how long does salt pork last

How Long Does Salt Pork Last?

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How long does salt pork last? It is called salt pork because it is cured with salt and can also be referred to as ” streak o’ lean ”

It is usually made from pork belly and it resembles uncut bacon

But, salt pork is fattier and saltier because the cure is done stronger and for a longer period of time.

Salt pork is never smoked, it is rather boiled to lessen the salt content and to get it partially cooked.

It is also fried crisp and can be enjoyed alone or added to dishes to give it additional flavour.

It can also be eaten without any application of heat.

Salt pork is mostly used to flavour dishes like baked beans and chowders.

It was also the original form of preservation before refrigerators came into existence.

Salt pork is the easiest meat to preserve.

The meat is left whole and chunks of salt are dabbed on it to make it unsusceptible for bacteria to thrive.


So, how long does salt pork last in the fridge?

Salt Pork is already bathed in salt. You can imagine the extension of shell life it has already.

Now refrigerated? That’s a whole length of life span. Originally, salt pork will last 2 weeks unrefrigerated, in its cured state.

But with a refrigerator, it will last for as long as 4 – 5 months. And even longer in the freezer.

However, homemade salt pork will last 18 months because it has been soaked in salt brine for a long time.

In order to refrigerate salt pork rightly, wrap it up tightly.

The more enclosed and sealed it is, the more longer it will last.

Sealing it will prevent moisture and high temperature from seeping in, thereby cutting down on the risk of bacteria.


How Long Does Vacuum-Sealed Salt Pork Last?

Vacuum-sealed salt pork will last for as long as 2 – 3 years in the freezer.

That’s a long period of time compared to if stored using conventional and ordinary methods.

Storing it the conventional way will only keep it for 6 months.

For vacuum sealing to yield good results, certain conditions must be met; meat must be in fresh condition,

Fridge temperature should be at 40⁰F or less, the temperature should be constantly maintained with no fluctuations, acidity/pH level of the meat,

Marinade ingredients and cleanliness must all be in check.

Also, lamination is used to carry out the vacuum seal process.

All these must be in good condition for an optimal vacuum seal to be accomplished.

Vacuum sealing seeks to eliminate air because air contains moisture which aids bacteria.

Make sure the meat is dry especially if you washed it beforehand.

If it contains bones, wrap it in protective netting to avoid cases of puncture.

You can indicate a seal date on the packaging, in order to keep track.


How Long Does Salt Pork Last In The Freezer?

Salt Pork in the freezer will last for as long as 6 months.

This is the most time it will last especially for commercial salt porks.

Homemade salt porks will last longer, even as far as 18 months.

This is due to the diligence in the curing process, the period of time the pork sits in a salt brine.

Experts have it that commercial salt pork can now stay for as long as 12 months in the freezer if it is drained and cured a second time.

The salt takes out and cures the moisture, and moisture is a factor in spoilage,

So,  If you leave it in for a longer period, in order to eliminate the moisture, salt bacon is likely to last for more than 6 months in the freezer.


How Do You Preserve Salt Pork?

First, ensure you have a mental note of areas in the house that are cool.

It will make things easier when you’re ready to store – you’ll know where to go.

Next, cut the meats into pieces and sterilize them by washing them with boiled water.

Then coat in salt mixture. Lots of it, about 1/2 pound of salt. Then keep it at 36⁰F and nothing more than 38⁰F.

Brining meat is another means of preservation.

Cover up the pork in a jar of salt, water and brown sugar. These make up the brine. Ensure the pork is submerged in it.

Cover the jar and store it at a temperature of 36⁰F.

Do this continually for 4 weeks. You can mix up a fresh brine if the previous gets sticky.


How Long Will Salt Pork Last Unrefrigerated?

Salt Pork will last 2 weeks unrefrigerated.

You may be in doubt as to if it will last without being refrigerated or not.

Experts recommend that you follow instructions written on packages.

If none, refrigerate to be on the safer side. If it’s homemade, you don’t have to worry about refrigerating.

But, the ability to stay depends on whether is it brined or salted. It also depends on how much salt it is submerged in.


What Do I Do With Salt Pork?

The primary function is to add flavour to one-way meals like chowder or baked beans.

It adds life and brings spice. Streak o’ lean is quite versatile and can be made to fit into many dishes, for various purposes.

It adds fat and flavouring to braised or roasted vegetables.

Also, foods that are naturally lean and bland, get a mouthful and enhanced texture due to the added fat.

In cooking, streak o’ lean is usually a secondary ingredient. If you’re making it top of the list, the dish will become overly salty.

If your recipe involves bacon as a secondary ingredient, salt pork can be used in its place.

They substitute perfectly when used in dumplings.

Frybread, stewed greens, jambalaya, corn chowder, hoppin’ John, and baked beans, are all foods that get improved flavour when streak o’ lean is used in them.


10 Substitutes For Salt Pork.

In as much as salt pork is highly recommended for adding flavours to foods, it may be unavailable at the time you need it.

Here are the 10 best substitutes for salt pork. They include;
1. Bacon
2. Pancetta
3. Smoked ham hock
4. Fatback
5. Salted butter
6. Beef jerky
7. Smoked salmon
8. Cured vegetables
9. Fatback
10. Olive oil

All in one way or the other, in one dish or the other, contribute to the success and improvement of foods. They make varied impacts either on the flavour or texture of foods.

They have all been tested and trusted to substitute for salt bacon.

You just have to understand and enquire which will be perfect for which dish.


How To Tell If Salt Pork Is Bad?

This is a rare situation to happen, but when your senses tell you it’s bad, then it’s bad.

If you spot any discolouration, or appearance of moulds, perceive a pungent smell, altered texture and foul taste, then it must be discarded.

Irrespective of the fact that salt bacon is fortified to withstand bacteria intrusion, after a while, it will go bad – especially when it’s commercial salt pork.

Watch out for a change in colour from pink to grey. Or change in fat from white to yellow.

This is a sign of spoilage.

Salt bacon still in good condition will have no smell whatsoever.

But once it starts deteriorating, it will develop a foul smell.

Bad salt bacon will become slimy and mushy.


How Long Does It Take Salt Pork To Cook?

Salt Pork may take 90 minutes to get braised. Experts recommend that you rinse salt bacon and cook it before consumption.

To boil salt bacon, put it in a saucepan, and cook for 10 minutes. When it is done, drain and allow it to cool. Then eat.

Another method is slicing it into cubes and then cooking it on low heat.

Cook til it becomes crispy or crunchy, and then it can be used to garnish dishes.

The fat rendered from it is used to add flavour and texture to dishes.

When adding directly to stew and soup, add large cubes and slowly cook together.

This will automatically incorporate the fat for flavour and texture.


How Do You Know When Salt Pork Is Done?

The most accurate way is using a food thermometer.

Salt bacon must measure up to 145⁰F internally before it is certified done.

Ensuring your pork is done before consumption will not only result in safety but also maximum flavour and eating satisfaction.

After checking the temperature, allow it to rest for 3 minutes in order to let the juices circulate.


How To Salt Pork Before Cooking

You can salt pork just before cooking the same way you salt pork for storage and preservation.

The only difference is that you use a minimal amount of salt and a shorter amount of time.

Salting bacon before cooking has its advantages, the salt enables the pork to release its full juices and flavours.

If you choose not to brine, you can simply season with salt and pepper.



Wheew! The ride is over. In conclusion, tweak your bland baked beans with some pieces of salt pork, and your taste buds will thank you.

Just so you don’t miss out on facts and information, this article has been carefully curated to help you in your journey to get tasty, delicious salt pork.

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