How To Flip A Pancake Without A Spatula

How To Flip A Pancake Without A Spatula?

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How to flip a pancake without a spatula? Pancakes are delicious in taste and flat in shape. They are made from flour, milk, eggs, and butter and fried on a flat surface that is very hot.

It can be made in different varieties, ranging from thin, thick, fluffy, or crispy. You can also decide to add different types of sauce or toppings, in order to spice it up.

It is commonly called pancake because after preparing it, you have to pour it into a pan. Both sides of your pancake are flipped, so that it can be cooked properly.

Here’s how to flip a pancake without a spatula;

Spatula is used for flipping and spreading your pancakes. But in a situation where your spatula is not available, it is still very possible to flip.

  1. You just need to get a lighter pan, which will make it easier for flipping. The heavy iron pan will be very difficult to flip, resulting in an uncooked pancake. Ensure that your pan has a high lip on all sides, as it makes the process easy.
  2. Use both hands to hold the handle of the pan and shake, until your pancake starts to move around easily. Shake very gently, so that it doesn’t fall off, and use a fork to check if it is properly done in the middle.
  3. As you are shaking the pan, try and tilt it a little bit forward. If it moves toward the rim of the pan, then it means that it is ready for flipping. If it doesn’t move, you have to continue shaking.
  4. Hold the handle of your pan firmly and flip it in an upward direction. This will enable the pancake to flip to the other side. Do it confidently so that it doesn’t drop off your pan.


Do Pancakes Need To Be Flipped?

It is very important that your pancakes are flipped because it enables them to be properly cooked or fried.

It also ensures that it doesn’t get burnt on one side, due to the failure of flipping it to the other side.

Eating a half-cooked pancake will certainly not be enjoyable, so you must flip.


How Long Should You Let A Pancake Sit Before Flipping It?

You can let your pancake sit for about one minute or more before you flip it.

Also observe carefully, to see whether your pancake is already getting brown or it has started pulling away from the sides of the pan.

Your pancake should not sit for too long so that it doesn’t get burnt on one side, as this can ruin its delicious taste.


What Makes Pancakes So Fluffy?

The baking powder used for pancakes contains some form of chemical that triggers and releases gas, especially when mixed with liquid.

The first stage of this activity happens very slowly.

However, it releases a much bigger gas in the second stage, when your batter is very hot.

This quick burst of many bubbles of gas is the reason why your pancake is fluffy.


10 Best Alternatives For Spatula

Here are the best alternatives for spatulas;

1. GIR Ultimate Spatula:

This is the best silicone spatula for your pancakes. It is perfect for flipping because it is flexible, slim, and sturdy.

It comes in different colors, giving you the opportunity to make a choice.

You don’t you to worry about it melting due to hotness, because it is resistant to heat and can withstand up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Material The Slotted Spatula:

This is the overall best metal spatula and is suitable for people that want something sturdy.

They are also very easy to handle and highly resistant to heat. They are available in three colors and are used in shallow pans.

It can be purchased at an affordable rate of twenty dollars.

3. Crate & Barrel Acacia Solid Turner:

Unlike some types of metal spatulas that can scratch your cooking pan, this wooden spatula is totally different.

This spatula does not scratch any cooking ware and they are great for flipping.

They do not conduct any form of heat, which makes them last longer than a plastic spatula.

4. Winco Fish Spatula:

Even though this spatula is designed for easy flipping of fish, you can also use it for your pancakes.

It is made with stainless steel and a wooden handle, which makes the flipping easier to do.

You can buy it at an affordable price of eight dollars.

5. KitchenAid Classic Slotted Turner:

One interesting feature of this spatula is that it has a wide head.

This enables you to flip any kind of pancake, either big or small, as it has the ability to conveniently flip it over without stress.

It is also easy to handle and resistant to heat, which is about 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

6. Tovolo Flex-Core Stainless Steel Handled Spatula:

This is known as one of the best scrapper spatulas, as it helps to remove ingredients that are found at the side of a mixing bowl.

However, you can still use it for your pancakes, because it is easy to hold.

7. MSC International Joie Mini Spatula:

This spatula is made for egg flipping because it is portable and easy to use.

You can also use it for small pancakes. Even though it is small, it can resist heat that is about 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

8. OXO Good Grips Grilling Turner:

This unique turner is made with durable materials that contain steel and a rubber handle that doesn’t slip off your hand.

It gives you a good distance between you and the pan since it has a long handle.

This ensures that you are not affected or getting too close to the heat source.


9. DI ORO Designer Silicone Turner:

This wonderful alternative is suitable for both professional cooks and amateurs.

It is very suitable for flipping pancakes, as it is designed to have a base that is flat and round.

This enables you to pick up the pancake without breaking it.

It is also designed with materials, which ensures that it doesn’t stick to the turner while flipping.

10. Homi Styles Pancake Spatula:

This flipper comes with a lot of features.

It has some little fancy cuts in the middle that helps to drain excess oil from your food.

It is designed in a special way so that it is non-sticky.

The handle is easy to hold, which makes it easy to flip effortlessly.


How Often Should You Flip A Pancake?

You must not flip your pancake regularly. In fact, the pancake should be flipped only once.

This means that you must know when to flip and when not to flip.

Flipping at the wrong time will ruin the entire pancake, that is why you must be very careful.

It should not be done quickly, give about four minutes or more, till you begin to see the bubbles popping.

Do not flip, when you only see bubbles. You must ensure that it popped off and there are holes in your batter.


How To Know When A Pancake Is Done

It is very easy to know when your pancake is ready to consume or fully done.

When you begin to see bubbles popping, that should give you the first sign, that your pancake is almost ready.

The second clear indication of a properly cooked pancake is when you turn it over and it is golden brown in color.

Ensure that you time it properly so that the other side does not get burnt in the cooking process.

After flipping, allow it to stay for some additional minutes,

This will make sure that the whole sides of your pancake are thoroughly touched and golden brown in color.

When this is achieved, then you can be sure that your pancake is ready.


How Long Should A Pancake Cook On Each Side?

It takes about four to five minutes to fully cook your pancake.

For each side of your pancake, you need to dedicate about two minutes or more to each side.

This will enable it to fully cook well so that it can taste really nice.

However, you must be very observant to know when to flip it and when to leave it.

Staying for too long without flipping will surely result in the burning of your pancake.

Also, removing it too early is not good, because it is not properly done and you may not enjoy the taste of it.

So a minimum of two minutes duration on each side is suitable for a properly cooked pancake.



Pancakes are very easy to prepare, as it requires few ingredients.

They are well known, because of their delicious taste, especially when prepared properly.

In order for your pancake to have a very great taste, you need to adhere to some guidelines.

You have to ensure that your baking powder is fresh,

This means that you have to check the expiration date, so you don’t use expired baking powder.

Also make sure that your dry ingredients are properly whisked, in order to avoid getting lumpy.

Always pay attention to timing, as it helps you know when to flip when it is properly done.

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