How Long Does Sugarcane Juice last

How Long Does Sugarcane Juice Last?

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How long does sugarcane juice last? Wow! I can’t believe that I am going to be talking about this. It has been a long time since I ate sugarcane, and talked more about drinking juice. I really missed it you know? This fruit drink has its own way of juicing, unlike the normal watermelon or orange juice.

Now let’s get down to business, sugar juice has this water-sugary taste that makes it a special stem among other grass, the juice is very sugary and contains 80% water.

So, how long does sugarcane juice last?

Homemade fresh sugarcane juice lasts for 4 to 8 hours unrefrigerated. When it is refrigerated, It lasts for 4 to 8 days and if you get sugarcane juice frozen, and stored in bottles, it can last for 1 to  2 weeks. 

This homemade juice remains in its best quality for a long period of time.

I have to tell you this, to be honest in my early days in college, I never knew that there was something like this.

All I know how to do is to peel off the hard skin and eat the succulent watery flesh that quenches my thirst.




How Long Does Sugarcane Juice Last In The Refrigerator

Store-bought sugarcane juice lasts for 3 to 5 months completely sealed in the fridge, If you store it in the right conditions necessary in the refrigerator.

Sugarcane juice is not something that you can keep for a long time, hence it is produced and sealed there’s enough preservative can support its shelf life.

Keep in mind that homemade sugarcane juice is best to drink within 12 hours,

However, if you notice that it has become chunky and thick or tastes like fermented stuff. Toss it and make a fresh one.


Can You Freeze Sugarcane Juice?

The answer is yes! you can freeze either freshly made sugarcane juice or store-bought juice. This will help to prolong its shelf life and make it more savory to serve and chilly to drink.

Store-bought sugarcane juice lasts for 4 months to 6 months depending on the manufacturers’ ingredients and the method of production. Always read the expiration date of any fruit drink to avoid food poisoning or any other food-related infection.

Sometimes I prefer making ice cubes with this fruit drink, especially in hot summers, it gives me this unquenching taste to crave more.


How To Make Sugarcane Juice At Home

Hey dear! I hope you are still following up. Do you want to know how I made an invigorating juice with sugarcane for my August visitors?

Alright, I will tell you the simple steps, Keep in mind that the video I display is not from me. I only add it to make you know what we are talking about.

I made my August visitors sugarcane juice to keep them hydrated.

It has become a tradition in my home to always make sugarcane juice in the summer at least once every week.

Here are the five simple steps I used to make sugarcane juice for my family every summer.

Before using the steps you need to set out your materials for the production. The material that you need for the production of your homemade fruit drink is

  1. Organic Sugarcane
  2. Knife
  3. Juicer or blender. Anyone available can be used
  4. Plates and cups
    These are the key materials you need for juicing it.
    Now am going to tell you the five steps I use for the production of my August fruit drink

Here are the steps to take;

  • Peel off the hard skin
  • Cut into slices or chops
  • Remove the normal strainer that is in the Juicer and replace it with a sugarcane strainer
  • Wash it properly and put it in the juicer. Let me tell you, I love using a juicer for this because it separates the juice from the chaff neatly and is dried. Blender only blenders everything to smoothies so that you can strain it yourself.
  • At this stage, you are done juicing. There are two things left now, that is the juice and the chaff. Throw the chaff away
    Now it is ready. Serve with a glass of ice cubes to complete the refreshing drink.

Does Sugarcane Juice Increase Weight?

Sugarcane juice does not increase weight.

In fact, it contains soluble fibers to reduce weight gain in the body. Can I call this superfluid? I think that is the best name for it.

How on earth can a fluid full of sugars have a low cholesterol level, wow! To me that is awesome.

This fluid has so many health benefits which I will tell you later and if you know more about this superfluid, please endeavor to share your views in the comments section.

Sugar Cane Juice Disadvantages

Everything in this life will have its side effects.

Even when you have taken too many drugs it will surely cause one or two reactions in your body.

So, I am going to tell you a few disadvantages or should we call them limitations that sugarcane juice has.

Before this, I would like you to know that the major cause of these side effects is because of the chemical ingredient that it possesses another chemical ingredient is called polycosanol.

These superfluid disadvantages are; stomach upset, insomnia, headache, weight loss, and dizziness.

Are you satisfied with the answer I gave?

Do you understand what those terms really mean?

I guess you don’t because all of us are not medically inclined.

Don’t worry I will explain them bit by bit.

Stomach Upset

I guess this might be clear to you because many of us have these symptoms at times.

Not because we drink sugarcane juice or eat the fruit itself but because we are something that our system does not want at that point in time.

A stomach upset is a situation where you feel uncomfortable as if something is moving in your bowels.

It can make you vomit or have diarrhea, but the main function is to make you restless.

