How Long Does Pickled Mango Last

How Long Does Pickled Mango Last?

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How long does pickled mango last? Pickled mango is a Filipino side dish also known as burong mangga.

It is made from a combination of vinegar, water, salt, sugar, and mangoes.

They are also very easy to prepare, you just need to pour the mixture of boiled water and sugar over the salted mangoes.

Partially ripe or unripe green mangoes can be used during preparation.

Different spices are also used to bring out the rich appetizing taste.

So, how long does pickled mango last in the fridge?

Pickled mango can last up to three months in the fridge.

It tastes great as it continues to age. It is also important to note that it should be prepared and stored in a non-reactive container.

A reactive cooking pot may cause discoloration due to the acidic content found in the solution of your pickled mango.

Low pH can react with materials like aluminum, copper, and cast iron.

Best cooking materials include stainless steel, enamel-coated materials, ceramic, or glass.

Mason jars are preferable when it comes to storage.

It is important you properly seal the jar before placing it in the fridge to avoid contamination from microorganisms like bacteria.

You should ensure that the solution is prepared properly so that you can get the right flavor out of it.

Once it is soaked in the pickling liquid, it will become very difficult to adjust the flavors.

Some may decide to store it at room temperature,

But it is best to store it in the fridge in order to prolong its freshness and flavor.

Why Does Pickled Mango Last Longer?

There are some reasons why pickled mango last longer.

First of all, the pickling liquid contains mild acid due to low pH, which can help slow down the growth of bacteria.

In general acidic environments are not conducive for microorganisms.

The vinegar which produces the acid acts as a preservative.

Also, the salt content can lead to dehydration in the environment surrounding the mango, remember that salt is hypertonic to mangoes, which results in plasmolysis.

This unique process takes out water from the vacuoles through osmosis,

Thereby causing bacteria to die immediately.

You may also decide to further prolong its shelf life by using turmeric powder in addition to salt

Then, dry them for up to three hours under the sun before pouring your pickling liquid into them.

This will further create an unconducive environment for the microbes, making it last longer.

Lastly, oil can also be added in order to form a protective layer from bacteria whenever exposed at room temperature.


What To Do With Pickled Mango?

You can use pickled mangoes as side dishes or full snacks.

They can be used on couscous, chicken, falafels, fish, curried dishes, or any other vegetables.

They are very healthy to consume as it contains vital nutrients, fiber, and vitamins.

It also serves as an antioxidant, strengthens your immune system, gives you good skin and so many other benefits.

As long as it is properly prepared, you can use it on any meal of your choice.

What Does Pickled Mango Taste Like?

Pickled mango has a savory sweet taste.

This is a result of the combination of vinegar and sugar which brings out the sweetness.

Ripe yellow mangoes are naturally sweet without involving the pickling process.

Using them might increase the sweetness making it too slimy and sugary for consumption.

That is why it is best to use green mangoes, which give it a crispy texture and help balance the taste after the pickling process.

Additional spices and coloring also give it a unique flavor that comes with a tart-like taste.

In a nutshell, it tastes very delicious when prepared well.

Does Pickled Mango Expire?

Yes, your pickled mango can expire.

Though it has a long shelf life, it gets to a point where it starts to degrade in quality.

It is very important that you avoid using a wet or used spoon in scooping out your fruit from the container or jar.

During storage, you must use a very clean jar to avoid contamination, so that it doesn’t give room for microbial activities.

An unopened jar can last for several months because there is no room for air and moisture.

Once you start opening your jar, it comes in contact with the environment and humidity which aids in its degradation.

When you follow the normal safety tips, you can rest assured that it will last a long time before it expires.

When you begin to notice a change in quantity and taste, it is a clear sign that it has expired and must be thrown away.

How Long Does Pickled Mango Last After Expiration Date?

It can last a few days after the expiration date.

It is best to look for signs that indicate spoilage so that you don’t consume bad or expired pickled mango.

Remember it is very dangerous to consume especially when it has stayed for too long or has past its expiration date for a long time.

It can cause damage to your digestive system and other serious health issues.

This is because it has past its expiration date, and it starts to lose its quality and crispy texture.

It may also become slimy and unappealing in appearance.

This is a result of contamination by molds and harmful bacteria.

It is best to be on the safe side by disposing of it immediately after the expiration date to avoid posing a danger to one’s health.

But if you decide to consume after the expiration date, it is important to use your due diligence to identify signs of spoilage before eating it.


10 Best Substitutes For Pickled Mango

Pickled mango tastes so nice when prepared properly with the right ingredients.

But there are other best substitutes that you can give a try.

Here are the 10 best substitutes. they include;

  1. pickled apples
  2. pickled pears
  3. pickled cucumbers
  4. pickled plums
  5. pickled grapes
  6. pickled currant
  7. pickled tomato
  8. pickled jalapenos
  9. pickled walnuts and pickled radishes

These are great alternatives that you can enjoy at any time.

Can You Freeze Pickled Mango?

It is very possible to freeze your pickled mango, but you must follow the proper way of storage so that it doesn’t get damaged.

After preparation, it must be stored in a sealed tight jar.

This is to ensure that air or moisture doesn’t get into the jar.

Your frozen fruit should be thawed in the refrigerator for a little bit of time before consuming.

Your jar must be properly closed to avoid freezer burns.

It is also very important to note that storing in the freezer for a long is not advisable.

Freezing can damage the crispy texture of your mango and even reduce its quality.

So if you decide to store it in the freezer, ensure it doesn’t exceed five months.

Also, give some little space in your jar before storage so that it doesn’t expand and burst open due to the freezing process.

In a thawed state, it can stay up to two weeks in the refrigerator.

Using mason jars is better and you must remember to label it before freezing.

This is to help you monitor the time duration, to ensure it doesn’t stay for too long in the freezer which can lead to spoilage.

How To Tell If Pickled Mango Is Bad

There are ways that can help you identify if your pickled mango has gone bad.

Your mango should be firm and crispy but when you notice a slimy or soggy texture,

those soft spot indicates that it has started going bad and must be discarded immediately.

Another sign to watch out for is discoloration. A dark brown or murky coloration is a clear indication that it has gone bad.

It is supposed to be clear and bright not cloudy. You should also watch out for bad smells.

When you notice an unpleasant rotten smell emanating out of your mason jar, you must ensure it is disposed of quickly.

It gets to the point when you begin to see molds developing in your mason jar.

This means that it has undergone a really bad degradation.

Molds are very dangerous and poisonous, they can cause damage to your health and can even lead to nausea, vomiting, fever, or diarrhea.

They can also cause other complications to your digestive system, which is why they must be avoided at all costs.

Uncontrolled fermentation is another dangerous sign that must be carefully observed.

At this stage, you will notice that your jars or lids will begin to bulge or expand uncontrollably.

This could be a result of inappropriate storage temperature, and exposure to air

Which leads to the accumulation of harmful microorganisms which can cause spoilage.

Once you notice any of these signs above, you must throw them away because it has surely gone bad.



Pickled mango is so sweet and can be used as a side dish or eaten as a full meal.

They are very popular because of their appetizing flavor and nutritious ingredients.

In order for it to be fully enjoyed, you must ensure it is prepared well.

Storage procedures must be taken seriously so that they can last longer in the fridge.

It can also be kept at cool room temperature, but not for too long to avoid contamination from microbes.

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