how long does kendamil last

How Long Does Kendamil Last?

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Kendamil is a Sustainable Baby Milk that uniquely uses plant-based DHA and unlike most other kinds of milk, it is vegetarian-friendly, palm oil-free, and fish oil-free.

Apart from the fact that they create a much better-tasting formula, avoiding fish oil means they avoid other potential allergens by uniquely sourcing their DHA from a much purer source.


So, how long does Kendamil last once made?

Once made, the Kendamil formula should be used within 2 hours at room temperature and 1 hour from the time your little one starts sucking from the bottle.

Ensure to throw away any remaining formula, do not keep it for later use.


How Long Does Kendamil Last In The Fridge?

Ideally, babies’ formula is not meant to be stored in the fridge.

They are best when freshly made.

If you must store it in the fridge, do that within 2 hours of preparation, making sure the bottle hasn’t been sucked from.


Can You Freeze Kendamil?

Kendamil is a powdered formula that should be kept dry at all times.

It is unstable for refrigeration and freezing

This is because the moisture in the fridge and freezer could compromise the formula and cause it to become moist and clumpy.

This is not recommended, as freezing powdered formula will cause the product’s components to separate once it is mixed with water.


How Long Does Kendamil Tub Last?

An unopened Kendamil tub can last for two years from the date of production, once opened use within 4 weeks.


Does Kendamil Do Ready Made?

Yes, apart from making powdered formulas, kendamil also produces read-to-feed formulas which are also made avoiding both palm and fish oils.

Kendamil Ready-to-feed Infant Milk is a nutritionally complete breastmilk substitute

That is uniquely made without fish oil or palm oil to be suitable as a sole source of nutrition for babies

From birth to 6 months and also as part of a weaning diet from 6 to 12 months.


What’s The Difference Between Kendamil And Kendamil Organic?

The Organic variation has no added unnecessary ingredients like nucleotides, Arachidonic acid, prebiotics, or taurine, it is made with naturally occurring L-Carnitine.

The standard product is made with added L-Carnitine, L-Phenylalaline, L-Tyrosine, and a lot more.

The Organic variation is certified by Red tractor-certified milk, Eu organic certification, and UK soil association certification while the classic variation is only red tractor-certified milk.

Additionally, with the removal of arachidonic acid, it looks like the organic variation doesn’t have any extra added DHA.


Does Kendamil Expire?

Yes, kendamil does Expire. It always comes with an expiration date which is located at the bottom of the can.

The shelf life is usually 2 years from the days of the date of production.

That is if left unopened and properly stored in a cool, dry location away from heat sources and direct sunlight.

After opening, you have at least 4 weeks to use it up before the vitamins and minerals start losing their nutrients.


How Long Does Kendamil Last After Expiration Date?

Kendamil should not be used after the expiration date.

Discard once expired as the vitamins and minerals might have lost their nutrients.


5 Best Substitutes For Kendamil

1. Prémibio Formula

The first on the list Prémibio’s Organic formula.

It is currently the most similar to Kendamil formula with the biggest difference being that Kendamil contains HMOs (Human Milk Oligosaccharides) and is made with whole milk while

Prémibio formula is made with skim and whey milk and is soy-free, gluten-free, palm oil free and free from fish oil.

Similarities and differences between Premibio Formula and Kendamil Formula.

Both are Palm oil and fish oil-free, they both contain probiotics, and are both Soy-free and gluten-free.

The difference is that Premibio contains maltodextrin and is made with powdered whey and skim milk

2. Jovie Goat Milk Formula

Jovie is a dutch company that makes high-quality organic goat milk baby formulas without the use of harmful pesticides, chemicals, GMOs, or antibiotics.

This kendamil alternative is full of important nutrients including fatty acids DHA and AA and it also contains added prebiotics.

According to some studies, it is believed that goat milk is more easily digestible.

Similarities and differences between the jovie goat milk formula and the kendamil formula.

Both are palm oil-free, contain prebiotics, and are made with whole milk.

Also, lactose is the only source of carbohydrates as they don’t contain starch or maltodextrin.

