how long do sun dried tomatoes last at room temperature

Do Sun Dried Tomatoes Go Bad?

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Do sun-dried tomatoes go bad? To achieve sun-dried tomatoes, just like the name implies means drying tomatoes to reduce their water content directly from the sun.

It requires losing all of their water content by putting them all out in the sun to dry or drying them with a dehydrator, either making them in halves or placing them in full and ensuring to pre-treat them with sulfur oxide or salt before drying.

This practice has come a long way in centuries when fresh tomatoes aren’t available. You can get tasty sun-dried tomatoes here, and it’s very affordable.

Does your garden seem to blossom much with fresh tomatoes, and the more you give out, the more you have in abundance, and it keeps you wondering if it will go waste?

Is it the season of and your farm neighbors gifts you baskets of this veggie that got you thinking about the possible storage you can keep to help preserve them?

You don’t have to thrash that fresh and bountiful tomatoes of yours.

In this article, we will be discussing everything you need to know about sun-dried tomatoes. This article contains interesting sections that will help boost your knowledge about this vegetable storage.

And giving answers to questions like, do sun-dried tomatoes go bad, how long do sun-dried tomatoes last, how to tell if they are bad, how to store them to make them last longer, and many more don’t want to miss.

To get the full details of this article, read carefully, don’t forget to comment, and do not skip a line.

So, do sun-dried tomatoes go bad?

Yes! Sun-dried tomatoes will go bad if you don’t store them properly in the right conditions necessary.

My first experience was when I was a newbie to drying this veggie, and that got me laughing writing about it here.

I remember having so many leftovers sitting on my countertop and drying them in the sun directly popped into my mind.

When I was done drying them, I didn’t know the right place of storage, and I gradually deteriorated before my eyes.

How I wish that I know how to keep the veggies.

I would like it if you can get these items here on amazon stores for keeping your veggies safe and healthy.

My story is pathetic right? Yes, I know but after that experience, I did another one and that one happens to come out well and lasted for a long time before going bad.

The moral lesson is that you should know good storage practices before try to keep any food ingredient in the store.


This veggie needs adequate attention if you want it to do well in the store.

How Long Do Sun-Dried Tomatoes Last In The Fridge?

Homemade sun-dried tomatoes will last in the fridge for 1 to 2 weeks, before going bad if you store them properly in the right conditions necessary in the refrigerator.

If you are probably wondering if manufactured sun-dried tomatoes can last longer in the fridge?

Yes, it can. Any industrially made tomatoes will be specific on the best by date according to the quantity of the preservative. If you keep it properly in the right conditions.

To get better storage of this veggie in the fridge read the section about its storage.

Having this veggie(open or unopen) in the fridge makes its use easy in dish preparation or as a takeout snack.

Sun-dried tomato which has a sweet tangy and chewy taste, you can use as a replacement for fresh tomatoes when it is not available and it would be a great idea and not time-wasting in dish preparation.

How Long Does Sun-Dried Tomatoes Last After Opening?

After opening, sun-dried tomatoes will last on the counter for at least, 3 to 5 days before going bad if you store them properly in the right conditions necessary at room temperature.

Once opened sun-dried tomato will last and keep fresh and also maintain quality in the freezer for about 1 to 2 months before going bad if you store them properly in the right conditions necessary in the freezer.

There are so many a time whereby after I finish preparing a dish it turns out to be laziness mode( you all will agree with me right?)

And most of the time the leftover ingredients we have during dish preparation will go south from there.


No matter what, when you are having once open sun-dried tomato;

Do not store or leave them on the counter, always place them back in the fridge or freezer.

Who would love to lose such a handy ingredient to go bad?

How Long Does Sun-Dried Tomatoes Last In Olive Oil?

Sun-dried tomatoes last in olive oil if the seal of the container is not broken for almost 2 years before going bad if you keep it properly in the right conditions necessary.

Once the seal is broken they will last for 5 to 6 months in the fridge or freezer if you keep them properly in the right conditions necessary.