You can just lie on the bed and be rolling. Now let’s get to the next one called


Let’s break this down. In this condition, you will find it difficult to sleep, when you eat too much sugarcane or drink an excess of its juice.

Sleep will be very far away from you. Most people eat juice not because they enjoy it but because they want to keep awake.

That is a sleep therapy idea I have just given to you.

Do you want to know more meanings of those terms? Okay, u will give one last meaning. Read on!

Weight Loss

The only reason weight loss is categorized as a disadvantage here is that sugarcane juice is a drink for everyone.

No matter the class, weight, height, color, and many more you can mention.

So, when a skinny girl drinks too much of its juice, she will gradually lose weight overnight.

But this is a cool idea for those suffering from diabetes and obesity.

Those weight patients will definitely want to have it.

I think we are done, for now, The other terms left are very common and easy to understand.

If you want more clarity on anything else hit the comments section.


How To Tell Sugarcane Juice Is Bad?

How can you tell when it goes bad? Erm! Nothing! I have no idea.

If you fall into the category of people with that answer please change your mindset and try to know more.

Here are the signs to tell if sugarcane juice is going bad in the fridge, freezer, and on the counter;

Changes To Dark Color

Did you leave your sugarcane juice for some hours and you think of coming back to meet it fresh?

No, when you leave your freshly prepared sugarcane juice for a couple of hours, it will show you some signs that it is undergoing a transformation.

Firstly, the color of the drink will change.

It will turn dark, but that does not mean it has gone bad, the fact is that it will make you lose interest in drinking it.

Off Smell

There is a proverb that says “It is the food aroma and color that will trigger a man to taste it.

” You see that before you mention any word “taste” you will have to check the flavor.

This beautiful and astonishing natural fluid that is glorified with sugar has little or no flavor at all.

So, you can not tell if it has gone bad with flavor.

The Taste Can Tell

How about trying out the taste? Yeah! Taste is really important.

We know sugarcane juice to be very sweet and has a high content of natural sugar in it.

What I am trying to say Is that, if you taste it, and feels like it has a faint taste and is watery.

Throw it away and get a fresh one. The deterioration in taste means that it is totally bad.

Sugarcane juice is best consumed when it is freshly prepared after some hours of homemade juice, it starts to ferment and the sugar separates somehow from the water.

There is no soothsayer nor a prophet to tell you that it is bad.

All stale fruit drinks should be thrown away.


How To Preserve Sugarcane Juice To Last Longer

Sugarcane juice is a little bit different from other juices.

I will say maybe it is because of the enzyme in it that changes the fresh green color to dark brown.

Without taking much of your time let me tell you some ways in which you can preserve your sugarcane juice.

You can preserve your freshly made cane drink by bottling it. Yes! Bottling is very important so that it cannot be oxidized quickly.

India is known for its high rate of sugarcane production and they normally have this in their local grocery stores.

When you are done bottling them, put them in the fridge, and maintain a regularly cool temperature. If you intend to keep it in the freezer, of course, you can do that.

Make sure you seal it completely and get it frozen, in this method, it can last up to one month if you add a little ascorbic to give it orange slight orange coloration.


Best Time To Drink Sugarcane Juice

For me, the best time to enjoy sugarcane juice and get the real unquenching taste is in hot summers and sunny days.

It gives this refreshing and hydrating feeling glorified with its natural sugar that can make you drink into a stupor.

In any of your adventures with is hydrating drink, don’t take it in excess if you do then you’ve invited more troubles to your body. 


How Much Sugarcane Juice In A Day

A cup or two cups of sugarcane juice is best in a day, this is especially for diabetic patients taking more than two cups of this drink can raise your sugar level and add more calories to the glycogen in your body.

Do not take this drink in excess because of its sweetness, drink and drop the cup to avoid a story that touches the heart.




You can always count on us for your fruit juice production. Note that the video we posted above is for clarity and not spam.

We urge you all to keep learning new things as it never ends. Sugarcane juice has been an inspiration to me since I was a kid.

I can’t forget eating fresh sugarcane while coming back from the farm and I do not like to share it with anyone.

Know when you are satisfied so that it won’t turn the other way around for you.

Remember we started with the question ”how long does sugarcane juice last”

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  1. What if I put or mix with calamnsi or orange on a sugarcane and put in on a plastic cup with seal and put on refrigerator how many hours will it last wait for your reply thank u

  2. I haven’t tried that of orange or lime (calamnsi), but I think it will be a good idea if you try it out and give us your result. Have in mind that the juice won’t last more than 2 weeks, else it will lose its taste gradually.

  3. Rhoda Esi Owusua Gaisie

    What other preservatives can be added to sugar cane juice to make it last longer for let’s say a year or 6 months without refrigerating.

  4. Hi Rhoda

    We talk more about homemade organic sugarcane juice here.

    However, juices are best preserved with citric acid and you should explore more to know the right quantities for your sugarcane juice

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