how to make pickled corn

How To Make Pickled Corn

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Old-fashioned pickled corn is a dessert of corn that is prepared traditionally. The main purpose is to add a sweet and abundant flavor taste to it and to preserve its quality. This traditional method has been around for a very long time and it has also passed through a lot of generations.

This unique snack can be enjoyed alone or served along with various side or main dishes. When it comes to the preparation of this corn, it is important to note that they may be some slight variations regarding the method and ingredients used.

How To Make Old Fashioned Pickled Corn?

The first step is to get the right ingredients needed for its preparation. Some of these ingredients include fresh corn, water, salt, vinegar, sugar, mustard seeds, peppercorns, and other desired spices of your choice.


You must ensure that your corn is rinsed with salt and water in order to remove any form of debris or dirt.

  1. It is very important that your jars are properly sterilized for about 5 minutes in boiling water.
  2. Get a clean stock pot and begin to add your ingredients. Vinegar, spices, sugar, cinnamon sticks, and bay leaves should be mixed and stirred. The above activities should be done over medium heat in order to ensure that the sugar is thoroughly dissolved.
  3. After rinsing your corn, add it to the pot and boil for about ten minutes. This will allow the pickling solution to mix appropriately with the corn.
  4. After it has boiled over low heat for about ten minutes, you then bring it out with a spoon and place it in a sterilized jar.
  5. Before placing it in the jar, you must allow it to cool down for some time at room temperature.
  6. Transfer your pickled corn and the solution into the jar and you must make sure that the solution completely covers your corn.
  7. Properly cover the jar and place it in a refrigerator.

Before you consume it, it is best to leave it for about twenty-four hours.

This will allow the flavors and various spices used in preparing the solution to properly get into the corn.


Does Pickled Corn Go Bad?

Yes, your pickled corn can really go bad. There are two major reasons why your pickled corn goes bad.

The first reason is if you don’t store them properly. Failure to store them in a cool dry environment can make it to spoil quickly.

Also, contamination can make it go bad especially when you use unclean jars, containers, or other utensils.

It must not be left at room temperature for a long time as this can also cause some damage to the corn.

Another contributing factor to watch out for is exposure to air or moisture.

The inability to seal the lid tightly can give room for immediate spoilage.

The second major reason for an ear of bad pickled corn is when it has stayed for too long in the refrigerator.

It is very important to note that the shelf life of your corn is not forever.

With each day going by, the quality will surely start degrading gradually till it finally goes bad.



How Long Does Pickled Corn Last In The Fridge?

Pickled Corn can last up to three or four weeks in the fridge.

It is very important that you use quality ingredients in preparing the solution because it also helps to prolong its shelf life.

The jars and containers must be properly sterilized, in order to avoid contamination.

The container must be tightly sealed and the temperature of your fridge must be stable.

Temperature fluctuations which are caused by frequent opening and closing of your refrigerator door can cause your pickled corn not to last.

That is why you must store them inside the main compartment of the fridge to avoid instability.

It is good that you use your human discernment to know if your pickled corn has expired or spoiled completely.

If it has stayed for too long in the refrigerator, you may begin to notice some changes in the smell, texture, color, and taste.

Any weird or different changes are a sign of spoilage and must be discarded quickly.

How To Fry Pickled Corn?

Here’s how to fry pickled corn;

  • Remove your pickled corn from the liquid solution and dry the body by using a paper towel. This is to ensure that it doesn’t get too watery when frying.
  • Take a mixing bowl and mix flour, salt, cornmeal, and pepper together. The amount you are going to mix is largely dependent on the quantity of pickled corn you are about to fry. But the standard ratio is half a cup of flour to half a cup of cornmeal.
  • Heat your vegetable oil in a clean frying pan over medium heat. As the oil is heating, add your pickled corn to the bowl of mixed flour and cornmeal. Ensure that the corn is evenly and fully coated.
  • The next step is to place your fully coated corn in the heated oil and fry for about three minutes until it is crunchy and golden brown in color.

It is important that you separate them during the frying process in order to avoid sticking together.

If possible, you can decide to fry them in batches as it helps to prevent overcrowding your pan.

After a few minutes have passed, bring them out of your pan and put them on a plate, and enjoy.

What Can I Add To Corn To Make It Better?

Here are the items to add to make corn taste better;

  • Salt
  • Lemon
  • Pepper
  • Chili powder
  • Sugar
  • Milk
  • Burgers
  • Salad
  • Bacon
  • Onions
  • Fresh herbs

What Does Adding Milk To Corn Do?

Adding milk to corn has a lot of exciting benefits. Some of them include;

  • Adding milk to your corn can enhance the sweetness of your corn. This enhancement makes it taste better and more enjoyable.
  • It also makes your corn look smooth and creamy. This is not only appealing to the eyes but to your taste buds.
  • The addition of milk also helps to prevent your corn dish from totally drying out. It adds balanced moisture to your corn.

Milk plays an important role in making the texture of your corn very tender and soft.

It is very important to note that they are different recipes especially when it comes to the preparation of corn dishes.

Even though the addition of milk makes your corn very rich, creamy, and delicious,

It is good that you know the specific recipe and method you are using.



10 Best Substitutes For Pickled Corn

Here are the best alternatives for pickled corn;

  1. Pickled vegetables
  2. Canned corn
  3. Fresh corn
  4. Pickled green beans
  5. Pickled Cabbage
  6. Pickled jalapenos
  7. Pickled pepper
  8. Pickled Beets
  9. Pickled asparagus
  10. Kimchi



Why Do You Add Sugar To Corn?

Adding sugar to corn gives it a very sweet taste and helps to boost the flavor.

There are two kinds of sugars that can be used which are brown and granulated sugar.

The use of brown sugar gives it some bits of molasses flavor.

On the other hand, the use of granulated sugar makes it taste purely sweet.

How To Make Pickled Corn On The Cob In A Crock?

Here is a simple technique that you can use in making your quick pickled corn on the corb in a crock;

  • Your corn must be properly shucked and the silk removed. After doing that, you then rinse it under clean running water.
  • Get a large pot and add your water, white vinegar, pickling salt, sugar, and other pickling spices of your choice. The standard measurement of your sugar should be half cup, while the salt should be one-quarter of a cup. This ratio can be adjusted as it depends on the quantity of corn that needs to be pickled.
  • For a more satisfying flavor and taste, you can add pickling spices like red pepper flakes, bay leaves, peppercorns, and mustard seeds.
  • Make sure that all the ingredients are properly mixed together.
  • The next step is to boil your liquid mixture together and always make sure that the salt and sugar are completely dissolved. After boiling, bring the pot out from the heating system and allow it to cool at room temperature.
  • During the time that your liquid solution is cooling down, cut your corn into small sizes. This will enable them to enter the container comfortably. You then pour your liquid on the corn, making sure that it is fully submerged.
  • Tightly cover your crock and let it sit at room temperature for about twenty-four hours. After this time duration, you then transfer them to your fridge.

Before consuming, allow the spices and ingredients to properly sit inside the corn.

This will enable you to fully enjoy its taste and flavor.


What Do You Eat With Pickled Corn

1. Seafood dishes

2. Cheeseboards

3. Tacos and burritos

4. Quinoa bowls or rice

5. Snacks

6. Salad

7. Sandwiches

8. Relish

9. Salsa and dip

10. Appetizers





Old-fashioned pickled corn is very delicious and tasty especially when prepared with the right ingredients.

They also contain essential nutrients that are very important to you when consumed appropriately.

They are versatile and can be served with different dishes.

Proper storage at a stable temperature is required as it helps to preserve and prolong its shelf life.

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