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How To Use Pampered Chef Can Openers

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How to use pampered chef opener? Also called a smooth-edge opener, this is a kitchen tool that has been taken for granted but if available, it is quite handy and is judiciously used.

Its importance is indisputable because statistics record that a lot of foods are stored in metal cans.

Before the invention of the pampered chef can opener, opening canned foods was a herculean task.

But with the coming of the pampered chef can opener, metal can lids are opened in a way that prevents injury, without struggle, and without fragments of the metal contaminating the food.

Just as with any other kitchen tool, pampered chef can opener must be handled with care. Ensure it is rinsed off after use to remove food residues.

You can also do a thorough wash in the dishwasher once every year.


How To Use Pampered Chef Can Opener?

Pampered chef can openers have a slightly different build-up and may be more tricky to use than other can openers. This article will help you master the art.

There are different parts of a pampered chef can opener which you must take note of, in order to handle it.

They are; Rotating knob, Handle, and Sharp opening clip.

First step:

Hold the pampered chef can opener by the handles firmly, and spread out the arms.

Place the pampered chef can opener on the canned food. Make sure the sharp opening clip or circular cutting blade is on the lid and is aligned.

Press down the arms of the pampered chef can opener until it automatically locks and puncture the rim of the can.


Start rotating the knob in a clockwise direction to slowly open the can.

Apply uniform pressure to ensure a smooth cut. This is a simple step but important in the opening process.

After it opens successfully, you can take off the lid with your fingers.

But if it proves tough, use an opening hook that comes with the purchase of a pampered chef can opener.

To detach the pampered chef can opener, rotate the knob in an anti-clockwise direction.

However, to prevent accidents while using the pampered chef can opener, certain precautions need to be taken.

It is important to have a firm grip on the handle for better control during cutting.

Resist the urge to touch the blade while you’re rotating the knob.

Don’t use a faulty pampered chef can opener.

How Does Pampered Chef Can Openers Work?

Pampered chef can openers have some unique features that are not present in other can openers, and this makes it a preferred choice for most people.

Here is an explanation of some features and how the pampered chef can opener works.

The handle gives the user a perfect holding point.

The structure of the pampered chef can opener is designed in a way that makes it hand-friendly.

Ambidextrous users can also operate the can opener with either of their hands.

It has the best-locking technology that allows it to hold the rim of canned foods perfectly.

If there’s no proper grip on the rim, the opening process will not be smooth.

The rotating system of a pampered chef can opener sets it higher than other can openers

This is because it digs out the cap from the can and serves the glue neatly without leaving sharp/rough edges.

This distinguished feature earned it the badge of smooth-edged can opener.

Also, it has a stainless steel blade which means it will be durable and resistant to corrosion.

That gives it an edge over other can openers.

In addition, pampered chefs can openers come with a hook from the company, to assist in opening hard lids.


How Do You Use Top Style Can Opener?

As the name implies, Top style can openers are affixed to the top of the can, puncturing the lid, and the blade forcefully rips the lid off while rotating.

This method is easier, cheaper, and faster, but it leaves jagged edges that may cause injuries if not careful.

To use a top-style can opener, you latch it onto the edge of the can first.

Then turn the knob to cut the can open at a spot.

Once the can is cut open at a spot, the opener’s blade rotates by itself around the top of the lid.

After this has happened, use a lid plier to lift up the cut part.

It is important to note that the Top style can opener is attached to the rim of the can at an angle different from the side style can opener.

Once you understand the placement, it will be a lot easier to handle the can opener.

Top-style can openers are placed in a way that the sharp side of the blade is vertically on top of the lid and the handle is gripped horizontally by the user.


7 Best Smooth Edge Can Opener

Here are the seven best types of smooth edge can opener;

1. OXO good grips smooth edge can opener:

It is dishwasher-safe and consists of high-quality stainless steel that makes cleaning easy.

The side-cut mechanism allows it cuts through cans easily and smoothly.

The handles are comfortable and give a good grip, the knobs are easy to turn too.

It has a lifting tool that allows you to remove the opened lid without messing up your hand.


EZ-DUZ-IT smooth edge can opener:

It is distinguished by its classic design.

What has endeared it to the heart of many is its speed, balanced weight, and smooth cut.

It is well-built in a way that allows it to grab onto cans, regardless of the size or shape of the tin.

