how long does Activia yogurt last

How Long Does Activia Yogurt Last?

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How long does Activia yogurt last? Activia Yogurt is perfect for providing solutions.

Solutions to minor digestive discomfort such as; bloating, gas and rumbling.

Activia is your best bet because it is low-fat. It is quite similar to regular roadside yoghurt.

The peculiar thing that differentiates it is the presence of an exclusive bacteria, which cannot be found in other yoghurts.

Activia is also renowned for its exceptional taste and smooth texture.

Their main goal is to help consumers consume their favourite thing – yoghurt- without suffering any after-effects.

The probiotics contained therein help to protect the gut health of consumers.

Most yoghurts contain only two ferments.

But Activia stands out and stands tall. It contains not less than five ferments.

It takes a longer time to make because it comes out best. The fermentation time is over 8 hours at a temperature of 37⁰C.

It contains calcium which contributes to digestive enzymes in the body.

Consuming Activia yoghurt at least twice a day, for 2 weeks, will improve and balance the health of a person.


How Long Does Activia Yoghurt Last In The Fridge?

It can stay in the fridge for 1 – 2 weeks, with a temperature of less than 40⁰F.

Ideally, Activia Yoghurt will stay fresh for 5 – 7 days, but it will remain safe for consumption for 2 weeks.

If the yoghurt is past the expiration date already, then consume it immediately after opening rather than refrigerating it.

The secret to preserving Activia yoghurt is keeping it tightly covered at all times.

This is to prevent external contaminants, debris, air, moisture, and bacteria.

The temperature of the refrigerator plays a role.

Bacteria cannot thrive in a cold environment, hence the Activia Yoghurt is safe for consumption.

Activia Yoghurt must be quickly refrigerated, especially after opening.

If left for more than 2 hours, mould caused by bacteria will appear. And at this point, it is best to discard it.


How Long Does Activia Yoghurt Last After Expiration Date?

Activia Yoghurt can last 1 week extra past the written date if all precautions are taken.

The point is, so long as there are no visible moulds or signs of spoilage, then Activia Yoghurt can still be consumed.

The written date is a guide and the manufacturer’s estimate of how long Activia Yoghurt will last.

It is not a final rule as to when or when not to eat it.

Sometimes, the yoghurt can stay beyond the written date. So long as it looks, smells and tastes fine, it is safe.


How Long Does Unopened Activia Yoghurt Last?

There is no definite time frame. But research has it that unopened Activia Yoghurt will last 1 month or more, past the expiration date.

Emphasis on “unopened”. Yoghurt has healthy bacteria in it, which converts lactose to lactic acid, making it inconvenient for harmful bacteria.

However, this in a long run, depends on the temperature of the room.

Storage should be in a cool, dry place, in an air-tight container or original packaging.


Can You Freeze Activia Yoghurt?

Absolutely. Yoghurt can be kept in the freezer.

It is an assured way of preserving because the temperature degree is perfect.

There are a few steps and patterns, in order to ensure it goes rightly.

Remember, most importantly, the temperature must be constantly kept at 0⁰C to prevent spoilage from bacteria.

You can freeze yoghurt directly from the container.

However, bear in mind that yoghurt expands as it freezes.

Ensure the container is large with extra space.

You can also freeze it in an ice cube tray. This pattern is best for smoothies.

Rather than chew on bland, boring ice, make it tasty.

Fill in ice cube trays with leftover yoghurt, then pop them into the freezer.

After it has frozen solidly, you can transfer it to a freezer bag, add it to your smoothies when ready to use or blend it in.

Another interesting way is using plastic tubes. This is an improvised homemade pop.

One thing about this pattern of freezing yoghurts is that; once it’s taken out of the freezer must, you must consume it immediately.

Do not refreeze or refrigerate.

Note that, freezing preserves the quality and ensures the safety of yoghurt.

But there may be slight, very slight changes in texture and taste.

Liquids tend to separate after freezing. All you have to do is shake them together to get a blend before use.

The texture of yoghurt will no longer be curdy as it was initially.

It will become grainy and watery after thawing.

This should not be a problem, as nutrients and flavour remain the same.

A tip to get a thicker consistency is to blend the runny yoghurt. It may not be as thick as it was, but it’s better than being soupy.


Does Activia Yoghurt Go Bad?

To be safe, ensure you check for spoilage before consuming.

It is believed and agreed that Activia Yoghurt stays longer than the estimated written date on the package, but after a while, it goes bad.

Activia Yoghurt will even stay 1 week extra after the written date but all storage conditions must be adhered to.

If left unopened, it can withstand all conditions but once opened, it should be finished up quickly.

Activia yoghurt will deteriorate gradually. A few days past the expiry date is not a danger.

However, after a long while, it will taste more acidic, containing more live bacteria.

These bacteria are responsible for the spoilage of Activia yoghurt.


How To Tell If Activia Yoghurt Is Bad?

To know if your Activia Yoghurt is bad and unsafe for consumption, it has to through a series of quick tests.

