how long does Royce chocolate last

How Long Does Royce Chocolate Last?

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How long does Royce chocolate last? Over the years, Royce has perfected the craft of making exceptional confections on the northernmost island of Japan.

These parts are usually cool in temperature, making them conducive for the preparation of chocolates.

As a result of the Royce brand, Japan has been recognized as the world’s most classy chocolate maker.

Nama means ‘raw’ in Japanese. Hence, what the Royce brand is known for is the use of a raw, pure, and fresh mixture of cacao and cream.

The chocolate has been designed to melt in your mouth, as your taste buds slowly savor the irresistible taste and flavor with relish.


So, how long does Royce Nama’s chocolate last?

Royce Nama chocolate will last for as long as the written date on the package.

The written date is the manufacturer’s estimate as to how long a product will keep fresh.

For Royce Nama chocolate, the shell life is calculated to be 3 months.

Although, it may stay longer if stored in a cool, dry place away from heat, sunlight, and humidity.

Royce Nama Chocolate is temperature-sensitive, and if your room temperature is too humid, the refrigerator is your best bet to store it for a long.

But why keep it for long? Royce Nama Chocolate is delicious and you may not leave any leftovers, except if the quantity is too large.

This 3 months lifespan is for unopened Royce Nama chocolate, still in its original packaging.

Once opened, it must be refrigerated at a temperature of 50⁰C or less to keep it safe, with taste and texture maintained.

It will last 1 month in the refrigerator.

Royce Nama Chocolate is most enjoyed chilled. Most times at the store, Royce Nama Chocolate is found in the refrigerator section.

Does Royce Chocolate Expire?

Yes. Very well. That’s why an estimated date is written on the package.

Most experts recommend that you consume Royce Chocolate within 3 months, others insist on a period of 1 month.

But this article says, so long as there are no signs of spoilage, you can consume your Royce Chocolate.

Signs of spoilage take between 1 – 3 months to surface, depending on how well it is stored.

But one quick question. Why will you leave Royce Nama Chocolate for 3 whole months? It’s too tasty to be neglected.


Can You Eat Expired Royce Chocolate?

I’ll ask you this – can you eat chocolate that looks so pale, smells foul, slimy, and sticky to the touch, with molds growing here and there?

If your answer is no, then you cannot eat Expired Royce chocolate that’s in this state.

However, if it is just past the written date, but the flavor, texture, smell, and appearance are still okay, then it can be eaten.

There might be just a slight, tiny, weeny alteration, but nothing serious to cause death.

Research has it that chocolates are a bit on the ‘okay’ even after the expiration date

This is because it doesn’t have moisture content which is a magnet for bacteria contamination.


Does Royce Chocolate Need To Be Refrigerated?

Yes. Apparently, you enjoy it more when it is chilled. It stays fresh for a longer period when it is chilled.

After opening, it has to be chilled to prevent bacteria from working on it.

The fresh cream ingredient in Royce Nama Chocolate is what requires constant refrigeration.

Otherwise, it will spoil and then cause the entire chocolate to go bad as well.

You can also keep it in the freezer for up to a month and more.

Over time, the freezer has been known to preserve foods even longer than the refrigerator.

So if the refrigerator will keep Royce Nama Chocolate for 1 month, the freezer is sure to keep it for longer.


How Long Does Royce Chocolate Last Without Fridge?

Without being refrigerated, Royce chocolate will melt and may spoil pretty quickly.

When they melt, that’s moisture in a way. This moisture attracts bacteria and jack! they are bad.

However, in all you do, ensure that Royce’s chocolate is kept in the coolest part of the room.

The temperature should not be too hot. Keep away from direct sunlight and heat.


10 Best Substitutes For Royce Chocolate

Below are some substitutes for Royce chocolate.

Royce chocolate is preferred and held high, for its fresh creamy ingredient which gives it a satisfactory taste.

Therefore, when seeking a substitute, be sure to choose one that is as ‘fresh’ and tasty as Royce chocolate.

The following picks are chosen for their packaging and taste. They are closely ranked best with Royce chocolate.

1. Recchiuti confections –

They have a sweet yet subtle taste, with an exquisite flavor that comes from cacao.

2. Richart initiation –

This chocolate releases different waves of flavor as you bite into them.

They are particularly fun especially when you try to decipher the flavors as it hits.

3. Amore di Mona –

it’s vegan and almost allergy-free. It has a subtle flavor and not-subtle textures.

4. L.A Burdick chocolate assortment –

rich with a variety of flavors

5. La Maison du Chocolat –

Vegan-friendly and quite fruity.