Bartelli smooth edge can opener:

Ideal for ambidextrous users and can be operated with either the left hand or the right hand.

It is distinguished with features of an easy-to-turn knob

And no-squeeze handle so that those with less strength will have no worries during usage.

It cuts from the side of the can, leaving no sharp edges.

Also, the lid is lifted away as it cuts without falling into the food. It is also integrated with a jar opener and a bottle opener.

It is worthy of being called 3-in-1.

Super Kim smooth edge can opener:

It doesn’t have the regular singular blade like other smooth edges can openers,

It possesses a single tooth-like metal knife which still gives off a smooth edge cut.

Unlike other models that turn the can, this Super Kim crawls around the lid instead.

This means you have to hold the can in place.

Kuhn Rikon smooth edge can opener:

Quite affordable and is a go-to option especially if you have children and teenagers whose safety is the priority.

Kuhn Rikon auto smooth edge can opener cuts the lid without leaving sharp edges.

This can opener doesn’t require a squeeze of the handle because it automatically grips the can as you begin to twist the knob.

Another advantage is that the product comes with a hook and a bottle opener.

Zyliss lock n’ lift smooth edge can opener:

Zyliss Lock n’ Lift stands apart in a crowd of can openers because it is comfortable to handle.

It is easy to grip around the wide, non-slip handle.

It also has a magnet that holds the lid of the can after it is cut out.

This saves you the stress of retrieving it from the food and reduces the risk of suffering a cut.

It is also easy to wash and maintain and doesn’t occupy much space for storage.

Made in USA smooth edge can opener:

This appears unattractive but it sure gets the work done and stands the test of time.

It has rust-resistant steel and is reliable, especially for heavy-duty cans.

It is simple to use and requires little effort due to the extra-smooth knob it possesses.

As the name implies, it is American-made.


10 Best Substitutes For Pampered Chef

Here are the best 10 substitutes for Pampered Chef Can Openers;

  1. Swing away can opener: Basic and gets the job done. It also has a bottle opener attached.
  2. Tupperware:
    Using Tupperware will reduce the risk of contamination because there is no contact with the food.
  3. Goodcook can opener:
    A 4-in-1 that is capable of opening bottles, twisting bottles, cans, and pull-tap cans.
  4. Zulay can opener: Easy to operate and doesn’t leave jagged ends.
  5. Hamilton beach smooth touch can opener:
    Requires electricity and enormous counter space, but it’s the best pick if you’re not capable of handling a manual can opener.
  6. Crank can openers:
    Requires a two-hand operation, so it’s not suitable for elderly people. The good thing is that it is dishwasher-safe.
  7. Korin Japanese can opener (Ganji Kankiri):
    It has a simple design and no moving parts, making it user-friendly. Food will not get stuck anywhere on it.
  8. The butterfly can opener:
    This device is convenient because it doesn’t require electricity. It is also easy to use and clean.
  9. The bunker can opener:
    This can opener cuts along the diameter of the can till the lid is cut free. The downside is that the rim of the can may be sharp after it is cut.
  10. Corded electric can openers:
    It has the advantage of opening all types of cans smoothly.


Pampered Chef Can Opener Review And Price

Regarding reliable and durable can openers, Pampered Chef has established a reputation for high quality.

The Pampered Chef Can Opener is designed with user convenience in mind, ensuring a comfortable grip during use.

The stainless steel cutting wheel effortlessly glides through cans of various sizes.

The sharp blade ensures a smooth cut, preventing any jagged edges or metallic residue from contaminating your food.

Furthermore, the Pampered Chef Can Opener has a built-in lid lifter which allows you to remove lids from cans,

Reducing the need to use your hands and ensuring a mess-free can-opening experience.

In terms of price, the Pampered Chef Can Opener falls within

The mid-range bracket compared to other can openers on the market.

With a price point that reflects its quality, this can opener offers excellent value for money.

Its durability ensures that you won’t need to replace it frequently,

Making it a worthwhile investment for any food enthusiast or home cook.



The Pampered Chef Can Opener is a must-have tool for every kitchen especially for convenience.

Add the Pampered Chef Can Opener to your kitchen arsenal today,

And elevate your cooking experience with a reliable and efficient tool that will simplify your meal preparations.

This article has carefully curated other alternatives to the Pampered Chef Can Opener, steps to usage, and care.

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