how long does red onion last in the fridge

How Long Do Red Onions Last In The Fridge?

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Red onion can be eaten raw or grilled with barbecue. It can also be used in salad, salsas, burgers, or sandwiches and can also be used in cooking. Can you ever prepare any food without using red onion? The answer is No! Having the all-purpose veggie at home is very important but do you know how long red onions last? So, how long do red onions last in the fridge?

Red onions last in the fridge for 1 to 3 months before going bad, if you keep them properly in the right conditions necessary in the fridge. It will keep you safe for quite some time, without moisture.

Proper storage of red onion especially in the fridge helps you avoid unnecessary spoiling and wasting dollars.

Just for something you didn’t get to eat or use in preparing a dish because it is bad.

As a farmer that just harvested your red onion are you thinking of where to store your red onion for long-term use?

Then, this article is just for you!

You don’t need to throw your red onions out or allow them to go to waste like that.

In this article, we share useful knowledge and tips about the shelf life of red onions

Ranging from how long do red onions last in the freezer, or on the counter? How to tell if red onions are bad and how to store red onions to make them last longer.

And so many exciting facts you need to know about your red onions.

how long does cut onion last?


How Long Does Red Onions Last Once Cut?

Red onion once cut, last on the counter for 1 to 3 days before going bad. If you store them properly in the right conditions necessary on the counter.

Once cut, red onion lasts for 8 to 12 days in the fridge still fresh, before it can go bad. If you store it properly in the right conditions necessary in the fridge.

Red onion once cut or sliced, last in the freezer for 1 to 3 months before going bad. If you store them properly in their right conditions in the freezer.

Do you have leftover slices of red onion, you want to use for fries or to prepare a meal?

Then store in the freezer for longer storage because storing the cut red onion on the counter or fridge would make it not last longer.

And the counter storage is even worse.

The slices of red onion will not last long, because the covering is out and now it’s easily exposed to moisture.

This will make this veggie go bad easily and will not last to the point you need to use it.


How Long Does Red Onion Last In The Freezer?

Red onion lasts in the freezer for 9 to 12 months before going bad, if you store them properly in the right conditions necessary in the freezer.

This kind of storage is mostly for those with a tight schedule or who are always busy and cannot go shopping all the time.

Why don’t you try pickling this amazing vegetable to save your time?


How Long Does Red Onion Last On The Counter?

Red onions last on the counter for 7 to 10 days before going bad, if you store them properly in their right conditions on the counter. It will last more than the date of an estimate if you keep away from moisture.

So many of us do usually have storage problems because our fridge or freezer is filled up.

Which makes us have limited space to keep this essential veggie.

When you have filled up the fridge or freezer then store your red onion on the counter.

Make sure to avoid exposing it to high sunlight, and use it before the tenth day to avoid decaying your veggie.

how to tell if red onion is bad



How To Tell If Red Onions Are Bad?

Red onion goes bad especially when it is aging and having improper storage problems

Also, when you leave this veggie recklessly in the fridge, freezer, and on the counter.

There are a few things and factors to look out for to help you decide whether or not they are going bad.

When to or not to toss them.

Here are some signs to tell if your red onion is bad in the fridge, freezer, and on the counter;

Color Change

Check the appearance of your red onion for any form of discoloration.

When there is discoloration in the form of gray brown or black color, such red onion is bad.

This reddish vegetable does not change color when it is going bad, but if you notice any usual color.

Toss it and get a fresh one.

Red Onion Becomes Too Soft

Check the texture of your red onion.

If your red onion feels saggy, soft, or sappy, such red onion is bad.

Touch, feel, and grab your onion.

If it is going bad, it will be very soft and when you remove the first hard later, you will find out that it is bad.

Discard any bad veggie and don’t try to use it to cook.

Off Smell

Smell your red onion(from a far distance to avoid allergic reaction).

when you smell and perceive a pungent smell or somewhat smell, such red onion is bad.

You will not be able to perceive the original smell of the onion again, it will go off completely.

Trash any deteriorating veggie.

If It Tastes Different

Taste your red onion.

Since you can be able to eat this veggie raw, taste it.

And when your red onion does have its fine taste but is been replaced by a sour taste, such red onion is bad.

This means that your veggies taste differently than usual. Toss it and get a fresh one.




When Your Red Onion Stays Too Long In The Fridge, Freezer, And On The Counter.

If your red onion has been sitting for too long in the fridge, freezer, and on the counter.

It’s high time you discard them.

Throw them all out for they are not good again for your health.

since they have been sitting too long they will develop an offensive odor and that’s one sign of red onion going bad.

Following health consciousness, eating bad food isn’t good for the immune system and the human body.

Whenever you see any of the signs that your red onion is bad, thrash them out immediately.
Do not eat, them because eating them may result in a stomach ache or allergic reaction.

how to store red onion to make it last longer (in the fridge, freezer, and on the counter)


How To Store On The Counter

When purchasing red onions, try to buy them during the fall season and not the spring or summer season.

Red onions during the fall season do better and last longer.

Then select red onion that has purplish-red skin and white flesh tinged with a mild flavor.

After purchasing and bringing them home, always store them in a mesh bag(bag or net with holes in it).

Always keep them in a cool and dry place far away from sunlight and high moisture.

If you buy a few that are not more than 50 to a hundred, put them in a tray and keep them on the window side of the counter.

Or put all of them on the tiles floor but make sure that there is enough ventilation and keep away from moisture.

This will help the red onion to last up to two weeks to one month on the counter.


How To Store Whole Red Onion In The Fridge 

Slice or cut red onion should be kept in a container or jar and stored in the fridge.

Also, you can slice your red onion pickle it with vinegar, and store it in the freezer.

Wrap your red onion in a paper towel or paper bag and store it in the fridge.

Do not store it with other fruits or veggies to avoid taking up its smell


How To Store Cut Onions In The Refrigerator

Keeping cut onions in the refrigerator can be a hectic task somehow, this is because keeping them in the fridge for too long will make them lose texture, flavor, and taste.

There are two types of cut onions and here are the distinctive methods to store them

  1. Diced Onions should be transferred to an airtight container, ziplock bags, and anything freezer-safe that can be covered or sealed properly.
  2. Half-cut onions can stay anywhere in the refrigerator, however, ensure you don’t peel off all the outer layers of the skin before storing. If you’ve peeled the skin already, transfer it to a sealable container and keep it at a normal cooling temperature.


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Do you know that this wonderful veggie is loaded with so many health benefits and nutritional values like,

They have some antibacterial properties, full of antioxidants and cancer-fighting compounds.

These health benefits are amazing, they also helps control blood sugar level, boost bone density,

Reduce the risk of heart disease and also boosts digestive health.

So, sorry for my long story but I hope you gained something from it, it’s nice to use red onions.

Are you having a red onion storage problem?

Did you purchase your red onion in bulk for future use and you seem to be running low on ideas of how to store your red onions?

This is just the tip of the iceberg that I give you on this powerful veggie.

Do not alter our shelf life estimates with your medical advice, eat well and stay healthy.

Practice food hygiene and food safety always, when your food is going bad, throw it out and get a fresh one.

Remember, I started with the question ”how long does red onion last in the fridge

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