How LOng Does Soursop Juice Last

Can You Juice Soursop?

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Can you juice soursop? I would honestly say that I don’t like eating soursop because of its irritating nature.

How can you tear soursop into pieces on the farm and the next visit you will receive, are houseflies and other insects that need it.

That’s very irritating you know! But my younger sister likes it a lot and as an elder brother, it is my responsibility to take care of her.

So I embarked on a mission to now the best alternative for soursop until this question appeared to me like a dream ” can you juice soursop?

Yes, you can juice soursop. Soursop is a fruit and like many others, it tastes great but try to visualize the sensational feeling it will give when you juice it.

We have tasted juice from fruits such as watermelon, banana, coconut, and lots more.

Hopefully, you can testify to the great feeling but I bet you have not tasted anything like a soursop juice.

Since some fruits like that of watermelon and orange can be juiced, why is there a trace of doubt about soursop being juiced?

How will you feel, if you get to your dining for lunch and meet your favorite fruit in juice form ready for consumption? Well, I guess you will be very happy.

Don’t worry I will teach you how to make your fresh soursop juice if you wish to learn.

After some thorough research, I made my sister a wonderful soursop juice. And that is what she likes taking to date.

What Does Soursop Juice Taste Like?

Soursop juice tastes great [smiles] like many fruit fans would say it has a combination of strawberry and pineapple but for me most times it gives me a creamy chill and perfect sour taste.

When you eat soursop as a fruit you get the taste it gives.

Most times its annoying, when you are happily enjoying it, boom a seed pops up. For sure the taste is there but trying so hard not to swallow the seed makes it a bit uncomfortable.

Nevertheless, when juiced, the creamy feeling and taste are endless.

So to clear the air, it tastes almost the same as eating the fruit but with ease on having an encounter with its seed gives it a great feeling.

How To Make Soursop Juice

I will give you a step by step procedure on how you can prepare a tasty homemade soursop juice.

Before you can do or follow the procedures, I will outline below what you need to have.

Strainer, a clean bowl, a jar of water, and a juicer or blender.

Then if you don’t want to take the natural juice gotten from the fruit as it came. You can add lime juice and sugar or milk, nutmeg, a pinch of salt, and sugar.

But I prefer taking it naturally even without adding water, its thickness suits my taste

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Here are the steps to make your homemade soursop juice

  1. Get ripe soursop. You can tell if it’s ripe from the color (faint green) and the skin is going to be really soft and large gaps of its protruding skin.
  2. wash the soursop carefully
  3. NOTE – use soap just rinses well with clean water
  4. Peel the back off with either a knife or your hands
  5. After pealing break the soursop into two and remove the stem in between then break it into the tiny piece to allow you to squeeze with your hands or blend with a blender. This is where I find the work very difficult

Steps To Make 

  • Pour it in the sieve and squeeze out the juice with your hands carefully into a clean bowl, after the first phase of that,
  • Turn the residue in another clean bowl and add a controlled quantity of water to avoid making it watery, then squeeze with your hands and sieve again …
    But if you are using a blender
  • Follow step 1-4 then pour the soursop in your blender then add a cup of clean water
  • On the blender and blend it into a smooth tasty liquid, then pour in a sieve to separate the seed from the juice( you can only blend the flesh of the fruit and not the seed)
    *when you are done sieving it, the juice is partially ready for consumption if you wish to get a natural feeling but you can as well mix it with lime water or milk like I already said earlier.
  • Mixing with lime water, pour the lime water and put a spoon full of sugar then mix thoroughly then serve in a glass cup
  • When you are mixing with milk, I will advise you to use condensed milk. Pour in the milk to your taste, add nutmeg, a pinch of salt and mix
  • Now serve in a glass over ice

How Long Does Soursop Juice Last?

Soursop juice can last for a period of 6-8 days when refrigerated but if frozen, the tasty juice can last for a longer period of time. Which is approximately 2 weeks.

6-8 days2 weeks

Recall that much freezing makes it its taste gradually depreciates.

I will advise you to prepàre a quantity that you don’t need to keep for a long period of time.

This juice is sour naturally, they are like the modern-day yogurt.

How To Tell If Soursop Juice Go Bad

Fresh soursop juice gives a nice smell that entails you to take a sip, which means that anytime you start perceiving an unpleasant what, what it insinuates is that the juice is spoilt.

Most times as a result of heat or due to poor preservation. So of soursop juice are properly preserved it takes time before it goes bad

Well in no distant time I will gladly teach you how to properly preserve your soursop juice if you wish to know.


How To Preserve And Make It Last Longer

You can preserve your soursop juice by putting it in the fridge like I already mentioned earlier.

The juice should be in the fridge so, the lower temperature can keep it going .how do you do that?

All you have to do is to transfer your juice into plastic or anything jar durable for storing things.

Place in the fridge and maintain a steady low temperature.

Don’t forget to always check up on it.

Hey dear! Do you want to get it frozen, so you can enjoy it totally dried in ice? Alright, I will help you do that.

All you have to do is to package it the way I outlined above but this time, seal everything you are preserving because it calls for a long time stay. I hope this method helps you.


Soursop juice has so many health benefits which I am going to tell you only a few.

There are antioxidants, they help fight against cancer, they are analgesic properties and also help in the fight against bacteria.
They are many more of its benefits to the body but, I have to stop here for now.

Among these fruits, I want to talk about one of its health benefits in particular. Which is that it helps to fight against cancer.

I will advise you to make juice your best friend and every illness will run far away from you. Remember we started with the question ” Can you juice soursop? 

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