How To Store Sesame Oil

How To Store Sesame Oil

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How to store Sesame Oil after opening? Extracted from natural sesame seeds is the outstanding sesame oil

Which is one of the ancient crop based oils used in cooking and many other things.

For every 100g of sesame oil taken it provides energy up to 3700kj, fat, vitamins E and K with some minerals.

Sesame oil is used in most aspects of life from individuals to society and industries.

Sesame oil can be used as cooking oil but it has other uses such as being a religious oil used during baptism around Asia,

It can also be used industrially during the production of drugs, cosmetics, and other various products like soaps, etc.

So, how do you store Sesame Oil after opening?

After Opening sesame oil it’s advisable to store it in a cool dry place for long-lasting effects.

Now for you to make sure your sesame oil lasts for a long time there are some key things you need to do;

  • First, pour the oil into a sealed bottle or jar but make sure it’s airtight and no form of exposure is seen around the bottle
  • Then you place the jar in the fridge or refrigerator where it will last for a very long time.
  • If you store your sesame oil in this airtight jar and place it in the fridge to cool

You are assured of having your sesame oil in peak quality without any deform or harm to the oil.


How Long Does Sesame Oil Last After Expiration Date?

Sesame Oil will last for a time depending on how the oil was before expiry.

The expiry date is an estimated time that the product would be in good shape

So, If the oil was opened before it expires it may still run for up to six months without going bad as long as you store it properly

While if it was unopened before expiry it may run for up to a year in peak quality without any degradation in quality.

However, the oil may last for a time after the expiry

But you should take note that oil after two years from the production date shouldn’t be used anymore and disposed of if possible.

Don’t try to use sesame oil after two years as it may not harm you physically but your food won’t be edible.



Does Sesame Oil Need To Be Refrigerated?

Yes, sesame oil needs to be refrigerated as it possesses one of the most dependable temperatures to store sesame oil.

Refrigerating sesame oil helps increase its span and also prevents the oil from going rancid.

When you open sesame oil it’s already prone to exposure, especially at room temperature,

And may last for up to 8 months unlike when you refrigerate the oil which can last for over a year.


How Long Does Sesame Oil Last In The Refrigerator?

Sesame Oil when opened and stored in the refrigerator lasts for up to 12 months in peak quality without any deterioration in its quality.

When storing sesame oil in the refrigerator make sure that you put the oil in an airtight container or jar before storing it In the refrigerator

Then be sure that it’ll last for over a year.


How Long Does Sesame Oil Last After Opening?

Sesame Oil will last for half a year after opening

For you to achieve this storage duration you need to preserve the oil to its very best making sure it doesn’t go rancid.

However, sesame oil may not last up to a year if opened but won’t go bad

That’s because sesame oil can last at room temperature for up to nine months in good form.

You can store opened sesame oil in the pantry as long as it’s in a sealed jar

Make sure to consume it within nine months.


How Long Does Toasted Sesame Oil Last?

Toasted Sesame Oil is obtained by slightly roasting the sesame seeds before extraction of the oil is done

It would last for up to 3 years depending on how it was stored.

Toasted Sesame Oil would last for up to a year in the pantry at room temperature

It might go up to 2 years or more in the fridge,

As the fridge helps increase the span a bit longer than at room temperature.

The only issue with Toasted Sesame Oil is that during storage it may return back with a 50% loss In quality compared to when it was stored.



How Long Do Sesame Seeds Last After Best By Date?

After the best by date, sesame seeds can last up to a year plus

Depending on where it is kept or stored before the date elapsed.

If you kept the sesame seeds unopened inside the pantry your seeds would go for up to 3 months plus or within three months,

So, If your seeds are opened in the pantry your seeds would last for 3 months

If in the fridge it would stay for up to a year,

Also if your sesame seeds are toasted they would last for 3 months in the pantry at room temperature

It can also last forĀ  6 months inside the fridge.


Can You Freeze Sesame Seeds?

