How Long Do Bananas Last In The Fridge?

How Long Do Bananas Last?

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How long do bananas last at room temperature? Getting a handful of bananas and wonder if they go bad. Every fruit or veggie has its shelf life but you must know the meaning of shelf life before we proceed.

If you buy bananas when they are not ripe, we all know that the best place to keep them for them to get ripe very fast is a dark warm environment at room temperature.

So, how long do bananas last at room temperature? Ripe bananas last for 3 to 5 days at room temperature, while unripe bananas can stay up to 2 weeks at room temperature if you store them in a cool dry place, preventing direct sunlight from penetrating them.

This exciting mouth-watering and very important food ingredient is used in making some smoothies

And shakes are properly preserved by either slicing them into pieces or meshing them.

Storing bananas in the fridge will help to increase the shelf life and prolong expiration.

We will discuss how to store them as you read on!

Banana is one of the best fruit you can easily enjoy raw. It is very rich in fiber and a major source of vitamin C

It has so many health benefits with its high proportion of potassium, high content of manganese for skin and so many others.


Keeping them in the freezer goes a long way in extending their


 shelf life.


How Long Do Bananas Last In The Fridge?

Freshly ripe bananas last for 3 to 8 days. While unripe or green bananas can last for 8 to 15 days in the fridge. 


Some bananas may stay longer than expected but ripe bananas go bad easily, once they are ripe they get softer and sugary every hour of the day.

So keeping them in the fridge will only make them stay strong but will not prevent them from losing their organic taste and flavor.

Eating bananas at the beach relieves tiredness. Were you able to get some green ripe sweet bananas? I think the greenish ones are the best in terms of getting your fruits from the grocery store. 


What do you have to say about green soft bananas? Let us know in the comment section


One thing I find exciting in greenish soft sweet bananas is the color and sweetness when you are eating them.

It has this wonderful and tranquil taste, No wonder they sometimes call it lovers fruit. The only fruit that makes you happy when you are eating it is banana



How Long Does Banana Last In The Freezer?

Freshly ripe bananas maintain their shelf life in the freezer for 5 to 10 days before going bad if you store them properly in the conditions necessary in the freezer.

Personally, I don’t like frozen bananas except I’m using them for smoothies or cream. Keeping this fruit in the freezer is not advisable.

How long do bananas last in the freezer

If you leave this fruit in the freezer without checking on it daily, you may wake on and see that the color and texture have changed.

Another reason that I don’t like keeping them in the freezer is because of power outages, 

A slight power outage can make your dream of making a chilled smoothie turn into a nightmare.

Keeping your fruits on the counter is cool but how about trying out another wonderful method of storage to increase the fruit’s shelf life drastically?

You can do this by drying and grinding them to powder, this will help them last longer indefinitely.


Do bananas Last Longer In The Fridge Or The Counter?

Bananas last longer in the fridge. This is because the low temperature in the fridge reduces its ripening and spoilage process.

We all know that the refrigerator or freezer is always white inside or can have silver color but not dark colors.

Dark colors help to trap heat through radiation, so if you keep your fruits in a dark counter, you will be surprised that they have all ripened overnight.

When you keep them in the fridge, they remain cold which helps the elements of ripening in bananas to stay calm.

You can also notice that the white color or bright shiny color is always there to repel heat. Which helps the fridge to maintain an absolute low temperature.

Bananas ripen faster in a warm dark container or a plastic bag

Have you ever wondered why monkeys do not joke with bananas? In the world of monkeys, bananas are their favorite, they can’t trade their love for bananas with any other fruit.

This is because bananas are Charming by nature, or they were created on a banana plantation.

They have nothing else to do other than to eat and play around with some mouth-watering fruits.


How To Tell If Banana Is Bad

How can you tell if bananas have gone bad? Bananas like every other fruit have its signs to tell when it goes bad, or when it is about to go bad.

How To Tell If Bananas Go Bad

Some ways bananas tell you they are bad or about to go bad are

Brown Or Dark Spots

This amazing fruit has a special way of showing off or giving the signal that it is about to go bad through its appearance.

You will notice that in a ripe banana, there is little puncture or spot that is softer than others.

This spot always gives you a different taste when you eat it. It indicates a warning sign, telling you to do away with it.

You will also see that the banana peels that are overripe are now turning brown.

Faint Taste

The taste of every fruit that has gone bad is always different.

It is even advised not to taste any food that you have seen the physical structures to be bad so that you can avoid food poisoning.

When this wonderful fruit goes bad, the taste will change to a more sugary and fainting taste.


When this fruit is going bad, it will show off an unappealing smell.

This smell is not a bad one because it is directly telling you that it is overripe.

And if you leave it for some days after, it will turn out bad. When it turns out bad the scent will change completely.

Now it will start oozing and all you have to do now is to throw them away.



How To Store Bananas To Last Longer

How can you store bananas and make them last longer?

Storing them helps to increase their shelf life and the fact that it is a seasonal fruit. It helps to maintain the demand to serve throughout the year.

Container Storage

The steps to preserving bananas in the freezer are by slicing or mesh method.  This procedure will help it to last for more than one year.

You can store them by slicing the bananas into chops of different sizes and shapes or mesh them and store them in an airtight container that is free of moisture.

If you can not find an airtight container, reach out for a ziplock bag that is also free of moisture.

Storing Bananas At Room Temperature

If you cut a bunch of bananas from your farm and you hope to make them last longer, all you have to do is get a damp cloth and clean them carefully.

Arrange them according to their sizes and turn them upside down on the floor,

Ensure that the environment that you’re keeping them in is out of direct sunlight.

Make way for a good ventilation system and your banana is good to go.





Whenever you are storing bananas, make sure you meet with some of those instructions for successful storage.

Always store in a cool well-ventilated counter to reduce the microbial actions in them. Though keeping them on the counter is for short-term use.

Some of the health benefits that this amazing fruit can offer are that it gives you energy and helps to combat gastrointestinal maladies.

They are low carriers of fat and cholesterol levels. This means that they are good supplements for heart disease and high blood pressure patients.

Remember, we started with the question “How long do bananas last at room”

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