The difference between both is that jovie contains fish oil and is made with goat’s milk


3. HiPP Dutch Formula

This formula is as close to real breast milk as it gets

This is because it is free from artificial sweeteners and GMOs and it contains natural probiotic lactic acid cultures originally extracted from real breast milk.

It contains some of the best nutrients such as prebiotics, DHA and ARA (essential fatty acids), minerals, and vitamins A, D, and C to support your baby’s health.

Similarities between HiPP Dutch Formula and Kendamil Formula.

Lactose is the only source of carbohydrates as they don’t contain starch or maltodextrin, both are made with cow’s milk, and contain probiotics and prebiotics

Differences between HiPP Dutch Formula and Kendamil Formula.

HiPP Dutch Formula contains fish oil and skimmed milk.

It also contains palm oil which is added as a source of palmitic acid to mimic the fatty acids in breast milk.

4. Holle Goat Milk Formula

This alternative is great for babies with sensitive tummies as It is formulated with A2 goat milk protein

Which is composed of less lactose and smaller fat molecules for easier digestion.

They are free from artificial sweeteners and GMOs and are made using chemical-free agricultural practices.

The ingredients used in the production are sourced from biodynamic farms.

Similarities between Holle Goat Milk Formula and Kendamil Formula.

Both formulas are free from Fish oil and palm oil and are made with whole milk

Differences between Holle Goat Milk Formula and Kendamil Formula.

This is Because Holle strives to keep their products simple with few added ingredients, they do not add probiotics or prebiotics in its formula.

Also, Holle formula is made with goat’s milk

5. Löwenzahn Organics Formula

Löwenzahn Formula primarily consists of milk proteins, EU organic skimmed milk, organic vegetable oils, and lactose.

This formula is easily digestible and they go beyond EU standards to include higher levels of minerals and vitamins.

Similarities between Löwenzahn Formula and Kendamil Formula.

Both are free from Fish oil and they are both enriched with prebiotics

Differences between Löwenzahn Formula and Kendamil Formula.

Löwenzahn Formula contains palm oil that is certified sustainable by RSPO. Also, the formula is made with skim milk


How Do You Know When Kendamil Is Expired?

To know when the kendamil formula will expire, check on the top or bottom of the product for an expiration date.

You can also tell if it’s bad when it starts having an unusual color, smell, or texture.


How To Store Kendamil

Ensure to store both the opened and unopened cans in a cool, dry location.


Can You Combi Feed With Kendamil?

Yes, you can combo feed with kendamil.

Combination feeding or in short “combo feeding” is the process of feeding a baby both breast milk and formula milk.

This is brought about by so many reasons such as healthcare reasons, low milk supply, going back to work, and a lot more.

This process of combining Formula with breast milk can be a great option for those looking for an alternative to exclusively breastfeeding.

Here are tips to help make the transition a little easier.

If you have made up your mind to combo-feed your little one, the TOP UP method is a great start.

You can express your breast milk into a bottle and give it to your baby, then followed by a top-up of formula.

Many parents find it easier to mix breast milk and formula milk in one bottle.

Just ensure that the formula is prepared separately according to the manufacturer’s instructions and NHS guidelines,

Then add the breast milk when it’s at room temperature.

Mixing breast milk with hot Formula could compromise the nutrients in the breast milk.

If you haven’t introduced a bottle before, ensure that your baby is relaxed

This is because introducing an alternative way of feeding can be a struggle.

Getting as much skin-to-skin contact with your baby to help build the bond and try holding at a different position than how you normally hold when breastfeeding.


What Does Kendamil Taste Like?

Kendamil has a naturally creamy taste and reduced levels of vegetable oils

This is because the primary ingredient and source of fat in the formula is Whole Milk.



Kendamil is a great Formula for your baby as they include naturally occurring MFGM (Milk Fat Globule Membrane) in the product,

But in the case that you’re unable to get your hands on it, several formulas offer the same sustainability, quality, and nutritionally advanced formulation as Kendamil Formula.

You can speak with your doctor for help when finding a formula that suits your baby’s needs.

Try limiting the amount of time that you switch your baby’s formula as this could be stressful for your baby’s body.

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