how to preserve french onion soup

How Long Does French Onion Soup Last?

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It’s also called Soupe à ľ Oignon Gratinée. It’s made with; beef stock and caramelized onion and served with bread and cheese.

Yellow onion is preferable but white and red onion is a good substitute.

Dry wine, red wine, or vinegar can be used to deglaze the pan and add flavor to the soup.

It’s rich in nutrients, though it’s time-consuming cause it has to be cooked over low heat to get the best taste.

This side dish pairs with many dishes as an appetizer and is easy to prepare.

In this, I will tell you more about how to make this delicious and irresistible soup last in the fridge, freezer, and at room temperature

Read carefully and don’t forget to drop your questions in the comment section.

So, how long does French onion soup last in the fridge?

Homemade French Onion Soup lasts for 3 to 4 days in a refrigerator before going bad if you store it properly in the right conditions necessary in the fridge.

After cooking, it is allowed to be cooled to room temperature. Then it is placed in air-tight containers and labeled.


Can You Freeze French Onion Soup?

The answer is yes! In other to keep the shelf life of this irresistible soup to a halt, you must freeze French onion soup.

When the soup is at room temperature, to freeze it preferably put it in freezer-safe containers or freezer-safe bags.

It can remain frozen for 4 to 6 months and may remain safe beyond that time if properly sealed.

For best quality keep it constantly at 0°F to keep it safe indefinitely.

When it’s to be consumed soup should be left to defrost in the refrigerator overnight.

If thawed in the microwave or cold water it should be eaten immediately.




Is French Onion Soup Better Eaten The Next Day?

French Onion Soup tastes better the next day and two days after preparation. It enables the broth to absorb more of the caramelized flavor.

Cheese croutons won’t be added to prevent spoilage until serving time.


How Long Does French Onion Soup Take To Make?

While using a stove, you use low heat permanently to reserve nutrients.

If it is too high it causes nutrient loss and burns giving the soup a scorched and bitter flavor.

This is to ensure the onion is soft and caramelized.



How Long Does It Take To Put French Onion Soup In The Oven?

To prepare this meal in the oven, it has to be preheated in the soup bowls to 400 degrees.

In oven-based soup bowls, the cheese side should be up, and the soup is heated for about 40 minutes.


What Does French Onion Soup Taste Like?

French onion soup has a sweet flavor from the caramelized onion and the rich taste of the beef stock.

Its taste is thinner than cream-based soups but thicker than chicken noodle soup.


Is French Onion Soup Gluten-Free?

French onion soup is standardly not gluten-free due to salad croutons and beef stock fat.

To avoid gluten it can be prepared with gluten-free salad croutons and gluten-free beef stock and no sodium glutamate by using real onion.


Is French Onion Soup Vegetarian?

The standard onion soup consists of beef stock but to make it edible for a vegan caramelized onion is used to prepare it without adding beef stock.

Its meaty flavor is replaced by Tamar and balsamic vinegar.

The continental side dish for vegetarians consists of;

Water, onions, modified food starch, sugar, salt, onion powder, natural flavor, yeast extract, and garlic powder

Excluding butter, beef, and beef fat.



How To Tell If French Onion Soup Is Bad?

For any food item or ingredient to go bad, there must be an error somewhere.

Here is how to tell if it is unfit for human consumption;

  1. The appearance of this appealing soup is the first thing you’ll notice whenever it’s going south. If you notice that the fresh look has turned awful, discard this soup immediately.
  2. Fresh onions are naturally a turn-off for kids when they are consuming this soup, now what will happen if the taste goes off the next day?
  3. How this amazing soup smells is the best thing that can happen to any soup, this is because fresh soup always smells nice and appealing but when they’re bad it smells awful.


Is French Onion Soup Keto?

French onion soup is not keto-friendly due to the presence of too many carbohydrates.

This is from excess onions and ingredients like; sugar, sulfite, and high fructose from corn syrup.

It can be keto-friendly by cutting down on the onion and excess carbohydrates.


Is French Onion soup Healthy?

This side dish is healthy due to its high-nutrition choice.

This ranges from onion which contains Quercetin to the presence of Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Iron, Folate, and Potassium.

It provides cold and flu relief with its anti-inflammatory properties.

It boosts the immune system, promotes good joint, and skin health, and aids weight management.


Are French Soup Bowls Oven Safe?

Most French onion soup bowls are oven safe.

They can sustain a temperature of about 400°F hence the liquid boiling point is 212°F, which will reduce the temperature.


How To Preserve French Onion Soup

Here’s how to store this fresh French soup to make it last longer in the fridge, freezer, and at room temperature;

  1. After cooking, allow cooling for some minutes
  2. Dish it in a flask, container, or a food storage bag
  3. Refrigerate for some hours and transfer to the freezer
  4. Freeze well and avoid displacing it
  5. If there’s a drop in temperature for some hours in the freezer, the soup will go bad immediately.


What Is The Traditional Cheese For French Onion Soup?

The traditional cheese for the delicious and mouth-watering soup is gruyere cheese. This is because of its outstanding qualities over other kinds of cheese.

Gruyere cheese melts, grates easily, and adds that creamy flavor that you desire to this soup.




The French onion soup has a rich taste of caramelized onion and beef stock.

It can be prepared on the stove or in the oven.

This special soup tastes better the next day after preparation and has a fridge life of 3 to 4 days and a freezer life of 4 to 6 months.

You can prepare and preserve it to suit Vegetarians, Keto, and be gluten-free.

It is a healthy diet that goes well with meals as a good appetizer.

Ensure to preserve what you cherish and don’t forget the question ” how long does french onion soup last ”

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