6. Christopher Elbow’s Chocolate –

this may come off as too sweet. Definitely not healthy for people with sugar level problems.

7. Fran’s gray and smoked salt caramels –

endowed with a sweetened taste of chocolate and a slightly burnt flavor.

8. John and Kira’s every flavor of Chocolate

– available in plain shapes, quite tasty, and perfect for dessert after family dinner.

9. Vosges exotic truffle collection

10. Godiva dark chocolate


Is Royce Chocolate A Luxury Brand?

Royce chocolate has bagged the ‘finest Japanese chocolate’.

That’s a luxurious title because, over the years, Royce’s brand has proven to be chocolate made with pure and fresh ingredients,

With just the right amount of ‘sweet’.

The brand has succeeded in making a mark in Japan and for the Japanese as having the best chocolate.

It has over 50 stores worldwide, for the purpose of distribution.

Royce brand has the integrity to not compromise the quality, originality, taste, and flavor of their chocolate and they have stuck to this.

As a result of the primary ingredient – fresh cream- the price tag of the Royce brand seems to be on the high side.

The search for natural, raw ingredients increases its worth.

In summary, Royce brand is a luxury brand.


How To Store Royce Chocolate

Store Royce chocolate in its original packaging, or wrap it up tightly.

This is to prevent air, moisture, and other contaminants from getting in.

The next step is to keep this wrap of Royce chocolate in a cool, dry, and dark place.

It must be kept away from sunlight, heat, and moisture.

If the room temperature is not conducive enough, with excess humidity, then the refrigerator is the safest place for storage.

Experts recommend storing it in the refrigerator from the onset.

You can never go wrong with the refrigerator.

All you need do is ensure there’s a constant supply of power to keep the refrigerator at 45⁰F or less.

Also, be sure to keep it in the main compartment of the refrigerator and not the door area.

If kept at the door area, the temperature will fluctuate due to frequent opening and closing, which will affect the texture of the Royce chocolate.

In addition, the freezer is another safe place for the storage of Royce chocolate.

The freezer is believed to store things for longer periods due to the temperature of 0⁰F, which makes it entirely impossible for bacteria to thrive.


What Is Special About Royce Chocolate?

The special thing about Royce chocolate is the ingredient.

This is what sets it apart from other chocolate brands.

The use of fresh cream for its manufacturing is quite exceptional because other brands will not take the extra mile to use fresh ingredients.

They will make do with processed and packaged, all-ready-made ingredients.

There’s not a part of this chocolate without fresh cream. This is the unique point of the brand.

Another point is that this chocolate will always leave you surprised.

There’s a vast flavor that cannot be entirely exhausted.

Just when you think you’re getting the hang of it, you get hit by another rich flavor.

Also, it is tested and trusted to be highly safe and hygienic.

There’s expertise in ingredients selection and production techniques.


Royce Chocolate Expiry Date Format

The format of the expiry date found on the package of Royce Chocolate is; DD-MM-YY.

Usually 1 month from the date of purchase. An example is 23-01-2023.

The expiration date is designed as a small cut-off sticker on the packaging.

This is the manufacturer’s estimation which more often than not, turns out true.

So always watch out for the expiration date and be sure to consume before then.


How To Tell If Royce Chocolate Is Bad?

Your senses are the best medium of judgment to know if Royce chocolate is bad or not.

If there is appearance of cracks on the surface, it means the chocolate has stayed beyond its glorious years.

However, this is a minor defect because, if it still smells and looks like chocolate, it will definitely taste like chocolate.

The only con will be a slight alteration in taste.

Another sign of spoilage is the appearance of mold.

At this point, it must be discarded because it is capable of causing food poisoning, diarrhea, vomiting, and other discomforts.


Does Royce Chocolate Melt Easily?

The two major ingredients – fresh cream and liquor – gives this chocolate its smooth and silky feel due to its high moisture content.

This is the reason it melts so easily on the tongue.

However, this chocolate is fashioned in a way that it doesn’t melt on your hands.

Cocoa powder is sprinkled on the surface to prevent it from sticking to the top of the packaging.

The texture is fine, smooth, and firm, so long as there’s no moisture in your hands, it will not melt.

The saliva on our tongue is responsible for the melt.



I hope this article has gotten you craving some tasty chocolate.

This perfect Chocolate brand is your best bet.

This article has been carefully collected with all the basic knowledge you need to know about this chocolate – shelf life, method of storage, and signs of spoilage.

With these, you are sure to get the best chocolate and enjoy a satisfactory aftertaste on your buds.

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