How Long Does Salt Water Taffy Last

How Long Does Salt Water Taffy Last?

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How long does salt water taffy last? Taffy is chewable fruit or candy made from boiled molasses or brown sugar.

The origin of salt water taffy has been traced back to a time in 1883, when water flooded from the Atlantic Ocean and soaked the taffy shop in salty water, since then, the name stuck.

Taffy is a flavored syrup candy (mostly from Europe and America) that is cooled into a hard-chewing finishing.

After a while, taffy become overthrown by chocolate and caramel, but it was still available.

Saltwater Taffy does not really call for salt water, though it requires salt and water together with sugar, corn syrup, butter, cornstarch, flavors, and colors.

So, how long does salt water taffy last?

It is best to eat salt water taffy within 4 to 7 days but, it can stay up to 2 weeks in the fridge and 6 months in the freezers, and 1 week at room temperature.

So long as air does not get to the sealed container, you may be lucky to have it persevered for one month but ideally, consume within 7 days.

It will keep overtime for 1 to 3 months after which consistency will change.

Airtight containers, metal containers, tins, and freezer bags are fair. Provided they keep air and moisture away.

Sugar attracts acoustic, so to preserve candy (taffy),

Ensure it is sealed up in order to block the penetration of humidity.

If you can keep them well at room temperature, there is no point in refrigerating or freezing them.

They will cause condensation.


What Does Salt Water Taffy Taste Like?

The ingredient determines the taste. It is made up of sugar, corn starch, corn syrup, glycerine, water, butter, salt, flavor, and food color.

Flavors may be vanilla, banana, watermelon, or mint.

This is where taste will come from. It is very sugary too.

A 7-piece serving contains 23 grams of sugar which is a lot of sugar contrary to the daily recommendation.

The top flavors are peppermint, vanilla, banana, watermelon, cupcake, and cotton candy.

Fresh salt water taffy satisfies a point of taste bud and an unusual craving you can’t place your finger on.

People grow and change alongside their taste buds, so we cannot get a general yes/no answer on this.

But from statistics and reviews, salt water taffy is delicious and enjoyed by a lot of people.

However, the smell and taste have been narrowed to be like caramel corn and marshmallow.

It is sweet and creamy and has a trace of salt but not projected.


How Long Does Store-bought Salt Water Taffy Last?

Store-bought ones will last for a while, consume within 6 months of delivery when it is still at their best quality.

When it is stored properly in low humidity, it will stay 6 months but if not properly stored, it will go bad before then.

You can freeze if the room temperature is too hot.

When ready to eat, thaw at room temperature for a couple of hours.

Depending on the weather, cold weather will make taffy harden

While warm weather may make it melt, so long it is still within the space of 7 days, it is still fresh.

However, to get back the desired texture that has been altered by weather,

Refrigerate melting it for a few minutes before unwrapping.

Then, allow cold hard taffy to sit at room temperature for a while.

The salt serves as a preservative, however, one should be mindful of the quantity because excess sodium is not healthy.


Is Salt Water Taffy Vegan?

Originally, taffy is non-vegan because of the presence of sugar, corn syrup, cornstarch, glycerine, water, salt, flavorings, and butter.

It is non-vegan due to the presence of gelatin, butter, and other dairy products.

Eggs are not common but are used in aeration sometimes.

However, there will always be one vegan-friendly product in the market, and luckily,

Angel’s Tropical taffy is vegan-friendly.

Ingredients are non-high fructose corn syrup, pure corn sugar, sunflower lecithin, palm oil sourced organically,

And natural vegan flavors are manufactured by the Florida candy factory.

Also, Mamba fruit chews are 100% vegan salt water taffy.

Ingredients are Glucose syrup, sugar, vegetable oil, citric acid, turmeric, and paprika, antioxidants.

Another alternative is Yum Earth Organic Chewings.

This is vegan and the ingredients are all organic, flavor, cane sugar, rice syrup, and palm oil.

Apart from these, other salt water taffy is non-vegan because of butter, palm oil,

Artificial flavors and colors, gelatin and eggs, sugar, and milk.

These ingredients have a connection to animal products and are forbidden by vegans.


Is Salt Water Taffy Fattening?

Most of the excess sugar from taffy is connected to fat and will lead to issues of fattening, obesity, and overweight.

After cooking, the pulling and spread will make the candy soft and aerated.

To make taffy; heat sugar, molasses, or corn syrup in water.

Then, pour to cool and add flavored oil.

As it cools, spread to shape it until the consistency is achieved.

Spreading is done with a machine for commercial manufacturing.

Spreading helps in aerating it.

This candy contains about 27 calories.

Taffy can either be saturated or sassy.

Sassy is more intense and with a slightly soured fruit-flavored version.

It is harmful because of its high calories compared to low nutrients,

It is much sticky and can damage the teeth.

This candy is usually fruit flavored but other flavors are present as well including unflavoured.


Can Salt Water Taffy Cause Constipation?

