How Long To Boil Potatoes?

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How long to boil potatoes? Sometimes you just need to make sure that things are done in the right way to make a perfect meal.

Having amazing fruits such as potatoes, seeds, and vegetables like cassava that supply instant energy to the body is a very good diet plan.

Keeping to time when preparing your meal or making some pie or mash is awesome! Have you ever wondered how that pro chef keeps to time in everything he/she does?

So, how long to boil potatoes?

Generally, it takes 15 to 25 minutes to boil potatoes on the gas burner and 20 to 30 minutes on the stove.

Likewise, when you are using firewood or a charcoal stove it takes 15 to 30 minutes.

This all depends on some common factors like the flame intensity, quantity of the major food ingredient, and the purity of the water. Did you know about potato juice? 

This major food ingredient is one of the most delicious mouth-watering and above all, it has a higher carbohydrate level for instant energy release.

It Is really good to consume where boiled. It doesn’t need to mouth water for it’s cooking.

How Long To Boil Sweet Potatoes?

Sweet potatoes take approximately 15 to 25 minutes to boil on the gas burner and 20 to 30 minutes to boil on the stove.

It also takes 15 to 30 minutes to boil on a charcoal stove or firewood.

Sweet potatoes are my favorite because I can easily boil and eat them just with palm oil and salt.

They don’t require too many procedures because they are naturally sweet.

Can just peel it off and add a little salt to fry it and that makes your dinner.

knowing the duration to boil and to reduce flame in simmering this food ingredient is good.

Sometimes when it is overcooked it becomes very soft and you will see rope-like structures in it. This will, however, look disgusting to eat.


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How Long To Boil Mashed Potatoes?


For effective mashing of potatoes, it will take 15 to 20 minutes to make it soften in a gas burner to mash it.

It only works with a simple technique of checking it for mashing.

Do not overcook any potato for mash, do it carefully to get a wonderful result.

On the stove, it will practically take the time that I have highlighted above both in firewood and the charcoal stove.

Getting this major food ingredient for holidays and resorts is good but how about making it for spouse and children to enjoy.

Some people like local russets which are cool because they contain enough starch and creamy nature to blend well in your mashing adventure.

For me, I love peeling it before boiling so that I can be able to mash it immediately when it is still hot.

Now have a wonderful meal!

How Long To Boil Red Potatoes?


You can boil red potatoes for 10 to 20 minutes on the gas burner before you simmer. And 15 to 20 minutes on the kerosene stove.

However, when using a firewood or charcoal stove you can boil for 10 to 25 minutes before you cook completely.

One thing that often differentiates baby red potatoes from others is that it has light skin and that is why most people prefer eating it without peeling.

Why I like using this amazing food ingredient for cooking is because it saves me the stress of peeling, to be honest, I don’t like peeling naturally.

This wonderful ingredient is succulent and tasty when it is boiled.

The simple trick to know when you are boiling is to always pierce your fork in it when it has boiled up to ten minutes.

This will help you to reach the perfect timing that you desire.

If you have another trick to add up to this, please do so by hitting our comment section and I promise to approve all your comments for a better interactive environment.

How Long Does Boiled Potatoes Last?


Boiled potatoes last for 5 to 10 in the freezer and 4 to 6 days in the fridge. It can stay for 12 to 42 hours in the pantry as far as the water is sieved out from it.

Knowing the shelf of food helps a lot in improving your diet plan and susceptibility to disease.

May the first question in your mind is “can boiled potatoes go bad?” The answer is yes.

This food ingredient no matter how you boil it must go bad. But preserving it gives you an edge for a longer-lasting food.

Here we will give you some tips to help you preserve it to last longer as you read on!

How long to boil potatoes?

How To Boil Potatoes

Here are the simple steps on how to boil potatoes

  • Set out your material and make available everything that you need to be at the reach of your hands
  • Put the pot on the fire and add water to the pot
  • Peel it off. But in this case, not everyone likes to peel it before boiling. Any way you prefer is for your reason. I bet you that you will arrive at the same result.
  • Place the peeled off potatoes in the pot and increase the flame intensity a little
  • Give it some minutes to boil and implement the trick I said earlier on it after 10 minutes
  • When it is soft, you can now filter out the excess water if there is any present.

How To make Mash Potatoes

Here are the few steps to mash potatoes

Set out the materials for boiling and mashing.

For example, an electric masher or hand beater, your pot, the major ingredient already washed

Use the method of boiling I said earlier
When the potatoes are soft, bring them out and peel but if you have already peeled.

Then you can put them in the electric masher or hand beater.

Beat or mash until it has gotten a perfect and random smooth texture.

If they are smooth randomly that means you did a great job for a wonderful meal.

How To Tell If It Goes Bad


Most times, our fruits go bad without giving us a warning sign. The significant thing I notice in boiled potatoes is that mucor otherwise known as fungi grows on it immediately when it goes bad.

It smells so bad and after some weeks it changes color.

You can’t even touch it because it irritates you to touch.

Whenever you notice any of this sign please throw it away and let it out to the trash.

How To Store And Make It Last Longer

Honor your doctor’s advice and keep your food hygienic.

The first way to preserve your boiled potatoes is to keep them in the flask which will last for 12 to 42 hours still warm. But if you use fake food flask your result will be different.

Have you ever imagined how some food is still fresh even for up to 6 days? This is because they make more use of the freezer.

You can get it frozen and it will last for 6 to 10 days before changing in taste, color, and texture.

Keeping it in the fridge is cool but remember that your fridge must always be working effectively.


Taking about how long to boil potatoes is good for your perfect meal plan.

And knowing how long it last helps you to maintain hygiene and knowing the shelf life of your food ingredient.

Remember that we have answered the question in so many headings here, but if you still have more to ask, feel free to ask in our comment section. Hope you now know how long to boil potatoes.

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