how long does international delight last

How Long Does International Delight Last

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areHow long does international delight last? International delight is a wonderful lactose-free non-dairy creamer.

It is well known for its unique rich sweet flavors.

For people that have dietary issues, it is important to note that it is gluten-free.

Ingredients include water, sugar, sodium(a milk derivative), and calories.

Though it is a very delicious treat, it should not be consumed in large quantities due to high levels of sugar and calories.

It also contains vital nutrients and vitamins that are highly beneficial to one’s health.


So, how long does international delight last after the Opening?

International delight will last up to two weeks after opening.

Different creamers companies have their separate storage dates.

It is very advisable that you go through them before consuming them to know their shelf life and the best way to preserve them.

You should not carelessly leave the container or bottle open when there is a leftover.

Leaving it open without properly Refrigerating can be very detrimental to your health.

When stored properly, you can be sure to enjoy international delight creamers for days after being opened.


How Long Does International Delight Creamer Last In The Fridge?

International delight creamer will last up to five to seven days in the fridge after opening.

Remember that the shelf life depends on the type of creamer.

Some may last for several weeks in the fridge, due to the use of different forms of preservatives.

But it is safer to consume sooner than later. Staying for too long in the fridge may cause harm to one’s health.

Always remember to check the date stamped on the label, because there are different companies with different storage dates.

International delight creamer has different flavors and types that vary when it comes to storage and shelf life.


Where’s The Expiration Date On International Delight Singles?

Well, other creamer products may have Their expiration date stamped under the container or bottle.

But the expiration date on the international delight singles can be found on top of the container.

The “use by” date stamped on top of the container shows the last suggested usage date for an unopened, unfrozen container.

As said earlier, international delight is a non-dairy creamer so it lasts longer than dairy creamers.

Shelf-stable non-dairy creamer can last up to six to twelve months.

On the other hand, refrigerated non-dairy creamer only has a couple of weeks to retain its quality due to its shorter shelf life.

It is very essential you look at the container for the expiration date.


How Long Does International Delight Last After Expiration Date?

It is not advisable to consume international delight creamer after the expiration date.

The reason is the fact that the quality, flavor, and pleasant taste will no longer be available.

Intake of this expired product will surely lead to illness.

Though some unopened creamers may last up to two weeks in the fridge, opened creamers may not retain their freshness after five to seven days.

So international delight creamer is no longer edible after the expiration date.

It is better to be on the safer side by avoiding any expired product that can affect your health.


10 Best Substitutes For International Delight

Though international delight creamer has great taste,

Here are wonderful substitutes for international delight;

  1. Vanilla coconut milk creamer
  2. Coconut pumpkin spice creamer
  3. Date-sweetened chocolate cashew milk
  4. Homemade powdered creamer
  5. Commercial coffee creamers
  6. Nod pods creamers
  7. Laird superfood creamers
  8. Elmhurst oat creamers
  9. Vital protein collagen creamers
  10. Silk soy creamer


How Long Does International Delight Iced Coffee Last?

International delight iced coffee is a very special coffee made from 100 percent Arabica.

It is readily available to drink at any time of your choice.

All you have to do is to shake it properly and pour over ice.

The flavor is so irresistible. It is known for its never-bitter flavor, which also has some similarities with Starbucks coffee.

International Delight Iced coffee will last long till the date is stamped on top of the container in an unopened state,

But once opened, it should be consumed within seven to ten days.

Remember it must be refrigerated, it may not last longer than 2 hours outside the refrigerator.

Due to personal choice, some may prefer it warm, but it is best served chilled.


Can You Freeze International Delight?

Yes, you can freeze international delight creamer.

Well, some companies do not suggest freezing your creamer Especially when it contains dairy ingredients.

But international delight creamer is non-dairy, so it can be frozen and thawed back to its original state with the same refreshing taste.

It is suggested not to freeze the international delight bottles so that the liquid will not expand and overflow into the bottle.

But there are steps that can help you freeze successfully.

One of the best ways to freeze is to keep it in the original bottle.

You do not need to remove some amount of creamer fearing that it may explode or expand.

You can also freeze your international delight iced coffee.

Just pour them into your ice cube tray and freeze. When it comes to thawing, you need to be careful not to damage the quality or taste.

The best way to thaw is to leave it in the fridge overnight, or for some hours.

This process will ensure that it returns to the liquid state and still retains its original quality.


How To Store International Delight

You can store international delight in a fridge. With the exception of singles, all packages should be refrigerated.

After you open the pack or bottle, ensure it is covered properly when not in use and place it in the fridge.

The reason why unopened creamer singles should not be refrigerated is that they are packaged especially in aseptic containers that help preserve them longer.

It is noteworthy to label bottles or containers that are stored in the fridge with the date of purchase.

The older ones should be placed forward, while newer ones should be inside.

This process will ensure you remember to consume the older products before the new ones.

You will be safe from consuming bad products because the label will serve as a reminder.


How To Tell If International Delight Is Expired

There are a number of ways to check if your international delight creamer has expired.

You need to check if the creamer bottle is open.

After you have made sure it is sealed, the next step is to check the date to see whether is still good to consume.

Once it has past the recommended date, then it must be avoided.

Secondly, you need to smell it, to ensure it smells good. If you notice any sour smell, that is a clear indication that it must be thrown away.

You also need to visually inspect it by pouring it into a glass to check for unusual clumps or thickness.

The glass should be transparent so you can inspect it clearly.

If the other steps don’t give you a clear indication, then you need to taste the creamer in a small amount.

You can definitely tell from the taste if it is bad or not. It is very important to inspect before consuming to avoid sickness.


Is International Delight Lactose-Free?

It is interesting to know that international delights are lactose-free creamer.

Even though it contains some sodium which is a milk derivative or milk protein, it is proven to be lactose-free.

This makes it an excellent choice because it contains vitamins, calcium, and iron.

International Delight lactose-free creamer can help stop stomach pain, bloating, and gas.

When your body can’t break down lactose, it creates some acid and gas leading to serious pain in the stomach.

But the international delight lactose-free creamer is free from lactose,

Also has some health benefits like loss of weight, clear skin, reduced inflammation, improved digestion, and bone density.


Is International Delight Caramel Macchiato Gluten-Free?

Yes, the international delight caramel macchiato is gluten-free.

The ingredients for this special creamer with fantastic flavor include Water Cane Sugar, and Palm Oil, Contains 2% or Less of Sodium (a milk derivative) Dipotassium Phosphate,

Carrageenan, Salt, Natural and Artificial Flavors.

This is because it is gluten-free it helps reduce inflammation, boost your energy and reduce weight.

It also has a unique taste that suits everybody. It can be enjoyed at home or the office.


What Does International Delight Taste Like?

International Delight comes in different unique flavors. Some are very sweet, while other flavors contain salt making them spicy.

You can enjoy whatever flavor you want with the normal balance of sweetness and rich flavor by shaking it properly and pouring it over ice.

The reason for this sweetness is the addition of artificial sweeteners like sucralose.

There is also some flavor that contains less sugar. So it all depends on the type of flavor you want.



International Delight is a unique lactose-free creamer that comes in different flavors.

It is well known for its diversity. When stored properly, it can last for days and still retain its freshness.

This diversity and quality make it more enjoyable for people with different choices a

d tastes.

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