How Long does Potato Juice Last?

How Long Does Potato Juice Last?

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How long does potato juice last? Many of us don’t know that potatoes can be juiced,

that is why they frequently ask, can you juice potatoes? Yes, you can confidently juice potatoes.

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Aside from juicing this amazing root tuber, potato juice can be so delicious when you consume it fresh or serve with ice. I know you might be wondering why I am saying.

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You are here for the shelf life because you had some leftover potato juice and you don’t know how to preserve it, and even when you know how to preserve it, you keep asking yourself this question ” how long does potato juice last?

Potato juice lasts for 4 to 6 hours unrefrigerated, It lasts for 5 to 6 days still fresh in the fridge. This wonderful juice can last for 2 to 3 weeks in the freezer provided the cooling temperature is maintained.

whenever you notice an off smell discard it.

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Potato juice is one of the most underrated juice. I can say that some people do not believe how effective it works.

Let me tell you, this amazing vegetable juice works perfectly for internal and external parts of our body system.

In the external makeup, it offers a helping hand to liberate those suffering from spots,

It clears the skin and you feel good with just a handful of applications for some days.

It goes a long way to liberate intestinal maladies and is packed with so many health benefits which I will tell you as you read on!

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What Is Potato Juice?

Potato juice in my definition and research,

It is a juice curled from potato, It has its natural and unique health benefits that distinguish the features from other fruit drinks.

It can be said that it is the juice from raw potatoes.

This fruit drink is very rich in vitamins and minerals.

It is popularly known for its use in clearing wrinkles and some other aging factors of the skin.

How Do I Make Potato Juice?

There are a few steps that I will teach you that works for me in making potato juice.

However, the YouTube video is a guide to aid you for a better understanding but any method you find easy can use it.

Here is my way of making potato juice for drinking

Set out your materials e.g Juicer or blender, potatoes ( of the quantity you want), plates, spoon, strainer ( only if you are using a blender ).

You can make it more refreshing by adding apples, organic lime water, and organic honey, if not keep it organic.

Steps to make this delicious fruit drink.

  • Peel it and rinse for a good hygiene practice
  • Cut into pieces and transfer into a blender or juicer to perform the magic.
  • Allow the blender or juicer to do its magic for some time, time can add your apple at this moment.
  • If you are using a blender, strain it. Then add honey to it

Now serve with ice cubes

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How to make it for your skin

  1.  Wash it properly
    2 Cut into pieces and blend thoroughly
    3 Strain it and get the juice out

How To Apply

If you have acne skin, add lemon juice to it and apply.

For dry skin, you can add honey to it

Those with pores on their skin. Always add rose water

Apply it gently and live it for a minimum of 20 minutes before washing it off.

              shelf life of potato juice/ How long does potato juice last

Do Potato Juice Contain Starch?

Yes! All potato juice contains starch but the starch is not harmful to the body when consumed moderately.

The starch contains more of a simple carbohydrate sugar.

This fruit contains simple sugar which makes it very easy to digest when you eat it fresh.

How To Tell If Potato Juice Go Bad

You can always tell when potato juice go bad by the following;


This exciting juice comes with its natural flavor.

This gives a good sign to tell when it goes bad. You can easily differentiate between the natural aroma it gives and when it goes off.

Anytime you notice an off smell, be it in the juice you want to drink or in the one you want to rub.

Discard it to avoid food poison and skin burn illness


This amazing fruit drink has an astonishing and refreshing taste.

If you notice that this taste has deteriorated or changed to something you don’t recognize. Discard and get a fresh one


Potato juice is looking naturally cloudy but when it undergoes fermentation or goes bad completely it will tell by the color you see.

The color will turn to greyish brown, or any other off-color can be present.

Toss it and eat fresh. Practice healthy reading because it cures more than medicine.


Can Potato Juice Be Stored?


Yes! Of course. Potato juice can be store for approximately one week in the fridge and 2 to 3 weeks in the freezer. The cold temperature helps to improve its shelf life and prevent the growth of micro-organisms.

Sometimes it stays in the pantry longer than the time expected of it.

That but it can not start more than 24 hours.

That is why it is best stored in a cool place.

I am going to tell you how to store and make it last longer as you read on!

How To Preserve Potato Juice And Make It Longer

Did you prepare juice and you don’t want it to go bad? You are in the right place.

I am going to give you some guidelines that can make your vegetable drink lasts for more than one month.

All I need you to do is to read carefully and ask relevant questions when in doubt or confused.

Here are my tips to help you preserve your potato juice


Your fruit drink can stay in the pantry for some hours.

When in the pantry always keep it open so that they can be an exchange of oxygen in the air to keep it fresh.

If not, when you cover it, your fruit drink will gradually start to ferment.

This is only applicable to those that are in a hot region. Temperature favors shelf life, so in polar areas, it is not necessary to leave it open.


Keeping your delicious mouth-watering fruit drink in the fridge is the best idea.

In this case, I stay fresh and untouched.

This method works for me because I don’t like to keep my vegetable drink for more than 5 days.

But if you wanna preserve it for a longer time, keep it in the freezer. Preserving it in the freezer is the best idea.

Only for those that want to use it for skin therapy.

It prevents microbial growth and some other things that can cause harm to the skin.


How long does potato juice last?
Potato juice is one of the fruit juice that is not popular but its health benefits are very high.

Here are the hidden health benefits of potato juice;

It helps to regulate and ensure that the red blood cell is healthy by the possession of iron.

It possesses thiamine, niacin, and riboflavin present in vitamin B which aids in converting carbohydrates into glucose.

This same vitamin B helps in brain function and nervous system activities at large.

With these points, you can now understand that potato juice has enormous health benefits,

and that is why you should drink it at least, two times a week.

You are all free to share your views on this and any corrections you make will be fully accepted after review.

Do so, by dropping your comments in the comments section.

Remember, we started with the question of how long does potato juice lasts?

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