How Long Does Soda Bread Last

How Long Does Soda Bread Last

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How long does soda bread last in the fridge? This is a variety of quick bread that has sodium bicarbonate as the leavening agent rather than yeast.

Sodium bicarbonate is also known as baking soda or bread soda (in Ireland).

The basic Ingredients of soda bread are; flour, baking soda, salt, and buttermilk.

Extra ingredients are butter, eggs, raisins, or nuts.

The advantage of quick bread is that it is reliable and saves time.

It doesn’t require time-consuming skills and frequent checking of the temperature of the oven.

It originated in North America and is created mainly by native Americans.

Quick forehand info! The texture of soda bread comes as a result of the reaction between acidic milk and baking soda.

It tastes mild and biscuit-like. It is not meant to be eaten on its own but to be served with butter, jam, or meat.

In this post, you will  know some of the shelf life strategies that I use in making my soda bread last longer

Starting from how long does sourdough bread last in the fridge, freezer, and at room temperature? how to store it and how to tell if it is bad.

Read carefully, drop your questions in the box, and do not skip a line.

So, how long does soda bread stay in the fridge?

Irish soda bread lasts for 4 to 6 weeks in the refrigerator before going bad if you keep it properly in the right conditions necessary in the fridge.

The best way to defrost soda bread is to store them in the fridge overnight in order to thaw it.

Ensure it is thawed overnight in the refrigerator.

Do not rush to defrost it in the microwave within a few minutes, because it will lose its taste.

Aside from this, it is not recommended to store soda bread in the fridge because it dries up more quickly thereby becoming stale.


Is Soda Bread Good For Weight Loss?

Many people blame their overweight on loaves of bread.

Actually, not all buns cause overweight. Soda bread is an example of bread that is low in fat and yeast free.

Hence, it is good for weight loss and the ingredients in soda bread are simple

And do not attract fat – wholemeal or white flour, buttermilk, baking powder, and salt.

Originally, soda bread is suitable for people who are on yeast-free diets. The bread made originally for weight loss is the Granary.

It is similar to wholemeal but has a heavier texture with the purpose of filling up the stomach so that there’s no room to binge eat.

Soda bread is 100% natural and low fat.

It uses baking soda as a leavening agent instead of yeast so that people don’t feel bloated after eating bread.

The benefits of soda bread are:

  1. It reduces the risk of inflammatory diseases because it is low in saturated fat.
  2. Reduces the risk of heart disease because it is low in cholesterol.
  3. It May help to reduce the risk of diabetes because it is sugar-free
  4. Rich in dietary fibers making it capable of reducing constipation and for better weight maintenance.

The recipe for weight loss soda bread includes All-purpose flour.

Low carb all-purpose flour, keto all-purpose flour, and gluten-free all-purpose flour will produce an excellent result of weight loss.


Is Soda Bread Gluten-Free?

Soda bread is not ordinarily gluten-free except gluten-free flour is used along with a gluten-free recipe.

Avoid xanthan gum at all costs if you want gluten-free soda bread.

Gluten-free flours that can be used include; oat flour, almond flour, or potato starch.

The required ingredients for a gluten-free recipe are; gluten-free flour, non-dairy milk, Apple cider vinegar, ground flax seeds, bicarbonate of soda.

If properly baked, you will get gluten-free soda bread.

Another way to achieve gluten-free soda bread is to apply a light touch during preparation especially if it is made with wheat flour.

Excess kneading will cause the dough to develop gluten fibers and tighten the bread.


How Long Does Soda Bread Last In The Freezer?

Soda bread lasts in the freezer for 2 to 3 months, before going bad if you store it properly in the right conditions necessary in the freezer. When ready to serve, defrost overnight in the refrigerator.

Then, reheat and serve warm.

Freezing is a great way of preserving the taste and texture of this bite.

To properly freeze bread, follow the steps correctly;

  1. Allow to cool off well before slicing, wrapping, or handling it.
  2. Wrap tightly in foil as soon as it is cooled. You may need to double up the wrap.
  3. Place in a container. Although this is not so necessary, it provides extra protection to the bread.
  4. Label the date of storage and then freeze.

It is better to freeze the whole bread in order to retain its flavors and texture.

However, it is not good to freeze, reheated, and refreeze loaves of bread.

Hence, you can freeze sliced and reheat only the quantity that can be consumed entirely.

Also, freeze bread while it is still fresh.

Preferably, immediately after cooling off. Freezing bread that has dried up will not give that fresh taste after it has been defrosted and reheated.

So get that yummy soda bread in the freezer while it’s still fresh

And trust that it can stay frozen with taste and texture intact for up to 3 months.


Are Soda Bread And Sourdough Bread The Same?

No, they are entirely different. People often wonder if both are the same, but here’s a clarification. They differ in ingredients, preparation, processes, flavors, and textures.

The main difference between both is the leavening agent. The leavening agent of soda bread is baking soda and acid.

