How Long Does Mortadella Last After Opening

How Long Does Mortadella Last?

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How long does mortadella last? This is a light pink, Italian sausage mainly served in slices with a smooth texture containing pieces of fat.

Mortadella is made with freshly grounded pork and a small cut of pork neck fat.

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The presence of salt and the high content of vitamins B1, and B2, proteins, iron, niacin, zinc, and other minerals make mortadella an excellent food.

Which has valuable benefits ranging from promoting hair, nails, skin, and teeth health to contributing to better mood and higher energy levels.

In this post, I’ll tell you all that you need to know about food shelf life and its storage

Ranging from how long does fresh mortadella last in the fridge, freezer, and at room temperature? How to store it to make it last longer and how to tell if it is bad.

Read up, and drop your questions!

So, how long does mortadella last in the fridge?

How long mortadella last in the fridge depends on if it is opened or still sealed. If unopened mortadella can keep up to 1 month. Once sliced or opened it should be used in the interval of a week to prevent bacteria penetration.

Mortadella is a healthy food product, provided it is made in accordance with the right quality standards and consumed reasonably.


How Long Does Mortadella Last After Expiration?

The expiration date on the package may elapse during the storage period, but the mortadella will remain safe to use after the expiration date if properly stored.

When properly Refrigerated, if opened and sliced the shelf life of mortadella past its expiration date is approximately five to six days and up to one month when frozen.

If still sealed it can pass its expiration date with one month in the refrigerator and up to two months in the freezer.

This difference in date is because once mortadella is sliced, bacteria can easily penetrate it.


Can You Freeze Mortadella?

Yes, you can easily freeze mortadella and it will remain good between two and three months if well protected from air and frozen.

To properly freeze your mortadella first thing to do is to;

  • Slice it into smaller pieces: this makes it easier to defrost the mortadella, the smaller they are the faster they defrost and this leads to a more even heating.
  • Pack it into airtight containers or freezing bags: if not unsealed you can put it as it is into the freezer cause it is already well protected from air exposure.
  • Press as much air as possible out of the bag: exposure to air causes it to dry out and sometimes it shortens the storage time of the mortadella.
  • After making sure that there is no exposure to the air you can then put your mortadella in the freezer.
  • Freezing an opened mortadella requires a bit more attention unlike a sealed one.
  • Unopened packaged mortadella is the easiest to freeze because it is already sealed in airtight packaging so no need to worry much about air penetration
  • On the safer side, use aluminum foil to wrap the package or put it in an air-tight bag.
  • This adds additional protection against freezer burn. Always remember to label and date your pack for reference purposes.
  • To defrost Mortadella bring out the slices from the refrigerator and keep until the ice is completely melted.
  • You can also use a microwave oven for a quick defrosting warm-up until the ice melts out.


How Long Does Mortadella Last In The Freezer?

Freezing mortadella at an ideal temperature degrees of 35 F and 39 F requires a few steps but it’s worth the stress rather than throwing away which wastes both food and cash.

When well protected and kept frozen mortadella can last for 2 to 3 months.



How Long Does Mortadella Last After Opening?

Mortadella stays good for seven days after being cut open and can be left out at room temperature for about two hours.

If it exceeds the two hours no need taking back to the fridge just eat up or throw it out.

Mortadella like most food needs to be refrigerated after opening.


Does Mortadella Go Bad?

The answer is yes! Fresh mortadella can go bad due to improper storage or if it’s past its expiration.

At times we are tempted to stock up on mortadella especially when there is a good discount on sale or we want to limit our trip to the grocery store.

But before stocking up your fridge with excessive mortadella you should have it in mind that although mortadella has many wonderful qualities.

A long shelf-life simply isn’t one of them so it will surely go bad as time passes by.


How To Tell If Mortadella Is Bad

It is estimated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that foodborne diseases can lead to over 76 million illnesses each year in the United States.

Eating spoilt sausage can increase the risk of contracting one of these diseases.

No one wants to fall sick that is why we need to be very selective when picking our meals.

Here are steps to tell if mortadella has gone bad;

Wear rubber gloves and inspect your mortadella.

Unwrap and check for any signs of discoloration, like darker spots, grey, black, brown, or green areas.

Discoloration indicates dehydration or freezer burn.

Also, look out for creamy spots which is a sign of mold.

To determine if it is rotten, smell for any sour odor like ammonia or sulfur smell.

If you should perceive any unpleasant odd it indicates the presence of bacteria.

Touch the mortadella to feel for signs of stickiness, slime, hardening, fur, or whiskers.

This is another way to indicate the presence of mold and bacteria, as well as, yeast spoilage or dehydration.


Before refrigeration wrap your mortadella to prevent freeze burn, contamination, dehydration, and absorption of odor


Sometimes foods that appear normal may still contain bacteria which can lead to sickness.

The best precaution is to refrain from eating foods that are improperly stored

And once it has been opened, it is generally advised to eat within three to five days.

When the mortadella becomes slimy with a film on the outside or has any odd smell

It should be thrown away cause these signs show that it has gone bad and is not safe for consumption.

How Long Does Sliced Mortadella Last In The Fridge?

Once sliced mortadella loses its freshness quickly and is more open to bacteria penetration so it is advised to use it within 3 to 6 days of being sliced and kept in the fridge.

To store sliced this, alternate layers of sliced mortadella with layers of parchment paper squares.

This is to ensure that no two pieces of this sausage are touching and it makes it easier to pick up when you need some.


Can You Eat 2 Day Old Sausages?

A sausage is a highly seasoned meat product in the casing of a prepared animal intestine

It is usually made from minced meat, often pork, poultry, or beef.

Sausages are durable food products with fewer preservatives and have a long shelf-life,

So they can be enjoyed for a long period of time.

Purchased sausages may be refrigerated for 1 to 2 days. Provided your sausage is well refrigerated and protected from bacteria, it can be eaten after two days.

How Do You Store Mortadella Slices?

Once sliced mortadella loses its freshness quickly and it is more pro to bacteria penetration but when properly wrapped with aluminum foil it tends to be safe.

The slices can be stored in two ways, either in the fridge or freezer.

  • To store already sliced mortadella in the freezer tightly wrapped them in aluminum foil to prevent air from entering which might lead to freezer burn.
  • Pack it into airtight containers or freezing bags, press as much air as possible out of the bag, and then freeze.



Ingredients present are rich fatty pork, white pepper, garlic powder,

Coriander, mace, anise, ground caraway, black peppercorns, and pistachios are mellowed when cooked.

It contains all the essential and non-essential amino acids needed for growth, repair of damaged tissues,

And the synthesizing of neurotransmitters, so it is a good source of protein.

It is also a good source of iron( which helps make red blood cells) and vitamin B12.

The storage of this amazing sausage is quite cool and that’s the reason for the question ” how long does mortadella last ”

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