how to store cayenne pepper

How To Store Cayenne Pepper

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Cayenne pepper which is sometimes referred to as red chilies, chili pepper, hot pepper, and chile pepper,

It is a spice in the Capsicum family grown in the vicinity of the Cayenne River in French Guiana to enhance the flavor of savory dishes

In addition to being a flavor enhancer, the nutrients in the pepper may provide health benefits.


how to store fresh cayenne pepper

Your refrigerator is the best storage area for fresh cayenne peppers.

Simply put the cayenne peppers into a plastic bag and keep the in the vegetable drawer in your fridge.

Your refrigerator should be at an optimal temperature of between 40° F to 45°F.



How Long Does Cayenne Pepper Last After Expiration Date?

If properly stored, grounded commercially package cayenne pepper will last forever past its expiration date.

However, you probably won’t want to use it for long beyond its expiration date

This is because the older it gets, the greater its flavor will be diminished.

Fresh cayenne doesn’t last at all after they have expired, this is because the tendency for them to spoil and grow Margot is very high.


How Do You Store Cayenne Pepper Powder?

Cayenne pepper powder should be stored in a cool, dry, airtight container, and away from heat sources and sunlight.

When stored accurately, dried cayenne pepper powder will retain its flavor and potency for up to a year.


How Long Does Cayenne Pepper Last On Lawn?

Cayenne pepper should be reapplied after every rain or every 3 to 5 days because it gets easily washed away by rain and blows with the wind.

So it does need to be replenished to keep the foliage protected and solve the problem of unwanted visitors overnight.


How To Dry Cayenne Peppers

Before embarking on your journey to dry your cayenne peppers you might like to put on some gloves and then wash and dry the peppers.

When it’s no longer wet, cut off stems and slice them lengthwise.

The next step is to remove the seeds and placenta then arrange peppers on trays and keep them dehydrated at 120°F for 6 to 10 hours or until fully dried.

Grind or store dried cayennes in an airtight container in a cool dry location.


10 Best Substitutes Of Cayenne Pepper

Here is a list of the Best ground powdered pepper, fresh pepper, and hot sauce alternative to cayenne pepper.

Powder pepper alternative for cayenne pepper

When it comes to replacing ground cayenne pepper, you have several choices when it comes and here are some common options that are easier to find in stores.

1. Gochugaru

Gochugaru is commonly found in Korean cuisine and it’s comprised of different dried red peppers that are ground into flakes rather than powder.

Notwithstanding the coarse texture, this cayenne pepper substitute has an earthy, slightly smoky taste.

You can replace cayenne pepper with equal measures of Gochugaru to add smokiness to your dish.

If you wish to get a texture similar to cayenne pepper, you can use a grinder like the magic bullet to break down gochugaru into a finer texture.

2. Paprika

Both hot and sweet paprika are effective cayenne pepper substitutes,

But if you’re trying to get close to the cayenne pepper heat level you will want to use the spicy version of paprika.

Cayenne pepper and paprika have a lot of similarities.

The only difference is that cayenne and paprika come from their respective chilies, and cayenne is more spicy than paprika.

A paprika substitute is milder, but if you want the closest flavor and color match to cayenne pepper powder then it is an ideal choice.

When using paprika as a substitute, use twice the amount that you would have used for cayenne.

3. Chile Powder

This type of powder is another versatile option for replacing cayenne pepper and it comes from different varieties of ground peppers.

You can choose Chiles de Arbol powder which has a similar heat to cayenne or opt for something mild like pasilla powder.

Note that some manufacturers sometimes label Chile powder as “chili” powder.

Before purchasing, ensure you check that your powder only includes peppers and no additional spices like oregano and garlic powder and oregano as these additives can alter the flavor.

To enjoy a smoky flavor, use equal amounts of chile powder substitute as a replacement for cayenne pepper.


4. Jalapeno Pepper

Jalapenos are milder than cayenne, cayenne peppers are about 12 times hotter than jalapeno peppers.

You can grow your own jalapeno and it is usually the easiest substitute to find in stores.

5. Thai Pepper

Thai chili can be twice as hot as the cayenne pepper and just like the cayenne pepper, the skin of thai chili isn’t as fleshy.

If you want extra heat, then this is one of the best red chili alternatives to use.

6. Red Pepper Flakes

Yes, you can use about 1 to 1.5 times the number of red pepper flakes to substitute for cayenne pepper.

They both offer heat to a dish, but it is of great importance to know their differences before using chili flakes in place of cayenne.

First and foremost, Cayenne comes from the cayenne chile,

Which is generally thought of as a medium-hot chile pepper

While red pepper flakes are made up of various dehydrated and crushed red chiles, such as Anaheim and Fresno pepper.

Another thing to consider before substituting is the texture difference between the two.

Red chili flakes as the name implies are just that flakes while cayenne pepper is powder.

This texture difference makes a noticeable difference when deciding how to use them in a dish (cayenne powder is incorporated into the whole dish to give it flavor and heat while lakes are much better for topping foods, like pizza).

Alternatives for fresh cayenne pepper
You can easily replace fresh cayenne peppers with other types of chilies.

Some of the alternatives are easier to find than others and they all have different heat levels, but they all make good cayenne replacements.

7. Tabasco Pepper

Tabasco is similar in flavor to the cayenne pepper and heat-wise it is also the closest match.

8. Serrano Pepper

If you don’t want to get the same spicy heat as cayenne, but you prefer something hotter than a jalapeno then serrano pepper will be a great option.

Alternatives for  green cayenne pepper

The immature version of the “red” cayenne pepper is referred to as the “green” cayenne. The green cayenne pepper is milder with a grassy flavor than the red pepper.
9. Jalapeno
Although jalapenos are fleshier, they can green cayenne because they are mild.

When using it as a substitute, use more amounts than you would have with green cayenne.

This will help bring up the spice level if needed.

Cayenne pepper sauce alternative

10. Hot sauce

With a few drops of hot sauce, you can easily replace cayenne pepper.

For instance, for a half tablespoon of cayenne pepper, use roughly 8 drops of sauce as a substitute.

Taste your dish and continue to adjust the measurement to your liking


How Long Does Ground Cayenne Pepper Last?

Grounded cayenne peppers have a shelf life of 2 to 3 years if properly stored.


How Long Does Cayenne Pepper Sauce Last?

Cayenne pepper sauce should be able to keep for a few months in the fridge, or even longer in your freezer.

Transfer to an airtight container and place it in your refrigerator or freezer till when you’re ready to use it.


Does Cayenne Pepper Deter Mice?

Mice are said to hate the smell of cayenne pepper so they can act as a natural deterrent against mice.

There is some evidence that cayenne pepper is more effective at deterring mice than black pepper.

Another study that was conducted shows that cayenne pepper is more effective at repelling rats than either Tabasco sauce or red pepper.



The cayenne pepper is a moderately hot chili pepper which is Scientifically known as Capsicum annuum.

It provides beneficial plant compounds and is usually used to flavor dishes.

Some of the benefits of using cayenne pepper are that it is a fantastic source of antioxidants that protect our cells and promote health.

It also protects the heart, improves digestion, maintains a healthy weight, eases pain, and clears congestion.

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