  1. While that sourdough bread is a sourdough starter.
  2. Sourdough bread rises as a result of yeast and the fermentation of bacteria.
  3. While soda bread rises as a result of chemical interaction between baking soda and acids in the dough.
  4. Sourdough bread has a baking process that differs from soda bread.
  5. While sourdough starters will need to keep for long in order to ferment, soda bread is a quick bread that can be baked immediately after mixing.
  6. Types of ingredients used in both breeds differ.
  7. Sourdough bread used High protein Flour while this bite uses all-purpose flour.
  8. Sourdough bread uses water as a source of hydration while soda bread uses milk or buttermilk.
  9. Note that, buttermilk contains both milk and lactic acid.
  10. Hence, when buttermilk is added to soda bread, there’s no need for milk or acid.
  11. But, with just milk, lemon or vinegar is added as a source of acid.
  12. Furthermore, the flavor and texture of both loaves of bread are equally different.
  13. Sourdough has an airy crumb and is light while soda bread is dense.
  14. However, soda bread tastes more rich and milky due to buttermilk.


Are Bread Soda And Baking Powder The Same?

Although they are both leavening agents, they are still different. Baking soda is a base that when mixed with an acidic ingredient -vinegar- bubbles. So this means, any recipe with baking soda automatically has an acidic ingredient too.

This is Because, without balancing baking soda with something acidic, it will have a metallic taste.

Baking powder on the other hand is a mixture of baking soda and a dry acid.

It already contains acid so it does not need another acidic ingredient.

Baking powder and baking soda can be substituted for each other in a recipe. But note that, baking powder is the weaker leavening agent.

Hence, 3-4 times more baking powder will equal baking soda and is used to replace baking powder.

They differ in shell-life, depending on storage conditions.

Baking soda can last for long if stored sealed in a cool, dry place and baking powder can last 3 months to 1 year if stored properly.

But if kept in a humid environment, baking powder will not last more than a month once opened.

To know if your leavening agent is still good; add little vinegar into a bowl of baking soda.

If it bubbles, it’s in good condition. For baking powder, add some water to it. If it foams up, it’s very much okay.

Note that, bread soda is another term for ‘bicarbonate of soda’ and ‘baking soda’.


How Long Does Soda Bread Last At Room Temperature?

Soda bread lasts for 3 to 4 days, at room temperature if wrapped tightly and stored in a cool (away from heat), dry (away from moisture), and dark (away from direct light) area.

To preserve it longer, you can store it in an air-tight container such as a bread box or microwave.

Homemade soda bread can last 3 to 4 days while store-bought soda bread can last for 5 to 7 days if you store it properly.


How To Tell If Soda Bread Is Bad?

Soda bread can go bad, unsafe for consumption and it can go wrong during baking and far from expectations.

Both cases will be addressed here.

To prevent foodborne illness, take precautions in foods you ingest.

  1. Your senses are the most reliable to determine if a loaf of bread has gone bad or not.
  2. Bread may stay past the ‘best-by date’ and still taste good, while others may not reach the ‘best by date’ before going bad.
  3. At the sight of mold on soda bread, at the smell of anything rancid or sour, know that the bread has gone bad and should be thrown out.

Even if only one slice is affected, the entire loaf should be thrown out because mold spores spread quickly and are dangerous.

Reasons For Improperly Leavened Bread

Next side of the coin on a loaf of clumsy soda bread.

It requires a technique to be perfect. A correctly made soda bread should have a chewy crust outside and a tender crumb inside.

Use designated flour for it and not the ones for yeasted bread.

Reasons for improperly leavened bread could be;

  • Too little sodium bicarbonate
  • Old baking soda. Replace baking soda every 6-12 months. Active baking soda should fizz.
  • Over kneading the dough
  • Insufficient acid
  •  Use of baking powder not equivalent to baking soda
  • Excess baking soda makes bread excessively dry.

Insufficient liquid and too high temperature during baking also make the bread dry.

Tackle up these issues and you’ll have a perfect soda bread that can last long enough.


How To Store Soda Bread?

When choosing storage for soda bread, choose the one that has perfect conditions for sustaining the shell life.

There are two approved ways to store this bite;


  1. Allow cooling first before handling. After cooling, cut into slices and wrap separately or wrap it whole.
  2. Re-wrap again in another plastic wrap or place in an airtight container.
  3. Cutting it into slices is for slow and easier consumption because refreezing soda bread is not good.
  4. The next step is, to store it in the freezer if you intend to keep it for long periods.

Room Temperature Storage

  1.  If the intention is for a short period,
  2. Wrap tightly in foil and keep at room temperature in a place that is cool, dry, and dark. This will keep soda bread good for the next few days.

I believe this article has covered all questions and doubts you have about soda bread. Now go make that delicious bread and enjoy it.


This wonderful cuisine is always a bite with so many health benefits.

If you will want to keep it for longer, I think you already know the answer to the question ” how long does soda bread last ”

Keep in mind that without proper storage, it will go bad unconditionally.

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