These tests have proven to be accurate in more than 50% of cases.

You can quickly run the yoghurt through your nose in order to spot a foul or rancid smell.

If there’s any, discard it.

However, sometimes the flavour might be tangy.

You should decipher between a normal tangy flavour and a sour, rancid flavour.

The height is the presence of mould or growth.

Research has it that, it varies in colour. It may be green, white, grey or blue.

At the sight of moulds, please discard them because it is no longer safe.

Another sign of spoilage is excessive clumping.

Activia yoghurt is meant to have a smooth consistency.

Not too clumpy and not too runny.

Usually, Activia yoghurt has a very minimal amount of liquid at the top which can be poured off.

But, spoilt Activia yoghurt will have too much liquid at the top than normal. At this point, discard it.

It is not recommended to eat Activia Yoghurt in its spoilt state.

Although a critical consequence has not been reported, there will be slight stomach upset, vomiting and diarrhoea.

Also, the off taste will not make it enjoyable to consume a large quantity.


15 Best Alternatives to Activia Yoghurt.

Activia yoghurt is rich in probiotics.

This means, whatever alternative you’re settling for must contain an equal or similar amount of probiotics as well.

The following have been handpicked from thorough research as alternatives for Activia Yoghurt:

1. Activia Probiotic Dailies.

This drink is packed full of both probiotics and probiotics.

Enough supplements that your body desires. It is also available in 2 flavours – honey ginger and lemon ginger.

Ginger is purely natural in order to give a delicious taste and beneficial nutrients.

2. Uala Pure Purple Power.

This energy drink is vegan, plant-based and dairy-free.

It can be scooped and eaten, drunk or spread on a slice of bread or even as a smoothie.

Also, It is versatile. It is available in different flavours like strawberry and chocolate.

3. Dairy-free coconut snacks.

This drink is made with coconut. A perfect alternative to Activia Yoghurt.

It is plant-based, made with soy, oats and nuts. It has a variety of flavours as well – mango, strawberry, raspberry and vanilla.

4. Activia Live Culture Smoothies

This specially-made drink contains no sugar.

Yet, it is sumptuous and delicious. It is fully packed with calcium, fibre and protein.

It comes in varied flavours of Orange fruits and vegetables, and Red fruits and vegetables.

5. Non-diary Chobani

This is a coconut-based alternative to Activia Yoghurt.

It is packed with probiotics and nutrients. It gives an undiluted yoghurt experience, yet dairy-free.

Alternatives to Activia Yoghurt are so numerous to mention and explain. Other less-rated ones include;


6. Coyo Diary-free which is hemp and blue berry-infused


7. Stony field organic plain whole probiotic yoghurt


8. Sigi’s vanilla whole milk yoghurt


9. FAGE total 2% milkfat plain Greek yoghurt


10. Yoplait Light which is perfect for people who enjoy their yoghurt less thick.


11. Lavva Diary-free original yoghurt


12. Brown Cow plain cream top whole milk yoghurt


13. Nancy’s organic probiotic low-fat yoghurt


14. Maple Hill Creamery


15. Wallaby Organic


These brands have been tested and recommended by experts.

Your taste buds, guts and entire health will thank you.

It is important to include probiotics in your meal and yoghurts are your best bet for a tasty, nutritious drink.

When next you hit the supermarket for probiotic yoghurts, check out these brands.

Ensure there’s a written ‘live cultures’ on the packaging. Also, watch out for less or no amount of sugar.


Is Activia Good For You?

Yes. Absolutely.

With the amount of live and active cultures present in Activia, it is capable of reducing digestive problems when consumed twice a day for two weeks consecutively.

Experts recommend that you add probiotic yoghurt, preferably Activia, to your diet to make it healthy and balanced.

No adverse side effects have been recorded so far, allay your fears and purchase a bottle of Activia today.


Can Activia Yoghurt Make You Sick?

When you first start taking Activia Yoghurt, it is normal to experience gas, bloating, mild stomach upset or diarrhoea.

There is no cause for an emergency, it is just a reaction from your guts and entire body.

After a while, everything becomes stable.

However, these mild signs do not happen to everyone, just a few depending on your body/immune system.

Endeavour to talk to your doctor before beginning the use of any probiotic.


How To Store Activia Yoghurt?

Keep Activia yoghurt fresh. Store in a refrigerator that is less than 40⁰F, constantly.

It can keep in there for 2 weeks, and can also be stored in the freezer where the temperature is kept constantly at 0⁰ F, for 2 months.

It is important to note that some brands of probiotic yoghurt freeze better than others.

Try out a little quantity, freeze, thaw and eat, to see if you like it or not.



While we preach against bacteria, experts have made us realize that we need some healthy, live bacteria to help fight against ‘the bad guys.

It may sound too boring to get foods and supplements that contain these probiotics.

Hence, yoghurt is your go-to remedy. It’s delicious (satisfying the taste buds) and also healthy (satisfying the guts and body).

Get a bottle of Activia Yoghurt today!

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