How To Julienne Carrots

How To Julienne Carrots With A Grater

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Julienne is a classic method of chopping used in French which involves cutting of fruits or vegetables to yield a width of 1/8th inch and a length of 2-3 inches.

It is known as the match stick style Because of its skinny looks that resemble that of a match stick.

It is often used for the ingredients of salad like Zucchini, cucumbers, green veggies, and Bell pepper.

Here’s how to julienne carrots with a grater:

Using a grater to julienne carrots is very simple and easy.

In order to Julienne carrots a grater there are steps involved that should be followed in order to achieve the matchstick style of the Julienne method of chopping.

First of all, make sure the grater is clean by cleaning thoroughly through washing,

And also make sure the carrots that are chopped are clean too by washing them with water and maybe salt and peeling off the skin of the carrots.

After washing the carrots, depending on their size cut the carrots into quarters, making them easier to hold

And also give the distance between your fingers and the grater blade and note the grater should be fine-toothed.

Dice the carrot into two equal halves, hold the grater vertically letting the side with the small holes upward and visible,

Then take one-half of the cut carrot and rub the flat side of the carrot against the grater in a downward motion.

Continue doing this until all the carrots are chopped with the grater into thin strips.

Lastly, stack up the strip of chopped grated carrots on top of each other

And cut them into match stick pieces.


What Is The Difference Between Julienne And Matchstick?

The Julienne method and the matchstick cut are mistaken by many as the two tend to have strong similarities

Which are the fact that they both refer to long thin strips of vegetables and other foods,

But there is a difference between these two chopping methods.

One of the differences between Julienne and matchstick is that match stick is gotten from Julienne in that the Julienne cut

Is made by squaring off the vegetable and cutting it into 3-mm thin rectangular pieces length-wise

And then the pieces are sliced into matchsticks.

Another difference between a julienne and a matchstick is the size, julienne is thinner than a matchstick.

Julienne has a width of 1/8th inch and a length of 2-3 inches while matchstick has a width of 1/4th inch and also a length of 2-3 inches.

Another difference between these two is their uses.

The Julienne cut method is used for cutting green vegetables and salad ingredients like bell peppers, cucumbers, and zucchini,

While the matchstick cut method is used for cutting vegetables that can be consumed raw like carrots or basil.

And lastly, julienne is the garnishing of chopped vegetables into thin long strips while matchstick is a thin piece of wood.


How To Julienne Baby Carrots:

Baby carrots can be julienne in different ways.

One way to julienne baby carrots is through a knife method

And this involves first cutting the carrot into half for easiness length wise baby carrots are small

And next, we cut the halves into another half making them 1/4th of their original size,

Next, we cut each 1/4th piece of the carrots into four rectangular shapes and keep cutting in this manner until they are as thin as desired.

Another way to julienne baby carrots is by using a mandolin.

For using a mandolin we first start by placing the mandolin on a smooth surface

And this helps to reduce or stop the movement of the mandolin which can lead to casualties as it is very sharp.

Use the Julienne also known as the stick blade on the mandolin

And note that this stick blade might come in many sizes so you have to make your choice depending on the size you want,

Next, the carrot should be placed on the food guard as this will aid I’m controlling the movement of the carrot

And eliminate the risk of cutting yourself next slide the carrot over the blade.

Before engaging in any of these methods the carrots must first be prepared

And this is done by first washing the carrot well

Then peeling off the first skin and then trimming the carrot to your desired length.


Julienne Carrots Vs Shredded:

Julienne carrots are cut into thin, uniform matchstick-shaped pieces,

While shredded carrots are grated into thin, irregularly shaped pieces.

Julienne carrots are often used for dishes where the texture and appearance of the carrots are important,

While shredded carrots are commonly used in salads, coleslaw, and other dishes where the texture is less important.


How To Julienne Carrots Without A Grater:

If you don’t have a grater, you can julienne carrots using a sharp knife:

  1. Wash and peel the carrots.
  2. Cut off the ends of the carrot and slice it in half crosswise.
  3. Cut each half into thin, even slices, about 1/8-inch wide.
  4. Stack the slices on top of each other and cut them into thin matchstick pieces.


Which Side Of Grater For Carrots:

When using a box grater, use the side with the smallest holes to grate carrots for julienne strips.

The larger holes on the other side are better for shredding or grating carrots for other purposes.




To julienne carrots with a grater, use the side with the smallest holes and grate the carrots in a downward motion.

Julienne carrots are thin, uniform matchstick-shaped pieces,

While shredded carrots are grated into thin, irregularly shaped pieces.

If you don’t have a grater, you can julienne carrots with a sharp knife by cutting them into thin,

Even slices and then cutting the slices into matchstick pieces.

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