, cornstarch, and arrowroot.

2. Soan Papdi (Flaky Indian Sweet)

Soan Papdi or Sohan Papdi is a cube-shaped crisp, flaky dessert in the Indian subcontinent made with milk, ghee, sugar, cardamom, gram flour, flour, and almond.

It has a flaky and crisp texture with an amazing fragrance and it is usually served as flakes.

3. Perakiya or gujiyas (Indian Pastry)

This sweet Indian pastry is a rich and potent golden dumpling prepared with khoya, maida flour, and dry fruits.

This delightful sweet snack is very popular in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh.

Deep-fried in ghee and dunked in sugary syrup, this dessert is a must-have for Holidays celebrations.

4. Gajar Ka Halwa (Carrot Pudding)

It is a dessert that originated in India and other different parts of the nation.

Gajar means carrot in Hindi and halwa is an Arabic word that means sweet.

Other names of gajar ka halwa are gajar pak, gajrela, and gajorer halua.

Grated carrots, sugar, khoya, water, ghee, and milk are used in the preparation of this delicious and fragrant carrot pudding

Which can be either served hot or cold during Holi, Raksha Bandhan, Eid, Diwali, and all other festivals in India.

Note that it was during the Mughal era that carrot halwa was introduced.

5. Jalebi or jilapi

This Spiral-shaped Crunchy Sweet is a Middle-Eastern deep-fried sweet snack.

However, Western Asia, Egypt, and India are considered the birthplace of this crunchy dessert.

It is also known as luqmat al qadi, Zulbia, al-Fayyum, Zalabia, and Mushabak in different parts of the nation.

Jalebi is made out of roasted maida flour, sugar, saffron, and ghee (clarified butter).

The dessert contains a sugary exterior coating and a somewhat chewy texture.

In Northern India, this crunchy and crispy dessert is eaten with curd or Rabri and sometimes with lemon juice or rose Water added to the syrup.

It can be eaten cold or hot.

Note: Shahi jalebi, imarti, and Chhana jalebi are some variations of jalebi found in various regions of the country.


6. Aam Papad (Mango Crisp Cake)

Aam papad is a crispy mango dessert made from mango pulp mixed with sugar.

Other names of this sweet leathery-soft Indian dessert are, Aamba Sadhaa (Odia), Aamta (Assamese), manga Thera (Malayalam), Aamshotto (Bengali), and Mamidi Tandra (Telugu).

Traditionally made aam papad tastes sweet,

But just like other Indian dishes, a wide variety of desserts is available in different parts of India.

Note: Aam papad can be stored fresh for months, so sellers preserve them and sell them in off-mango seasons.

7. Rabri or Rabdi

8. Sooji Halwa or Sheera (Semolina Pudding)

9. Puran Poli (Stuffed Sweet Flatbread)

10. Kala Jamun (Black Juicy Dumplings)


What Does Mysore Pak Taste Like?

Mysore Pak is a very sweet dish that can be either soft and dense when made with a generous amount of ghee or hard and porous when made with less ghee.


What To Do When Mysore Pak Becomes Hard?

Well-made Mysore Pak will have a soft, melt-in-your-mouth consistency,

But when it becomes hard and you can’t get the melt-in-mouth taste, just crumble the Mysore Pak, add little water and grind it into a smooth paste.

Pour the paste into a pan again, place on flame, and pour some more oil or clarified butter (ghee) little by little,

Keep stirring simultaneously until you get your desired result.


How Do You Store Mysore Pak?

Do not refrigerate the sweets rather store them in an airtight container with some brown paper before sealing.

Keep the container at room temperature, away from excessive heat and direct sunlight.


How To Reuse Mysore Pak?

2 ways to repurpose Mysore Pak
1. Add the Mysore Pak to milk and store it until it’s completely dissolved.

Garnish with nuts and saffron to make a version of kheer.

2. You can add a little ghee to bind them into laddoos.


How To Tell If Mysore Pak Is Bad

Sight, touch, and smell are easy ways the Mysore Pak has gone bad.

Check it for one or more of these tell-tale signs of spoilage and discard it if it possesses any or all of these signs.



Mysore Pak is a popular mouth-watering sweet and delicious dish from the city of Mysore in the Karnataka state in South India.

It is made with only three ingredients sugar, gram flour, and ghee which gives the taste and aroma to the sweet.

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