how long does tomato paste last in the fridge

How Long Does Tomato Paste Last In Fridge

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How long does tomato paste last in the fridge? Let me begin this by telling you a short story!
One day, my Mom went to the market to buy some tomato to prepare a dish, and instead of her using it to prepare the dish,

I started eating it and you know how tasty tomatoes are,

Tomato from the berry family is just yummy! and mouth-watering when you eat them fresh.

So I ate most of it leaving a few behinds, that is just a free ticket to get her upset,

She looks very angry because I have altered her recipe and what can she do with the ones left out,

so it was left out for days and a sibling of mine asked us why don’t try something new with the leftover tomatoes?

And then an idea popped in, we crushed the tomatoes to make a paste from the leftover tomato,

How long does tomato paste last? 

Tomato Paste shelf life depends on the quantity of the past in the fridge, freezer, or counter

Tomatoes are from the plant kingdom and it is also cultivated for its edible fruit nature,

A tomato paste is a thick, soft, and moist substance typically produced by mixing

dried tomato (one that has been crushed, blended, and dried on heat)with a liquid.

Have you ever tasted tomato paste?
It was even tempting for me to scoop from it and eat again,

but I guessed mum would be mad at me again.

You can use this mouth-watering vegetable to prepare so many recipes that you think it will not be possible

it gives bright red color sweet and fresh tasty dish, It acts as a thickener

Yes, tomatoes paste can go bad even though it has good use in dish preparation, when not stored properly it will spoil.

Turning your tomato into a paste is one of the simplest and easiest things to do.

how long does opened tomato paste last

How Long Does Tomatoes Paste Last In The Fridge?

Tomatoes paste last for 5 to 8 days in the fridge before it can go bad if you store it properly.

Thinking of where to store your tomato paste So you won’t scoop and eat it as I did?

So that it will be enough for you to prepare your meal,

Then I think the fridge is just the best place to store your tomatoes paste,

Keeping canned or tube past in the fridge extends its shelf life and make it retain the quality,

taste, color, and some other things that make it up Store with time and check them out daily.

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How Long Does Tomato Paste Last In The Freezer?

Tomato paste lasts longer in the freezer especially ranging from 6 to 8 months before it can go bad if you store it properly

Freezing your tomato paste is the easiest and best way  to make it last longer

When you bring them out of the freezer and use them in preparing your meal, it gets in to still taste the same.

Tomato paste stored in the freezer can also be used for a very long time since frozen items last longer than in their fresh state,

Like the saying once frozen cannot be tamed

How Long Does Unopened Canned Tomato Paste Last On the counter

Unopened canned tomato paste lasts for 2 years before it can go bad if you store it properly.

This wonderful food ingredient when canned on the shelf is specific because of the number of preservatives that the manufacturer adds to it,

Asking how long will something that is closed last?
They last for a very long time when kept under moderate room temperature.

It lasts long by using a jar with a tight lid attached to it, no little pest will be able to penetrate to cause any reaction in it.

how to store tomato paste to last longer

How Long Does Open Canned Tomato Paste Last On The Counter

Open canned tomato paste last for 3 to 5 days on the counter before it can go bad if you store it properly.

When this food ingredient and a thickener for stew recipes are open,

they are prone to many airborne pests infesting on them, which causes decay.

Under observation you will notice that anything opened does not last long,

Just like when you open a biscuit and leave it for some time it gets worse and softens, some will say it breathes in the air,

the same thing applies to tomato paste when opened and not properly stored,

reactions take place and that reaction can lead to the tomato paste going bad earlier than supposed.

It is advisable that when you have an opened canned tomato paste place it in the fridge or freezer,

You can keep them on the counter by putting either olive oil, groundnut oil, or any cooking oil on top,

This will prevent some decaying organisms from penetrating them.

how long does tomato paste last in the fridge

How To Tell If Tomato Paste Go Bad?

The fact, we learned tomato paste lasts longer than fresh tomato does not mean it will not go bad,

it can only go bad if you did not store it properly, or maybe you left it for more than the recommended shelf life.

Here are some procedures or signs to know if your tomato paste is going bad or is bad completely

Tomato Paste Smells Off

This is very common when you keep it on the counter, in know time it will change the smell, when the original scent changes to off, trash it

Presence Of Mold In Tomatoes Paste

You can also tell when tomatoes paste is going bad if you did not  store it under room temperature causing the appearance of mold on the can,

Change in temperature affects this food ingredient a lot, when the temperature is above that of the room,

It has a very good chance of going bad, but when it is below, it lasts for a while following the counter shelf life,

Molds in tomato paste are whitish in their early stages,

at this point, you can remove the upper part and use the rest, depending on the quantity left out,

If it goes bad completely, then the color of mold will turn black, at this point, it is oozing already.

Discoloration Of Tomato Paste

This wonderful thickener and a major food ingredient for stew at early stages of storage,

it may show some color which ranges from green to yellowish color,

If you notice this sudden change in color,

throw it away a inspect it very well, if you feel that it is edible enough you can engulf it,

But if your sense organs are warning you to throw them away immediately,

if you made a mistake of eating it, see a medical practitioner.

Tomato Paste Staying Too Long In The Fridge

If you keep this wonderful food ingredient in the fridge or freezer for too long without checking up on them routinely, it will go bad before your nose,

And when they are bulky or if you store too many of them, they may start to deteriorate without you noticing,

So, I advise you to stock up a few that you can check up on frequently.

how to tell if tomato paste go bad

How To Store Tomato Paste And Make It Last Long

I will advise you that when buying fresh tomato from the grocery store or market,

you should check it properly for any soft or bad ones before buying.

Soft or bruise fresh tomato will cause the paste to go bad easily and won’t last long,

just like the story, I narrated to you above, our paste didn’t last long because we used tomato that’s already going bad,

it was soft before we will use it Thereby causing a quick discoloration.

How To Store Tomato Paste In The Fridge

You can store your tomatoes paste and make it last longer in the fridge or freezer by

  • Lining a baking tray, with parchment papers.
  • scoop the tomatoes paste onto the parchment paper you can use tablespoon portions if you like
  • place in the freezer until it is solid (this should properly take about three hours with a constant power supply and over eight hours with a failing power supply in your area).
  •  once the tomato paste is frozen, transfer the tomato paste to your freezer bag(which will keep the tomato paste in the freezer for at least six months )

You can also use this procedure:

  • measure your leftover tomato paste using one tablespoon or any measurement of your choice,
  • place on a plate, covering with aluminum or plastic wrap(the aluminum or plastic wrap keeps the tomato paste from sticking to the plate while freezing)
  •  then add to the fridge or freezer

You can try out my procedure for storing tomato paste in the fridge 

If you have some leftover pasta, and you don’t know how to keep them to last for at least one week, do not panic because I got you!

Maybe you have used tomato paste either in the tube, can, thin, or plastic container,

all you have to do is to transfer it to a suitable container, before you transfer them get any cooking oil you can reach out to and rub all around the container,

Transfer the paste into one open container and fill the top with cooking oil, it may be olive, groundnut, or vegetable oil,

This is just the simple trick I use in preserving my tomato paste, this method covers the fridge, counter, and freezer,

The good news is that it lasts very well, you can also leave the paste in the original container and add oil to the top,

It works perfectly that way.


How long does tomato paste last in the fridge? This wonderful food ingredient and a major thickener in stew recipes have some hidden health benefits,

which you may be surprised to know, the nutritional values of this fruit are so important to your health like,

it’s a high dietary component of the antioxidant lycopene, rich in vitamin k, potassium, it helps to lower cancer and heart diseases,

Remember how long does tomato paste last in the fridge 


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