Yes, you can freeze sesame seeds

It is known that frozen sesame seeds last up to a year in top quality without any form of deterioration.

Sesame seeds are originally meant to be stored in an airtight jar and kept in a cool and dry space like the pantry

But if you want to extend the span of the seeds keeping them in the freezer is the best option

Storing it in the freezer would double the time the seeds have left to survive.


How Long Does Sesame Seeds Last In The Freezer?

Sesame seeds last for a year or a year plus in the freezer in good quality.

The seeds are stored in the freezer if you want to extend their span by more months or years and for the raw sesame seeds,

They can go up to 3 years frozen in good quality while the roasted ones last for a year and a few months additional in rare times.

When you store sesame seeds in the freezer you don’t need to thaw them before using them

All you need to do is take it out and use it right away.


What Does Sesame Oil Smell Like?

Well, sesame oil isn’t meant to have a particular smell by the way but may smell bland if it’s meant to have a smell.

Sesame oil has this neutral smell if raw seeds were used to make it

It might have a toasty flavor if the seeds were a bit toasted before extraction.

In general sesame oil smells sesame seed-like.


What Does Sesame Oil Taste Like?

It has no precise taste but may taste sesame-like, just like the smell.

It has a bland taste but maybe a little bit nutty in taste but this taste goes for sesame oil prepared from raw seeds.

The toasted sesame oil which may be called dark sesame oil has this strong nutty flavor attached to it

And when it is in your dish its aroma becomes dominant.


What To Do With Sesame Oil

You can do a lot with sesame oil but the most common use of sesame oil is in food preparation

This can be done when you want to saute your food materials either meats or vegetables.

Sesame oil may be prescribed also to patients suffering from harmful heart fats

That’s because it is known that sesame provides healthy heart fats and it also protects your skin from the sun’s harmful effects.


Best Substitutes For Sesame Oil

We have many substitutes or oils that can be used in place of sesame oil but can’t be as effective as the sesame oil itself.

The closest to sesame oil ineffectiveness is the popular olive oil,

Others such as walnut oil, avocado oil, groundnut oil, and grape seeds oil can be used in place of sesame oil.


How Long Does Avocado Oil Last?

Avocado oil also lasts for a very long time just like sesame oil

But when the avocado oil has been opened it’s advised to use it for just up to half a year.

Avocado oil usually stays for about 3 years but it depends on its storage conditions,

If you keep the oil in poor conditions you will get poor results.


What Color Is Sesame Oil?

We have many colors of sesame oil but all fall within the range of yellow.

We have sesame oil of pale yellow and some which are golden in color and can be seen around the Indians.

Toasted sesame seeds oil may be dark as well and tend toward brown or dark yellow in color.


Does Sesame Oil Go Bad?

Yes, sesame oil does go bad and when it’s bad it is said to be rancid.

Like olive oil, sesame oil doesn’t last till eternity but deteriorates little by little, losing its quality until it becomes rancid.


How Can You Tell If Sesame Oil Has Gone Bad?

When sesame oil goes bad you will know from its taste, looks, and smell.

When sesame oil goes rancid it produces an offensive smell like paint or polish,

Changes its color to a darker shade, and starts to have poor taste.


Can Expired Sesame Oil Make You Sick?

Yes, it can definitely make you sick by affecting your normal alimentary process of digestion.

When you start to notice signs of rancid oils it’s best you dispose of them rather than take the risk.

How Long Does Sesame Oil Last At Room Temperature?

Unopened Sesame oil will last for about 1 to 2 years, and once opened it will last for about 6 to 8 months.


How Do You Preserve Sesame Seeds

You can preserve sesame seeds by putting them in an airtight container and placing it in the pantry, fridge, or freezer.




Sesame oil is one of the best oils for cooking and other tasks.

It is as healthy as its function and if you want to cook it’s best you start consuming foods made with sesame oil

Rather than other oils that would not maintain your heart health.

There is no reason for you not to have a dish with sesame oil being used, it’s worth it.

Remember how to store sesame oil after opening.

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