how long does rice cake last

How Long Does Rice Cake Last?

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How long does rice cake last in the fridge? Rice cake is food that originates from Asia especially in the Korean countryside and it’s made from puffed rice which can be steamed, pounded, shape, or condensed into different shapes and sizes.

You can also call it mochi, rice balls, rice cracker, or this nice name of rice pudding interesting right?

Do you have leftover rice balls from yesterday’s cooking and you are having the thought of throwing them all out?

Are you a lover of it but you don’t prepare it that much because you are having a storage problem?

In this article, we shall be exploring different methods of storing rice cakes to increase their shelf life

Ranging from how long does rice cake lasts in the fridge, freezer, counter. How to tell if it is bad, how to store rice cakes to make them last longer, and many more you wouldn’t want to miss.

Read up, don’t forget to comment, and do not skip a line to miss any part.

So, how long does rice cake last in the fridge?

Rice cake lasts in the fridge for 3 to 5 days, before going bad if you store them properly in the right conditions necessary in the refrigerator.

Wonder why your rice balls don’t last long or when expected?

Are you always trashing out this wonderful rice pudding whenever having leftovers?

Have you not been trying this method of storage on this wonderful food?

Storing this pudding in the fridge is one easy and simple way of storage.

This is because it doesn’t need dethawing before eating and is a way easy method for hungry days.

How Long Does Rice Cake Last In The Freezer?

Rice cake keeps fresh, lasts longer, and maintains quality in the freezer for about 3 to 4 months before going bad when stored properly and in the right condition.

When I became new to rice cake I was having the thought that it would get frozen and peradventure go bad.

Do you have such a thought that rice cake will go bad in the freezer?

Are you the same as the old me be afraid to store up this great food in the freezer?

Are you always having a tight schedule or busy day that going shopping becomes a problem

And you only have rice pudding in the house and you are wishing for a place of longer storage?

Search no further, research has made it possible to know that the freezer is one best place

And method to save and store rice cake for rainy days and it also increases their shelf life saves time, energy, and resources.

Most homes find it difficult to store rice balls leading to wasting and wastage leads to pollution and a decrease in resources. why waste resources when they can be stored for future use?

Why throw out rice balls when they can be stored up in the freezer for months and remain fresh will it’s quality intact?

Why still worried about rice balls storage when they can be prepared

And popped into the freezer without having any fear or worries about it?

When it comes to rice cake storage, the freezer is the best place of storage that removes every doubt and worry.

How Long Does Rice Cake Last At Room Temperature(On The Counter)

Mochi lasts for 6 to 7 hours on the counter before going bad when stored properly.

After preparing this wonderful and yummy rice cake are you thinking if it should be stored on the counter?

There is no problem keeping rice cracker on the counter after preparing,

there is a problem when it stays more than 7 hours on the counter

This is because with that, it can easily go bad.

The counter keeps the rice cracker fresh but its disadvantage is having a short storage period.

Mochi is low carb and is a good breakfast that can be substituted for bread or crackers.

They can be served with peanut sauce, or stew, etc.

Search no further for breakfast anymore

And if the storage time for the counter is too short for you,

Then transfer to the fridge or freezer for longer storage.

Can Rice Cakes Go Mouldy?

The answer is yes! rice cakes can go mouldy. The molds that appear are from moisture which can make them to look terrible.

I think the best option here is to transfer them to a new storage place, but if it is unfit for human consumption toss them.

How Long Does Korean Rice Cake Last?

Tteokbokki lasts on the counter for 4 to 5 hours, 1 to 2 days in the fridge, and 4 to 6 weeks in the freezer before going bad when stored properly.


How Long Does Rice Krispie Cake Last

Rice Krispie cake lasts in the fridge for 1 to 2 days before going bad, on the counter for 4 to 5 days, and in the freezer for 6 weeks before going bad when stored properly.

Rice Krispie square has a unique and nice taste and who would want to miss it?


How Long Do Rice Paper Cake Topper Last?

Rice paper cake topper last before opening for 6 months and once opened will last for 2 weeks.


How To Tell If Rice Cakes Are Bad?

Rice crackers like other food certainly go bad due to improper storage or lack of storage.

In this section of this article,

I will be highlighting few signs to show and tell if rice cake is still good for eating or too bad to throw out.

Below are some signs and ways to tell if rice cake is bad;

The appearance of rice cakes; the first step to knowing if rice cake is bad,

is to check thoroughly the body of the rice cake for any form of discoloration or any appearance of mold and any wrinkling face.

When it happens to have any of these,

It’s a sign that it’s bad and should be discarded immediately.

The texture of rice cakes; secondly, feel the texture of the rice cracker,

When it’s watery, soggy, or too gummy,

It’s a sign that it’s bad and should be discarded immediately.

The smell of rice cakes; just a smell can tell the state of your mochi.

Smell the rice cakes and when they are having a bad smell or unpleasant smell,

They have gone bad and should be trashed out also.

The taste of rice cakes; when all other signs don’t tell if rice cakes are bad, the tasting method always gets it right.

Take a taste of the rice pudding and when it tastes bad, the rice cracker is bad and should be discarded immediately.

Whenever mochi has been sitting for too long on the counter, fridge, or freezer,

It’s high time they should be thrown out because they have probably gone bad.


How To Store Rice Cake To Make Them Last Longer?

Since rice cakes tend to go bad easily and quickly,

Storing them in the right condition is required to help improve and lengthen their shelf lives.

Storage of rice cakes on the counter.

Krispie rice cake is better stored in an airtight container and left on the counter.

Rice cake paper toppers last better on the counter than in the fridge or freezer.

When storing rice cakes on the counter ensure to avoid storing them where direct sunlight can penetrate or high moisture.

Store all rice cakes in a cool dry place on the counter.

Storage of rice cakes in the fridge.

After preparation or buying them packaged from the grocery shop, it’s better to store them in sections.

Take a section of the rice cake and place it in an airtight container

This will preserve them from getting in contact with moisture

Which will make them go bad quickly and store it in the fridge.

You can also place them in a paper towel and store them in the fridge.

Cooked rice cake is better stored in the fridge than in the freezer.

Storage of rice cakes in the freezer.

Firstly, place rice cakes on a plate or baking sheet and freeze them for longer storage.

Once they are frozen, transfer them to an airtight container and store them in the freezer for the long term.

After opening rice cakes from the package, using a convenient spoon and clean tray, place them in a zip lock bag and store them in the freezer.

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