Salt Water Taffy is made with a lot of sugar.

We all know what excess sugar does to the body and stomach. It causes upset.

The ridiculous number of flavors may cause a collision and disagreement in the belly leading to constipation.


Does Salt Water Taffy Melt?

Obviously, if left out in hot temperature for too long. Luckily, it can firm up again if kept at a milder temperature.

When it melts, it will stick to the wrapper and may stick to nearby pieces.

But, when it hardens to the right consistency, it can be pulled off easily.

Taffy will melt when kept at a temperature above 800F.

For store-bought or ordered taffy, they are properly packaged so that they withstand shipping and extreme weather condition.

To fix the melted taffy, leave it to sit at a lower temperature. Or quickly refrigerate for a few minutes.

Melted taffy does not change the taste in any way, it can still be ravished.


Does Salt Water Taffy Have Sugar, Milk, And Nuts?

Traditionally, milk is not present in it. It is also nut-free, and 100% gluten-free.

And finally, a yes! Saltwater taffy contains a whole oft of sugar.

But depending on the chef, taffy may contain milk. Taffy however is different from caramels.

The main ingredient in caramel is milk, while it is just an additional thing in taffy.

It is lighter, paler, and cheesier than caramel.

To achieve aeration using the physically pulling method, or gelling agents, milk is not present in salt water taffy.

Due to allergies, taffy is made nut-free – peanut, tree-nut, etc.

It is 100% gluten-free, especially in commercials and store-bought,

However, homemade may depend on the chef and eater.

He/she may decide to garnish salt water taffy with nuts.

Note that nuts make it prone and more susceptible to molds faster.


Does Salt Water Taffy Have Salt Water In It?

No, it does not actually contain ‘salt water’ but there is salt and water as ingredients.

This  tantalizing candy got its name from a time in the 19th century

When David Bradley Candy’s store was flooded with water from the Atlantic Ocean.

So, he just called his taffy, ‘saltwater taffy’ and it stuck.


Is Salt Water Taffy Gluten-free?

Salt Water Taffy is gluten-free. The only thing questionable is the colors and flavors which may have gluten ingredients.

Ensure you read labels carefully to avoid gluten products.

Patronize brands that use natural, simple, and organic ingredients, they are safe than artificial ingredients.

Regardless, some companies still make gluten salt water taffy.



What Makes Salt Water Taffy Different?

Ordinary taffy & salt water taffy do have not much difference.

They are all made with the core ingredients,

Only that they may be a little spontaneous ranging from candy makers to different brands.

It is different from caramel because it does not have milk as its main ingredient, it is more concentrated than caramel.

It is different from other candies because it has the least shell life,

The texture is different and more sticky especially when subjected to heat.

Lastly, the process of preparation, spreading and stretching on the machine in order to aerate it makes it different from caramel.


How To Tell If Salt Water Taffy Is Bad?

There are signs to look out for to know if taffy has gone bad or not.

Discoloration and unpleasant odor are warning signals.

At this point, do not eat them because they will taste bad.

Do not leave it out in the air to dry or grow molds.

If taffy looks unusually hard, unusually sticky in the hand, and smells bad, then it is bad.

Taffy is normally sticky, but when hardness, dryness, and odor accompany the stickiness, then it is bad and should be discarded.

Bad taffy will be tasteless, moldy, sticky, and smelly.

It will lose its freshness after a while especially if not properly stored.

The flavor and smell of fresh salt water taffy are quite different from taffy that is going bad.

Bad salt water taffy will appear more sticky than normal, the color will go from bright to dull, and if tasted,

It will not be appealing to the taste buds as a normal candy should be.

Worse is when mold begins to appear, at this point, it should not be eaten at all.

It is very cheap and affordable to get sick over.

If in doubt, throw it out and order a fresh batch.


How To Preserve Salt Water Taffy?

Preserving saltwater taffy will go a long way in keeping it in peak quality and consumable for a long period of time.

Make sure salt water taffy is kept in a cool, dry place.

Keep away from high heat because it will melt.

Due to the ingredients present in salt water taffy, keep away from air, direct sunlight, heat, and moisture.

They can be refrigerated if the room temperature is too hot, but if the temperature is cool,

It is best left on the counter or in the cupboard.



Saltwater taffy is a candy you should get if you have a sweet tooth!

If you’ve got kids or you wanna relish childhood, salt water taffy will satisfy your taste buds just right.

Saltwater taffy is a hard candy and as such, it is capable of lasting for a long period of time,

So you have no worries about spoilage provided it is kept properly.

This article covers all about salt water taffy even the origin of its name.

Go get a can of salt water taffy in different flavors or your favorite and enjoy!

It is popular in the States but can be purchased anywhere.

It has low labor and is gluten-free which makes it acceptable health-wise.

They are also chewy than crunchy.

The difference between this and other candy is that shell life is not so long if you want to enjoy peak flavor and quality.

Remember, how long does salt water taffy last?

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