How Long Does Potato Bread Last?

How Long Does Potato Bread Last?

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Potato bread is bread in which wheat flour is completely replaced with potato flour. some recipes have more potato flour in ratio to wheat flour and others have more wheat flour than potato flour.

There are varieties of potato bread.

They include; Brazilian potato bread, Chilean potato bread, German potato bread also called Berches,

Hungary loaf, Ireland loaf also called Boxty, Poland potato bread, and a host of many others.

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In this article, you will know the shelf life estimates of this amazing loaf

Ranging from how long does potato bread last in the fridge, freezer, and at room temperature? How to tell if it is bad and how to store potato bread to make it last longer.

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So, how long does potato bread last in the fridge?

Potato bread lasts in the refrigerator for 3 to 5 days before going bad if you store it properly in the right conditions necessary in the fridge.

It can last overnight in the fridge for thawing purposes and when ready for it, it will be warmed up.

It is not advisable to store potato bread in the refrigerator because it will make it go stale much faster.

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How Long Does Potato Bread Last In The Freezer?

For short-term storage, homemade potato bread can freeze for 3 weeks before going bad if you keep it properly in the right conditions. Wrap in foil after it has completely cooled off, then store in the freezer.

You can keep the store-bought one directly in the freezer.

For long-term storage, the first is to wrap in plastic wrap, wrap again in foil, then store in the freezer.

Keep in mind the date on which it is stored so that it doesn’t stay beyond 6 months.

Keeping it for so long in the freezer will affect its flavor. You can freeze it in baked form or dough form.



How Long Does Potato Bread Last After Expiration?

Potato bread can last for 5 to 7 days after the expiration date. It can still be consumed and it’s safe to eat so long as there are no molds in it.

Generally, the bread will become stale when it’s past the expiration date but if properly stored in a cool and dry place,

There will be no molds and it can be eaten.

To further extend the shelf life of potato bread, store it in a freezer.


How Long Does Martin’s Potato Bread Last?

As said earlier, potato bread differs in recipes and types. Martin’s potato bread is one of the many varieties. They can last for only 3 to 4 days on shelves in the store because they believe in freshly baked goods.

Martin’s bread will last for a long time if stored properly in a dark, dry, and cool condition at room temperature.

Areas with this description are the drawer or bread box.

Keep the bread away from heat or light to elongate the shelf life.

Storing Martin’s potato within the refrigerator is not fully recommended because it speeds up staling.

Martin’s potato bread can freeze very well.

Freeze with the original packaging or wrap in foil.

When ready to use, be sure to thaw first and reheat.

Note that when storing bread or transporting, do not stack other items or even bread loaves on top of your bread to avoid being lost in shape.

Martin is a famous pastry shop located in Pennsylvania.

They are known for their divine taste in rolls and bread.

Martin’s do not leave stale bread on display and they stick to freshly baked.

They make use of quality ingredients to get quality products.

If you’ve never tried potato bread and you want your first to be the best, try Martin’s potato bread and you may even forget that white pieces of bread exist.


Why Does Potato Bread Last Longer?

Potato bread lasts long because the starch from mashed potatoes keeps the bread soft and fresher than wheat bread.

This is because potato starches absorb more water than wheat starch.

As it cools off, the starch crystalizes and trap water, making the bread dry and hard (stale), after a while it goes bad.

However, potato bread contains potato starch which makes it difficult for the wheat starch to crystalize.

Hence, the process of crystallization and hardening is curbed.

Also, store-bought potato bread contains preservatives such as; calcium propionate, sodium benzoate, and sorbic acid.

This will keep bread fresher for a longer period.

Another tip why it lasts longer is because the recipe has less wheat flour.

The higher the wheat flour, the better it tastes and the shorter it will last. So the less, the longer period it will last.

Also, an addition of vinegar to the dough after proofing will keep the bread fresh for a long.



How Do You Store Potato Bread?

Storage of potato bread is another important part that cannot be neglected.

If it is not properly stored, the whole yummy, delicious baking goes into the trash in a couple of days.

The best way to store potato bread is to freeze it till it’s needed.

Here are some tips to preserve potato bread to make it last longer;

  1. Firstly, let the loaves cool off completely,
  2. Wrap well in plastic wrap before freezing. You can wrap it in the original packaging or use foil.
  3. Freeze potato bread properly and it can keep fresh for months.
  4. When it is needed, thaw completely while still in the wrapper before opening it. This will make the bread reabsorb its moisture.
  5. To store potato dough, grease it and cover it tightly in a bowl. Then store in the refrigerator for up to a week.


How To Tell If Potato Bread Is Bad

The most conspicuous sign is the appearance of molds.

Presence Of Molds

Moldy bread is dangerous and can cause foodborne illness, food poisoning, or discomfort rather than an enjoyable meal.

Other signs include a strong sour or rancid smell of vinegar, yeast, or alcohol.

At the feel of it, bad potato bread will have a stale or hard texture.

Do not put bad bread in your mouth because, if you have a weak immune system, you will be greatly affected.

However, there’s an unusual taste in bad potato bread.

Toasting moldy bread will not help, it may only worsen it because heat causes mold to spread more.

It may even get your toaster contaminated.

When you see molds on your bread, simply toss it into the trash can.


This is not just an ordinary bread you are used to, it is tastier than ever.

Making this viand to get a handful of it for everyone is never an easy task and that’s why you need to know the answer to this question ” how long does potato bread last ”

If you read through this article carefully you will know all the storage hacks and shelf life estimates of this awesome bread.

Do yourself some good by making more research to know the ultimate nutritional values and why you should eat them regularly.

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