You can use this dry veggie in salads, soups, sandwiches, as takeaway snacks like adding to biscuits, cornbread, waffles, scrambled egg, etc

So, why won’t you love this veggie and not letting it go to waste?

How Long Do Homemade Sun-Dried Tomatoes Last In Olive Oil?

Homemade sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil will last in the fridge or freezer for 3 to 4 months before going bad if you keep them properly in the right conditions necessary.

If you keep this veggie dry in olive oil,

It will do well and last longer because olive oil is a form of preservative.

And if any ingredient has preservative properties, it will make other constituents last longer.

You can as well keep this veggie on the countertop after drying,

It will do well as far as you make it to uniformly.


How To Tell If Sun-Dried Tomatoes Are Bad?

Even if you keep them after drying in the sun or you put them in olive oil there is a time when it must surely go bad.

Improper storage and aging can make them go bad easily.

Here are some signs on how to tell if sun-dried tomatoes are bad in the fridge, freezer, and at room temperature;

Presence Of Mold And Discoloration

The first approach to everything is the way it looks. Do you agree with me?

Check the appearance of this veggie and if there is any form of discoloration(a darker color)

Or the presence of mold on this veggie, such veggie is bad.

Toss it immediately and get fresher sun-dried tomatoes from here on amazon stores.

Bulging And Rusty Containers

How does it feel eating something from rust containers? Am sure you will not let that happen!

Check for any bulging, leaking, and rusty containers.

If you find out that the containers that you are using are not in good condition,

Get new containers and switch them.

When your sun-dried tomatoes are bad, throw them out immediately to avoid food poisoning.

Off Smell

No one wants her food ingredient to smell bad. And nice smell encourages appetite while a bad smell will make you lose it.

Naturally, this veggie exhumes a nice smell,

It is always spicy and that is the reason you will like it to turn up in your basmati rice.

What if they turn south? In this case, there is no remedy.

All you have to do is to let them go by throwing them out to the waste bin.


The Texture Tells

The process is just like a scrutinizing tool.  You already know how the texture of your freshly sun-dried tomatoes is.

When you feel an unusual texture like If they become too soft at room temperature or when they start to drip water.

Toss them out immediately.

Taste Of Sun-Dried Tomatoes Changes

This Is the height of it all. I bet you that tasting a piece of your sun-dried tomatoes is never a bad idea.

Take a bite on your veggie, if it is bitter, overly soft, or has an acidic taste. Toss it immediately.

How To Store Sun-Dried Tomatoes To Last Longer?

Eat well and stay healthy. Health is wealth.

Here are some steps on how to keep your sun-dried tomatoes to make them last longer in the fridge, freezer, and on the counter;

  1. When selecting sun-dried tomatoes in the grocery store, always check for the expiration date before buying.
  2. Make sure you dry them properly if homemade
  3. Keep them In the cellar or store them in an airtight container.
  4. Place them in the fridge or freezer.
  5. Conduct a routine check on the containers if they are still good,
  6. If the containers are not in a good condition, transfer to another vessel.
  7. Always store once opened sun-dried tomatoes in a Ziploc bag and place them in the freezer.


Having this palatable veggie and wonder what the health benefits will be?

In this phase, I will talk few things about the health benefits in line with the topic” do sun-dried tomatoes go bad?

Do you know that this vegetable contains a high amount of lycopene which is a powerful antioxidant that may help to reduce your risk of pancreatic and esophageal cancer?

They are good sources of manganese, potassium, vitamin k, niacin, and copper. It also contains some vital nutrients such as sugar, fiber, calories, fat, protein, and carbohydrates.

Due to the high percentage of fiber which has a higher rate of insoluble fiber, this insoluble fiber may help to improve your digestive health and reduce your chances of having to deal with constipation.

This shelf life source comes from personal experience, experiments, researches from high-profile websites, and journals.

Do alter our shelf life estimates advice if you eat bad food, fruits, veggies, and juices see a doctor.

Eat well and stay healthy. Remember, do sun-dried tomatoes go bad.

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